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  1. Seems to be a Tellius children. If I have to guess, it’s Mia and Soren. And we might get Ike, Mist and an Oscar, Boyd, Rolf trio.
  2. Why is it that a healer like Nana has a skill set that makes absolutely her foes cannot defend themselves from her attacks and makes sure they stay dead?
  3. Here are some interesting datamine from JP’s latest maintenance: APK 2.36.0 Summary: - New servant upgrade items - Two new ways to enhance your servants - one entirely new, one has been hinted at recently - Gacha enhancements: - 10x ticket button - New type of summon involving paid quartz (unrelated to GSSR) - Gacha UI update I’m kinda worried about the new Paid Quartz thing. If they add pity with paid Quartz it would be terrible.
  4. Normally I don’t care about Summer Servants, but since Summer Jalter’s bio refered to Jeanne Archer as the Water to Summer Jalter’s Fire, I feel obligated to roll for her since I love water themed characters. I managed to get her and Summer Ibaraki in only 45 SQ!
  5. Finished the CQ and I really enjoyed it. I used my Arthur for a lot of facecard damage, but right at the end he died and I had to finish Shibata off with Abby. Kinda funny, I was so stressed out during the CQ but after I finished, I realized I had a ton of fun.
  6. LB4 is likely tomorrow in NA and I just realized that the second LB4 banner is likely the best banner in the whole year in terms of gameplay. Arjuna Alter, Ash, Asclepius and Karna are all excellent Servants and it’s very worth your SQ to roll that banner.
  7. Managed to get Luvia with the Monthly tickets but other than that, I gotta save for Godjuna’s banner. Gotta say though, this event is very light on the farming side despite being a mission event. A lot of the times when I unlock a mission it’s already completed.
  8. From what I heard, the next event is also a Mission event but is nowhere near as a grind plus it has a Raid.
  9. Sigh...if only Medea doing such damage was possible outside of this event. A beautiful illusion.
  10. It’s an odd feeling isn’t it? The first rerun of an event you already played. It’s the first sign you became a veteran of the game and looking at how your Servant rooster grew is amazing. I’ve been playing this game for two years now and it’s so weird finally playing events that I first seen on the JP Server.
  11. I’m having fun with this event but I’m starting to see why farming nodes have higher costs. All of these 1AP are fun but can get tiring after a while.
  12. Cleared the challenge in my very first time! Admittedly I did prepare for it, but still surprised me! I didn’t have much of a hard time at the start, and Lobo was a very good boy through the whole battle. He was the star of the show. Though it was fairly simple, I wouldn’t say it was easy since after a broke the 2 bar, Holmes’ crits hit like crazy and he pretty much one shot 3 of my Servants. I was very lucky he didn’t go after Lobo!
  13. If it helps, in April there will be a DL Campaign that will give a lot of SQ depending on the number of interludes you did. 10 SQ for 10 interlude. So if you did 100 interludes you will get a 100 SQ and if you did 150 interludes you get 150 SQ. It goes all the way to a potential 190 SQ as a reward.
  14. I managed to beat KP in about 30 to 40 turns, I can’t remember the exact number. I initially started with Mash, Jeanne and Merlin but Mash died early on so I had to keep my Enkidu alive alongside Merlin and Jeanne, wasn’t too hard since Enkidu is so tanky. In about turn 34 or 40, I swapped in my Cu, after realizing Enkidu could not one shot KP, used a CS to fill Cu’s NP gauge and had Enkidu and Cu bust out their NPs on the big girl defeating her.
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