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  1. Apparently another support was changed: Looks like the idea that the support was changed to be more similar to the japanese version might be right, since this one doesn’t seem particularly controversial.
  2. Seems like this subject is already being talked about in Twitter and Reddit. Speaking of Reddit, it seems they’ve been talking about this specific thread. Though I don’t get why the OP of the thread is apologizing. Seems like they’re mentioning you @Kirokan, though it doesn’t seem to be anything malicious.
  3. YES! YES! I MANAGED TO GET MERLIN! It took about 350 Quartz, but I have him now. I also got Salter, Lalter and Astolfo on the process! The only reason I’m not putting him in my support list is because I don’t have enough materials to 10/10/10 him, he’s only 7/7/7 now.
  4. I’m gonna pick Casgil, and yes he has a rate up in Christmas, but between Merlin this week and Achilles next year, I gotta save my SQ. Speaking of Casgil, he seems to be the most popular recommendation alongside Lalter when people ask what 4* they should pick.
  5. Speaking of Fate, if there’s ever a character from the franchise, I don’t it will be Saber, since they would try to avoid another sword character. Instead Emiya and Gilgamesh seem more likely and they considered mascots of the franchise just like Saber.
  6. Even so, is it really a problem that he’s popular for being OP? Not saying it’s happening in this thread, but telling that a character shouldn’t be popular only because they’re OP borders dangerously close to gatekeeping. If people want to enjoy a character because they’re OP, let them.
  7. While I can’t say anything about regular banners, Reinhardt isn’t really stealing anyone’s stop. With one odd exceptions, the theme of this banners seems to be antagonists Dancer, so wouldn’t Reinhardt be more fitting than any Thracia character?
  8. Is it really a bad thing that Reinhardt is popular? Sure, he was just a minor character in Thracia, but come on, if he’s popular let people enjoy it.
  9. Considering the Ilya and Class rotation banners are about to end, I wonder what the next banner will be? Will it be the Gudaguda one?
  10. Remember that when the timeskip happens most of characters are still pretty much in puberty. Is it so odd that they change over the years? In my opinion what’s really odd is that none of them have acne! They’re in high school, that’s when acne is supposed to happen and when it’s supposed terrify teenagers! How come they all have perfect faces?!
  11. Thing is, he’s very much aware that he lives a privileged life and he hates how much he understands that he’s privileged. He has to live with the constant reality that his privileged life is only because of his crest. His brother is living proof that his parents would not love if he didn’t have a crest.
  12. Wouldn’t really work. Hubert isn’t ambitious or malicious despite appearances, he’s just extremely pragmatic.
  13. I’m gonna add my vote to Dark Knight Sylvain. His spell list is solid, plus his +20 avoid makes him really tanky. Really, the great about Sylvain is that he can a little bit of everything and do it well. He can double, be a physical attacker, be a magic attacker, he can heal and he can be tanky. He’s jack of all trades done right. Sylvain’s real only flaw is his weakness in bows, other than that it’s hard to find something Sylvain can’t do and do it well.
  14. It was really well thought response, if a little late. Though, I’m not entirely sure I believe him, something seems...off.
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