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  1. Do we have any word on Kibayashi's manga yet? Wasn't it supposed to release this month?
  2. I hope Oboro places high again! It was awesome how well she did in the Famitsu poll. I'm voting for her everyday. That pisses me off about the figmas, but I'd be okay just having a cute little Marx on my desk too.
  3. Voting once from my computer, once from my roommate's computer and once from my phone. That's about 3 votes a day for Xander and Oboro. I think they'll do well regardless, though.
  4. Yeah I agree, we already had a Royal DLC, there should be a separate poll with no royals.
  5. I really wish they would wait until the game's English release before doing these polls.... It doesn't seem fair that a huge audience of theirs is being shut out unless they go seeking out this poll. Then, Marx would win in a landslide.
  6. Marx and Lazward for guys Oboro, Hinoka and Elise for girls.
  7. So how about Aqua? There's kind of a doozy right there. Here's a little questionnaire: 1. Is Aqua/Azura extraneous to the story? Is she stealing Kamui's story away or can she be incorporated into the story, if written better? 2. If you think she has a place in the story, what would you do?
  8. I'm currently writing a character in an original fiction of mine who is in quite a similar situation to Marx and I'm trying to devise plausible reasons for his loyalty, so this question is quite interesting to me. What were you thinking about to "make it work?" To me, Marx has some personal attachments to Garon being his son and remembering him for the kind father he used to be. In a lot of ways I think Marx behaves similarly to the child of an alcoholic or abusive parent who despite the terrible behavior of their parent feels a sense of misplaced/confused loyalty and a need to "protect" or "save" the parent. Also, if Nohr is in such disastrous straits Marx may feel Garon's brutality is justified in order to save the country; he sees it as disturbing, but pragmatic. A necessary evil so to speak. I'm interested in hearing other reasons as well.
  9. So has anyone actually put together outlines for their rewriting? I'd love to see them. So many good ideas going around!
  10. I completely agree. That Rinka!Shinomone is just... a work of art.
  11. Hahaha! I feel the same way about Xander. I should never have had an option. we are all disgusting sinners.
  12. Yeah, I can see that. I guess I'm a fan of mid-length hair. To be honest, they are both wonderful. Anyway, back on topic. Is anyone making holy weapons for the sisters? I always thought it was such BS how the girls got completely skipped.
  13. me too. make love not war right? new fourth path option when.... "Help Hoshido defend their birthright." "Assist Nohr in their invasion." "Go to crazy upside down land." "Arrange a strategic marriage between two siblings on either side."
  14. That's hilarious! I wonder how it'll be localized. Oh Ryoma...thinking you can compare your hair to Marx's. now dearie what were you thinking. oh goodness... your comic is either going to end very badly or very, very well. also, I think I might have seen this before on tumblr, but not on your blog, make sure people aren't stealing it!
  15. What happens in chapter 18? I've only read summaries, haven't played the game. crack AU? tell me more.
  16. I was (pleasantly) surprised by how much Nohr dominated, especially given the sales numbers. Yeah, Ryoma would be my major motivation for buying Birthright because he's a cool guy x) but Xander is actually so, so much better fight me m8ys I'm not a huge fan of Awakening's maps. I'm not interested in having a similar experience.
  17. Sigh... Even reading through this thread my brain begins to hurt. Trying to fix Fates' plot holes feels like whack a mole.
  18. Now we're on the topic of Anna, can someone answer this quickly: is she a playable character in Fates? I keep hearing contradicting reports. My votes: Men: Xander (no contest), Silas, Jakob, Ryoma, Tsubaki, Suzukaze, Shinomone & Leo (I also threw in a vote for my son Siegbert because I feel partly responsible for his shitty haircut :P Clearly there weren't any decent barbers in the secluded lands). Women: Female Corrin, Azura, Matoi, Kagerou (passes down a beautiful hair color to Shinomone), and obviously a certain revenant knight. She's not that attractive to me but I can see her obvious appeal.
  19. Okay, so there's direct proof of it happening... and nothing happens for 10 years, as far as we know this conflict only got started again because Nohr's invading? I'm sorry, what? And why?
  20. I don't agree with you on the first point. Many wars in history have been waged on less than explicit proof. Richard III didn't say explicitly that he murdered the Tudor princes and buried them inside the tower, but England went to war over it anyway. I think Hoshido had more than enough proof without Garon having to admit he did it. And the key is that Garon probably would never admit it, and they know it too? Your second point is more salient to me. I'm sure there must have been a scramble for power and influence and Mikoto had to focus on keeping the court in check. Still, you imagine something would have been done in ten damn years. It's probably what Thane said, just shaky worldbuilding. Also, can someone please explain why Garon would go to the trouble of letting Kamui live just to attempting to kill them a decade later? Is there any point in even asking, given how little thought was put into stringing this story together?
  21. That's.... very, very frustrating. This is a pivotal moment in the story's history,
  22. Sorry I'll try to be more obvious: Was Sumeragi completely alone without any of his court? It was just Kamui and Sumeragi? No one survived that event at all? Hoshido didn't get any direct reports about the event from their own spies or retainers?
  23. I think I don't fully understand. Can you tell me what happened in the game? I assumed Sumeragi was in Chevalier on some sort of visit with at least Kamui and his retainers. Garon shows up as we see in the flashback and just pokes him full of arrows. I haven't played the game yet, so correct me if I am wrong. Was Sumeragi totally alone/in disguise or in some situation where he wouldn't have at least some retainers or court followers with him? I assumed Sumeragi's retainers/spies/whatever would notify Hoshido of the incident, provoking them to war. In that case, they wouldn't really ask Garon if he did it or not. It's not like kings are answerable to the other country's laws and they could put him on trial. War would follow instead. Also, even if the retainers were killed, the king dying under mysterious circumstances while abroad in a hostile nation, all his retainers killed and his child gone missing would certainly be enough to provoke Hoshido to invade or at least engage in hostilities or hostile negotations with Nohr. I mean, really, who else beside Garon would have done that? Unless Hoshido doesn't have the manpower/army to engage Nohr in a war/invade in which case their hands are tied, since they're the weaker nation. I wish there was more worldbuilding! Ugh.
  24. Why is there a question of proof? Isn't it obvious? Garon shot him full of a bunch of arrows. I'm assuming multiple people saw this, unless Kamui was the only person present at that event? If so, why? (I haven't played the game yet, but I'm open to being spoiled). NekoKnight, that's a really good idea right there. Hoshido could have gone to war immediately after, but rather than being a year's worth of massive battles, it's been a decade-long, drawn-out series of skirmishes. A war of attrition on both sides. Alternatively, perhaps Nohr is keeping Kamui as a hostage as a checkmate against Hoshido. That's what I first thought when I saw the trailer. Hoshido is reticent to invade because Kamui's life hangs in the balance.
  25. Hey all, So Xander will be my Femui's nearest and dearest going forward, but... but... As wonderful as my Avatar's son is, he has stupid hair hair that's very hard to work with. While I can't do anything about those bangs, I can at least find a hair color that's halfway decent. Any ideas about what might look good or even okay? I'm thinking either dark hair, dark red or blonde but despite this being Lannister Emblem I'd really rather not look like Xander's biological sister.
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