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  1. Not that hard of a CQ especially compared to the Jaguar one. I managed to beat it in a few tries after realizing that stalling was a bad idea. The debuff for not paying the loans aren’t actually that bad, so I had a easier time. I did use two CS to spam Melt’s NP in the last two turns but other than that it was a relatively easy time. I helps that neither Sheba or her goons hit that hard even with crits.
  2. Update on the Jaguar CQ, after I calmed down I managed to beat it! By the skin of my teeth and with a lot of save scumming but damn I don’t regret it! And with the ticket I pulled Tamacat, a new SR for me! I guess that ticket was worth it!
  3. That’s it. I give up. That Jaguar CQ it’s just bullshit. That ticket ain’t worth it.
  4. If I’m correct, the end of the trailer implies that there will be a timeskip in the story.
  5. The thing about the Tawara Touta fight is that it’s much easier to solo it that to use a team, which helps a lot since Lancers like Cu and Enkidu excel at solos. In my fight, Enkidu was definitely the star of it.
  6. I wish best of luck on your Gil rolls! On a different note, JP had another batch of Interludes released and they came with some buffs: Atalanta Alter: Skill 1 upgraded: 50% Buster Crit Up at lv 10 and 20 stars. Suzuka: Skill 1 upgraded: Buster Up (3 times, 3T) + Crit star gen rate (3T) + [new] Crit DMG up (3 times, 3T, 50% at lv 10) Shuten: Skill 3 upgraded: Now has scaling NP charge (30% at lv 10) and revives with 4k instead of 3k at lv 10 and guts revive scales better. Avicebron: NP buff and 20% np strength up on OC. What do you guys think? Honestly, I think these buffs are great, now Avicebron hits as hard as NP1 SSR Caster which makes him a great budget farming choice and this makes Shuten arguably the best AoE Assassin, which we really needed more because honestly the only worthwhile AoE Assassins before were Cleo and Fuuma. Hell, Fuuma is arguably better than any of the SR AoE Assassins especially after his buffs.
  7. So, anyone ready for Gilfest? Not only for the farming but for the challenge quests as well? I’ve heard horror stories about the Jaguar, Summer Jeanne, Summer Nobu CQ.
  8. I had 20 SQ and 2 tickets and on whim decided to roll for Raikou. And holy hell, I managed to roll her with 2 tickets and 12 SQ! Now with Emiya, Iri, some other Servants I have on more mom to the team, and now I have the complete Yandere trio! Plus with Kintoki, Ibaraki and Raikou, the one team is almost complete! But Caster Shuten will fix that! And with Emiya, Boudica and Raikou I almost the the Chaldea kitchen almost complete as well! I’m just missing Cat! Damn, Raikou is a part of a lot of groups huh?
  9. I don’t think this is a hot take at all. I see a lot of people saying that. And I agree. Especially a certain inspirational speech in the end.
  10. Here’s two fun facts: First, the NA version of Agartha is actually somewhat censored. The tried to make things a little less...weird. JP had even more stupid stuff for shock factor. Second, Agartha’s story was written by the Prisma Illya author. That should explain a lot of things. And believe me you haven’t seen the worst it yet. You barely scratched the surface of how bad Agartha is.
  11. Please don’t skip Argatha’s cutscenes. Not because it’s good, but because it’s so bad you have to see it for yourself.
  12. That’s because it’s an old event. The support Servants only start having 3 skills from the Lostbelts and events that first appeared after LB1.
  13. This event is a sort of a fix-fic for Fate/Zero, so it’s a very nice what-if. On other news I had 1 SQ and managed to get 2 SQ from a Servant’s bond level up. I decided to do a yolo roll and managed to get Saber Diarmuid! I just have to wait for late October/Early November for the free SR ticket to get Kiritsugu.
  14. Desire censor is real and it sucks. Changing the subject, damn this event is easy to farm and easy overall. I was kinda bored so I wasted 10 gapples and finished the event in a day. The nodes are so easy and the way bonus drop works makes it really easy to get a lot of coins even if you don’t have an event Servant. Well, I do have Angra but even if I didn’t have I still think I would have a easy time with this event.
  15. I had 220 SQ and wanted either Kiritsugu or Saber Diarmuid. I got NP2 Iskandar and not single SR Servant appeared. With the spook Waver I pulled back in June while trying for Napoleon(who I didn’t get)and my NP5 Alexander, I finally reunited Waver and his Rider, without even trying. Are you proud of me of @Magical Glace?
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