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  1. Not really. Things like the Turnwheel and Divine Pulse are useful for more things than just preventing loss of a unit. You can use it when clicked something by accident or when want to see a particular boss conversation or regular unit conversation when doing such things would be a risk move.
  2. All right then, I put BB on support so enjoy her!
  3. About the EoR chapters, which ones have you already done? There are Avenger bosses in two of them so if you want a Moon Cancer, I can put my BB on support.
  4. I got MHXA. She was the one Berserker I didn’t want. And I have Tamamo, Merlin, Nero Bride and Waver so it’s not like I’m need of support Servants. But it would be nice to have all of the big 5 of the support Servants you know. I saw Moriarty on your Support list the other day and I thought how it was really funny how you got Moriarty not long after you got Sherlock!
  5. Gah...My GSSR was not what I wanted. I used up 500 SQ and I did NOT get Skadi. This anniversary was a mess for me.
  6. I have Yan Qin. I’m gonna put him on my Assasin Support.
  7. We found out the real reason Edelgard wanted to take down the church. Edelgard is in shambles.
  8. There’s a new interlude batch in JP and Reines get a buff. And there’s people already claiming she’s better than Waver now since she also gives a 50% NP charge. While Reines’ buff is amazing I don’t think it makes her better than Waver. I would say it puts them at the same level. Plus Waver is still a little more flexible than Reines, mostly because of their NPs. Unless you’re using Berserkers, Waver’s NP will still be more universally useful than Reines’ NP. It depends on the situation which is better.
  9. Gilgamesh has a banner in early September so if you’re interested you can try to get him there. Of course pulling of the Archer banner is still a good idea. There’s no bad Archer as FGO players often say. And it’s honestly true. Well, maybe Summer Helena is bad but really only her and she isn’t that bad.
  10. Pretty good team and congratulations on getting Okita Alter!
  11. It’s the the giant Berserker enemies introduced in that LB. I looked them up and it they seem to focus on Divine Servants. As in if you have a team of Artoria, Emiya and Cu, they would only target Cu since he’s Divine. https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Hrimthurse All three types seem to target Divine Servants.
  12. But aren’t there Berserker enemies that focus on Divine Servants?
  13. LB2 is coming pretty soon and from what I heard, using Divine Servants is pretty bad idea there?
  14. Speaking of the CQ, this one was actually quite a bit difficult. It seems to be made for Alter Egos, problem is both Melt and Mecha Liz remove buffs and that is a big no no in this CQ. Passionlip doesn’t hit as hard so she wasn’t that useful. Managed to clear Li Shuwen, though in retrospect, I could have used Sherlock.
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