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  1. Have any of you ever tried their hardest to get a 4* only to get the 5* instead? I spent 10 tickets and 116 SQ trying to get Emiya Assassin but only got Ozy instead. Part of me is glad that I got a 5*, and it’s Ozy at that! A powerful 5* and I didn’t have a SSR Rider before so it’s a great thing! But another part of me is extremely salty! Getting a SSR from 116 SQ is a good thing...right? So why am I still so salty?!
  2. I don’t mind mission based events, but I hate the fact that mission events with welfare always require you to level welfare, and it’s such a waste of embers.
  3. Here are Space Ishtar’s skills: S1: increase own atk (3T), increase all allies atk except self (3T) and give them charm immunity (3T) S2: increase own np dmg (1 use, 3T), change own's np card type (3T) S3: increase own np gauge, chance for arts up (3T), chance for quick up (3T), chance for buster up (3T) Changing her NP’s card type is pretty impressive, helps her lot with NP looping. Speaking of NP, here it is:
  4. Long story short, Osa is a mediocre support who happens to be decent at solo? Mean as it sounds, I wasn’t expecting much from her anyway so it doesn’t bother me. I wonder if Osa would have been better with a triple Arts deck and an Arts np.
  5. Even though I know she’s not very useful, I rolled Osakabehime and managed to get her in in 5 rolls! But I do hear she’s very good at solo battles. Is she really? Does the healing from NP really keep her going? Also, when I got her, it was a silver card that turned gold. Those feel soooo good, don’t they? Who else has a big stupid grin when that happens?
  6. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/10/random_japans_favourite_nintendo_character_devours_the_competition_once_more I mean, it’s obvious that this is because of Three Houses’s recent release, but it still impressive that Dimitri made it to the top ten with titans like Mario, Kirby, Pikachu and Link! Nintendo Dream is the one who actually did the poll and they also did a poll with only FE Three Houses characters and guess who won:https://i.imgur.com/yYHnEnB.jpg
  7. I think the reason why Dorothea and Seteth ranked so low is because they had relationships with other people before which hurts their waifu/husbando potential. Dorothea’s low placement in particular doesn’t surprise me at all because japanese fanboys has an obsession with girls being “pure virgins”, so Dorothea hitting on other men is a big turn off for them. Kinda like the Love Live/Granblue controversy. Ironically womanizer characters like Sylvain, Inigo and Sain are popular with the female crowd.
  8. Gotta say, Amakusa’s boss fight may seem scary at first due to his NP, but Nightingale and BB completely trivializes the fight. I had a combination of BB and support Nightingale, I won rather easily. Shimousa is full of bosses that seem scary at first, but are rather simple when you fight them.
  9. I imagine she was the hero of the Avenger Amakusa fight?
  10. Shimousa has finally been announced. I heard it’s rather hard, with Musashi being forced in battles. I’m kinda excited to see it though!
  11. Parvati banner and new Interludes where announced for NA. I’m wondering if I should pull for her, at least for gameplay reasons considering how good she is.
  12. I think it’s the holiday thing. Glitches means apology SQ and free apology SQ means talking to Japan about it. Considering it’s a holiday there, the JP server probably didn’t answer. That being said, it’s currently the 24th in Japan, so hopefully they’ll answer NA for now.
  13. Looks like there’s quite the glitch in the NA version, with one of the Halloween’s CQ not working. People won’t be able to NP5 Brave Eli so they have to fix it, but it’s almost a full day since it appeared. I wonder what’s taking them so long.
  14. I think DW is under the assumption that just because they’re bronze mats, they’re easy to get. Although to be fair, it wouldn’t be so bad if there were easier ways to restore AP or if free quests costed less. I feel like a big flaw of this game is how AP is managed, but I guess it comes with being an old gacha game.
  15. I picked CasGil as my free 4* Star. I prefer Arts teams, plus he supplies critical stars which Tamamo can’t, so the 2 work well together.
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