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  1. This caught me off guard, but I think I’ll pick Parvati even though I might not roll for Skadi. I like the character at any rate. To be fair, my pick this year was going to he Saber Diarmuid, but I think we’re still gonna get another free 4* ticket this year.
  2. I never said she’s a horrible person, only that she’s not a very good leader. But fact is that Edelgard is still placing more value on the lives of the students. Students who are armed, that killed before, are ready to kill again, are defending the church and that are training to become soldiers. They’re not innocent lambs. They’re soldiers. The fact that Edelgard is willing to recruit them to her cause shows she considers them soldiers. Edelgard would have been completely justified in killing them. But she places more value in the lives of people not loyal to her than her own loyal soldiers. That’s poor leadership. And the fact that the students don’t die in the chapter battle in the Holy Tomb mean nothing, because no one dies in Part 1 even on Classic. When students fall in classic mode during the Holy Tomb do they retreat and can be used again or just retreat and can’t be used again?
  3. That arguably makes Edelgard look worse. It means Edelgard placed more value on the lives of people not loyal to her cause than the lives of the soldiers who actually follow her voluntarily. Yes those soldiers were prepared to die when they joined her, but would really follow a leader who puts more value in the lives of the people trying to kill than your own?
  4. You know, I really wish they made either Europa or Mandricardo a 4 star rider, because damn, when was the last time Rider was added to the general 4 star pool?
  5. Managed to get Jalter in a few rolls. I got Hokusai in less than 100 SQ as well...I’m scared I’m using up all my luck for this year. That aside, Extra Classes seems to be the way to go this event. Even with all the mixed class nodes, this event feel so much easier than Christmas 3. Am I just imagining it?
  6. Dumas the Servant? I think chances are low. The author of Strange/Fake said he doesn’t want Servants from his manga in FGO before he finishes it to avoid spoilers. It all depends of FGO will still be alive when Stange/Fake ends.
  7. Ah, I got it now. I was confused since they used the “human attribute” term.
  8. I got Orion from the GSSR which made me a little pissed, so I thought to try the Hokusai banner. Ended up getting her! Now I got two Foreigners! While it would be ideal at NP2, I can still loop with Hokusai! One thing I don’t get, does Hokusai’s anti-human NP works against Servants or just regular enemies?
  9. There’s a new Foreigner for New Years and she’s called Yang Gufei. Here are skills: skill 1 - CD8-6 : Gains self invincibility(1turn), gains a self buff for NP charge every turn(3turns), gains stars and self taunt against [Male] enemies(1turn). skill 2 - CD9-7 : Decreases NP charge of all enemies and inflicts defense down(3turns). Gains NP charge for self, according to NP charge drained from enemies. skill 3 - CD8-6 : Gains a buff [rough translation* : Living fire] that inflicts defense down(3turns) and burn(3turns) on enemy when hit, (for 3times, 3turns). Gains self defense up(3turns) Her NP is like Robin’s but with Burn and the same Overcharge effect. Her NP gain is 0.51 and four hits for all cards except her buster. She honestly doesn’t seem that impressive, at least at first hand. Her male only taunt hurts her her stalling potential, and her living flame skill puts her at danger even with Def Up. If only she was a Ruler, then she would stand out more.
  10. I used 36 SQ while rolling for the Queen of Sheba, but instead I ended up with a NP2 Abby. While my luck was amazing and this isn’t a complaint I have to ask: will I have use for her? Is her anti-Berserker niche worth it? I imagine she will be useful in the third Lostbelt, but other than that, I’m not sure. At the very least, now Chimeras won’t be a problem anymore! You guys have to agree that having a counter to Chimeras feels amazing, no more death to stray crits!
  11. From what I kept hearing about the last Abigail fight, I expected something incredibly difficult but it wasn’t really that hard. Granted I had Melt, Lip and MechaLiz plus a support Melt, but even so I expected something much harder.
  12. Have any of you ever tried their hardest to get a 4* only to get the 5* instead? I spent 10 tickets and 116 SQ trying to get Emiya Assassin but only got Ozy instead. Part of me is glad that I got a 5*, and it’s Ozy at that! A powerful 5* and I didn’t have a SSR Rider before so it’s a great thing! But another part of me is extremely salty! Getting a SSR from 116 SQ is a good thing...right? So why am I still so salty?!
  13. I don’t mind mission based events, but I hate the fact that mission events with welfare always require you to level welfare, and it’s such a waste of embers.
  14. Here are Space Ishtar’s skills: S1: increase own atk (3T), increase all allies atk except self (3T) and give them charm immunity (3T) S2: increase own np dmg (1 use, 3T), change own's np card type (3T) S3: increase own np gauge, chance for arts up (3T), chance for quick up (3T), chance for buster up (3T) Changing her NP’s card type is pretty impressive, helps her lot with NP looping. Speaking of NP, here it is:
  15. Long story short, Osa is a mediocre support who happens to be decent at solo? Mean as it sounds, I wasn’t expecting much from her anyway so it doesn’t bother me. I wonder if Osa would have been better with a triple Arts deck and an Arts np.
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