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  1. I feel the same way, hype factor included, heh. Regarding the whole FE Warriors, I wonder if there are going to be any fundamental changes/differences to Hyrule Warriors' idea and approach. I'm sure quite some feedback was obtained since late 2014 on that release, so some sort of an upgrade would be logical. Though purely continuing with the original idea and that alone doesn't sound half bad, either.
  2. Let's get this underway. Really excited, especially due to the mechanism of Switch. We're gonna hit this experience head-on.
  3. Well, turns out my predictions were about as wrong as they could be. Gone with Pokemon Sun due to Vulpix exclusive. Chose Rowlet as the starter because final evolutions are the way they are. Finished Fates way before actually getting into Sun.
  4. #TeamLitten #TeamMoon I don't particularly like the other two starters, but at least one has to be good enough, I assume. Still a far-fetch from Charmander, though. Due to my pace of progression in Fire Emblem, I might just start Pokemon Moon and finishing Fates when they come out on the 20th of May in Europe.
  5. Subbed

    I am Subpyro

    I've been planning to give the older releases a shot for a while now, might just truly get around and do it. Was the first thing I did; they don't appear excessively special in any of the factors, and I can work with a classic, heh. On the other hand I've checked quite a few some threads around and the general atmosphere seems to be pretty lax and open, which is sweet. And thanks for the welcome. (:
  6. Congratiolations on your promotion and good luck, Ghast!
  7. This part of the game is always the most exciting. Yeah, what can I say, I'm a romance lover, so... Well, as a male character, my first choice would definitely be the most straightforward one in both paths, Nohr and Hoshido: Azura. I just love her design and story-wise, it seems as an excellent match. However, her aside, I would choose the following: Male, Nohr: Camilla or Pieri, whether I would be in the sexy or stylish mood. Former more likely than the latter, however. I gave Luna some thought, but she's basically a second Severa. Sakura looks amazing and would be my first choice, but I'm not a siscon... really! I'm not! Male, Hoshido: I would most likely end up pairing him with Kagerou. She's got that look. Female, Nohr: Both Odin and Lazward would be good to go, despite the former being a second Owain and the latter a second Inigo. Female, Hoshido: This one is the hardest. Probably Subaki, with no excessive reasons why. Huff-puff, looks like I'll have quite a variety if I go with Male, Nohr while quite the opposite if I go with Female, Hoshido. Nice, complete opposites on multiple levels.
  8. Greetings. On various entertainment-focused websites around, I tend to go with the username Subpyro; however, feel free to call me however you want, as long as it's understandable. While I cannot really call myself a Fire Emblem franchise veteran due to only playing Awakening up until now, I have fallen in love with it. Needless to say, I am willing to continue on the road of playing every game that's bound to be released in the franchise from this point onward, starting with Birthright and Conquest (if / Fates). As a person that adores to discuss the matters he likes, especially games and anime/manga focused topics, you can color me excited to be able to interact with such a relatively specialized community once the new game release will be out, as well as prior and after it. Just a compliment from my side on the matter of the forum theme; I rarely see forums hold green as their main theme color (in fact I have only seen it at Serebii besides Serenes Forest), and as someone who likes a variety of different approaches, this certainly suits the eye. Definitely keeping the default theme. Finally, I would like to thank Tiamo (do not know his name on these forums yet) for recommending me this website as an overall (news, discussions, fan projects, etc.). Took his word for it and here I am. To conclude it, if there is anything you would like to ask, discuss, or simply chat, my PM inbox is always open. I hope to catch you around!
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