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  1. I’m playing Lostbelt and it’s pretty interesting...but why is it that no matter the class they are, Hydra enemies are always a pain to fight?
  2. Mordred’s buff is kinda interesting, though I think the star bomb should give her more stars. Buster star gather is good, but I feel like she still depends on support to get crits. It would have been an amazing buff if Mordred had a gorilla deck.
  3. The Jack animation update though...ugh, she looks to tall. Changing the subject, for those that play JP any gameplay tips for the first Lostbelt? Any particular boss we should watch out for? The only one I have some of how it works is the final Anastasia battle. I have good Riders, like Ozy and Kintoki to deal with her, the only problem is her Ignore Invulnerable she can active before her NP. It’s gonna be a pain to deal with.
  4. I think the desire not give up is itself a flaw. And let me tell something you something about individuality. The idea that everyone has the same ideals and beliefs? It freaking terrifies me. We have different beliefs and that’s good thing. But that doesn’t mean different that those with different believes can respect one another. Which is why we fight sacrifice, so that the belief of another isn’t sacrificed. Perhaps I am pushing my belief onto you but accepting sacrifice means pushing your beliefs in others as well. It’s not that want you accept that I’m right and you’re wrong. I don’t know better than you. I just want you to understand empathy. Because the moment we forget that, there’s no point in fighting for ideals. But I’m tired of this discussion, you may me hypocrite for giving up when I said to never give up or accepting the inevitable but I don’t want to disrespect your beliefs. And if we keep this going it’s gonna end up ugly and I don’t hurt anyone.
  5. It’s because we’re imperfect that we fight against inevitability and sacrifice in the first place! If we’re were perfect we would just accept things as they were. And you know what individuality is? It’s fighting for what you believe for. Giving into the “it’s inevitable” is giving into the herd mentality that sacrifice is always necessary. The reason we struggle and always try to learn and grow is so we can’t deny what’s inevitable. That accept that things are inevitable, that sacrifice is necessary and that we have to do evil to destroy a greater evil is what’s pure arrogance. And maybe I don’t know what the right things is, but I know that hurting others is wrong no matter the reason. And you know why? Because I’m a human, not a god. It because I’m human that I’m capable of feeling empathy. It’s what drives to find a way not to hurt others. Sothis said to chose your path, but she never said to trample on the path of others.
  6. There’s no such thing as inevitable. If you fight as hard as you can, then you can avoid hurting innocent people. The “it’s inevitable” idea is the mindset of someone who already lost and gave up. It’s not resolve, it’s not courage. It’s giving up. If you accept that you have to do evil to do good, then you never believed in the ideals you’re fighting for anyway. That means you were never interested in helping others in the first place. You only believed in a fake ideal. And an ideal is nothing without people. We may be imperfect, but if we believe that there’s is a way to help everyone without sacrifice, then there will be. It’s because people believe there’s no way to save everyone that you end up thinking sacrifice is inevitable. There’s no such thing as an absolute. “It’s inevitable” it’s an ignorant mindset. Realism and optimism are not mutually exclusive.
  7. Submission? I never said it was submission. If anything it’s the opposite. You can oppose tyrants without hurting innocent people! The moment you accept people are gonna get hurt is the moment you give into submission. You should fight tooth and nail to find a way to not hurt innocent people. It’s not doing nothing! It’s doing everything in your power to achieve freedom with hurting innocent people. Because it’s those innocent people you’re fighting for in the first place! To accept that innocent people are getting hurt no matter what it’s what evil and it’s what going to destroy the world!
  8. That way of thinking is extremely dangerous. There can be change without sacrifice. And I never said you should let what other people think stop you from doing the right thing. You shouldn’t. But the moment you start hurting someone, then it stops being the right thing! It’s not a matter of that people are going to hate you or will not forgive you. But if you act recklessly because you’re believe you’re doing the right thing, you’re gonna end hurting people! It’s not fear of others that should stop you, it’s fear of hurting others that should stop you. Rebellion isn’t worth it if you’re hurting innocent people. You can rebel without hurting others.
