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  1. Pleasant Surprise Charlotte/Saizou is funny and quite sweet. I like Saizou much more because of this support. I have seen quite a few people vouching for Charlotte/Marx, but I prefer hers with Saizou a bit more because Saizou notices the real Charlotte for himself from the start, and basically tells her that he likes the real her since B-support. He also requests Charlotte to call his name. I didn't know the guy had it in him. Charlotte/Zero. I do not particularly like Zero's character. (Though I like all archers by default, same goes for pegasus knights.) I particularly love the S-support in this one; Zero asking Charlotte to allow him to send money to her family is really sweet of him. Harold/Aqua. Pure sweetness. It also reminds me of my favorite Ar Tonelico 2 ending. Making a genuine albeit clumsy proposal song to the songstress? All of my yes. Leon/Aqua. That S-support. You are too sly, Leon. I have more, but this will do for now. Unpleasant Surprise Flannel/Camilla. I actually adore Camilla as my sister, but this support is just plain drab and offer no positive moments. Ugh.
  2. Conquest: Let me put it this way. I love my characters more than the story, meaning I can enjoy a generic or even shallow plot, as long as the execution and the characters are good. And playing Conquest actually pained me. If you enjoy tormenting yourself and wallow in your own repetitive helplessness, this route might be for you. I agree with all the points TheWerdna made regarding Conquest story. Birthright: I have yet to buy since I am already playing IK. But based on people's comments, sounds like this may actually be the most well executed one. (No vote for me) Invisible Kingdom: Plot-wise, it's not amazing nor is it bad. You fight for what you actually believe in and you get the real bad guy. You also get characters from both paths and can have them interact (support) which is not possible in the other 2 paths, so it is interesting in that regard.
  3. It's simple. In order to be able to get to chapter 6 at all, you need to have the game. So you need to have either Hoshido or Nohr version first, be it digital or physical.
  4. Interesting. I've only played Femui so far, but decided I would go Mamui in the 3rd route to make Aqua happy. (Or maybe she would be far happier if I give her Flannel.)
  5. Just in time. I'm jumping in too.
  6. I randomly chose my optional class and so my Femui had access to Basara (no way I'm grinding for Flamboyant in Conquest, however, by the time I get it, it'd be way too risky to use). I prefer Ignis, because the increased attack power is easier to plan due to it coming from your own stat. There's plenty of situations where I got mismatched opponents and so Breaking Sky would barely do anything. It worked good enough in maps with simpler enemy ranks, though.
  7. I apologize that I have only played Nohr path thus far. But I have to come in and say that I wholeheartedly concur with this statement. Personally, at chapter 6, my body was screaming at me to choose Hoshido, given what Mikoto just did for me. But I did have some affections for the Nohr siblings, and the misconception that I was going to be given a chance to "rebel" inside Nohr, so I sided with Nohr. BIG MISTAKE. My FeMui became a yes-sayer. Nohr siblings turned out to be spineless against their ugly father. I can't count how many times Macbeth and/or Gantz show up at the end of the chapter to do evil deeds just to emphasize how helpless you are and how everyone simply say yes to Garon. (What the heck happened to FeMui who stood up for Rinka and Susukaze?) Gameplay-wise, Nohr path is excellent. Awesome maps with varying objectives. Characters appear more colorful than Hoshido side's. And I do like Kamui and Aqua support in Nohr. (Unfortunately, I can't get S-support with FeMui... At least give me A+ rank with her, for god's sake)
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