  9. Sorry for the double post but let me answer this. Honestly? I agree with you. I don’t like the death penalty, that no matter how bad the crime everyone deserves to be treated with human decency and I believe that if a person shows remorse, in a way you can forgive them. But not completely. Your way of think is beautiful. It really is. And like I said before, I agree with you. But your way of thinking is also extremely dangerous. Because it makes it very easy for people to take advantage of you.
  10. Look, let’s drop the Edelgard, Three House and Fire Emblem discussion. We can back to in later if you want. Right now, let’s talk about what you said. You’re twisting my words. When I said to him that his way of thinking it’s not healthy, it’s because if you willing to forgive any crime as long the person shows remorse and had good intentions it makes you easily manipulated. And actions have CONSEQUENCES. No matter what. And don’t bring up rebellion and war crimes, you know it’s entirely different from what I talking. I’m talking about individual people not countries. You can’t forgive everything.
  11. Okay, let’s just forget about Edelgard, Three Houses and Fire Emblem for a moment. What you said just now? It’s not healthy. It doesn’t matter how remorseful a person is, it doesn’t if they have good intentions, there are some things you just can’t forgive. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing but also incredibly stupid. If remorse and good intentions were enough to forgive someone for a crime, society would be in chaos. If a person commits a serious crime, they cannot be forgiven. Period. People have to pay for their crimes.
  12. Even if Rhea is the one that preached that the crests were gifts of the goddess, the moment she learns that the Agarthans are using that against her and Sothis she would rethink her entire plan. And just as Rhea believes the humans can’t rule themselves, the Agarthans also believes that the primitive humans of Fodlan can’t rule themselves. There’s no difference. Just as Rhea used politics to hide secrets and eliminate enemies of the church, so did the Agarthans use politcs to eliminate their enemies and hide their secrets. Just as Rhea doesn’t try peaceful negotiations with her enemies and kills them without question so does the Agarthans. The beliefs of both Rhea and the Agarthans doesn’t align with Edelgard’s ideals where humans can rule on their own. Rhea and the Agarthans are the same. So Edelgard had as much of a chance to ally with the Agarthans as she had with Rhea. And yes, you could not fight a war with evil nation, but that would result in death just as fighting a war would. So in that case, war is the only option.
  13. Who said there’s no chance of success? As the ending of Crimson Flower shows, she can fight and eliminate the Agarthans. And Rhea? The moment Rhea realizes the Agarthans are threat. That they have been taking advantage of the crest and nobility system of Fodlan and of its medieval stasis to get revenge on her and Sothis she might actually listen! Edelgard used the “we have the same enemy, let’s join forces.” with the Agarthans. Who can’t say it can’t work with the church of Seiros? Just as Rhea is merciless with those that oppose the church so are the Agarthans with their enemies. But in the case of the evil nation, you already implying that war is the only option. By calling them evil, one has to assume there’s no peaceful option because something that is evil by nature will deny a peaceful option. The evil nation harms others for the sake of harming others.
  14. She can change things from the inside. Just like the Agarthans acted from the shadows, so can she. She gathered a large group of followers. She can win just as she can lose. She could try to approach Dimitri and Claude as ally with them. Yes, there a good choice that it might fail and that they’re not trustworthy, it’s a gamble. But starting a war is also a gamble. She has the same chance of convincing Dimitri and Claude as she has of winning a war against the Church, the Kingdom, the Alliance and the Agarthans. So why not pick the least bloody gamble?
  15. And what are the chances of the war be the best choice? Both options have equal chances. The Agarthans have super weapons and control armies in the shadows and Rhea had the entire knights of Seiros. What makes you so sure that the path of war had better chances of success than a peaceful path? And who says the the peaceful pretends there isn’t suffering? You can choose a peaceful path and acknowledge the suffering! You’re also causing innocents to die by starting the war. Is starting a war really something to be proud of when the peaceful path was an option?
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