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  1. I managed to beat KP in about 30 to 40 turns, I can’t remember the exact number. I initially started with Mash, Jeanne and Merlin but Mash died early on so I had to keep my Enkidu alive alongside Merlin and Jeanne, wasn’t too hard since Enkidu is so tanky. In about turn 34 or 40, I swapped in my Cu, after realizing Enkidu could not one shot KP, used a CS to fill Cu’s NP gauge and had Enkidu and Cu bust out their NPs on the big girl defeating her.
  2. I got Old Li but I don’t have Shikibu, I’m gonna put Old Li’s Valentine CE on my Assassin Support. Also, if it is like Semiramis’ last year, Shikibu’s Valentine CE will only be available after the final story chapter of the event.
  3. We won’t get a dead weak for a quite bit. From the Prisma Illya event we will got straight into Valentines, which will got straight into the CCC rerun which will go straight into the Chaldea Boys event which will have farming this year. We won’t get a dead week until Mid March. To be fair the Chaldea Boys event is rather small, but it has a really good shop, with Hearts, Proofs, Stakes and Dust in it so it’s worth farming.
  4. I played Chloe’s interlude today. I feel...unclean.
  5. Look who’s the JP New Year Servant: A preview of his skills: AOE art saber with 2 art cards and 2 buster cards. 1st skill: Increase self art, buster, quick up for 50% in 1 turn, gain 15 critical stars and increase star gather rate for 1000% in 1 turn. 2nd skill: Applying self ignoring invincible for 1 turn, and increasing star drop rate for 100%, and increasing self critical strength for 100% for 3 turns. Further increase self critical strength for 100% against enemies who have evasion buff or invincible buff for 1 turn. 3rd skill: Gain 50 NP at level 10 and gain(not yet known) NP when using commands for 3 turns NP: AOE art. Increase self Art before damaging the enemy, and this is the overcharge effect(10% at OC1). Increase self NP strength for 10% before damaging the enemy. Remove enemy attack buffs. Ignoring Defense. 3 hit with 0.59 NP refund rates. Significant Passive: 10% art up and special attack against king trait enemies(% unknown). Increasing team critical strength(% unknown) when he is on the field.
  6. Sephiran and Altina in the same banner? How...interesting. Will they bring up how they were lovers?
  7. On JP news, the unthinkable has happened! A MALE Santa Servant! That’s amazing! I’m really excited for Santa Karna! He’s an AoE Saber which I don’t think we had a Welfare like that before other than Saber Lily but’s she a special case.
  8. For someone with such a...unique NP, Bradamante is so forgetable and unremarkable. Her kit isn’t particularly good or particularly bad. She’s perfectly average and there’s nothing unique about her playstyle.
  9. Just finished LB3 and it was rather short compared to the other two. There were a lot of tough bosses however, particularly Old Li. I had a lot of trouble with him. And man, I know he’s a Berserker, but Xiang Yu hits like a truck!
  10. Gacha luck is a funny thing. I spent a lot of SQ trying to get Napoleon during his debut banner and didn’t get him at all. Now, I got both him and Danzo with a few YOLO single rolls I did with the 30SQ I got from the login bonus today.
  11. Getting Sitonai and Tamamo was really quite serendipitous, since the two work well together, and Arjuna’s not that bad. He gets a buff later on that gives him a mini Garden of Avalon. And really Sitonai is great, and if it wasn’t for the insane buff Melt gets with the CCC Main Interlude, I would call Sitonai the best ST Alter Ego. But seriously Melt’s buff is that insane.
  12. I’m surprised you used Raikou effectively in LB2. I’m not sure if you know this, but all three types of Giants have a special behavior where they will always target Divine Servants over regular Servants, and considering Raikou is Divive I’m surprised she lived that long fighting them.
  13. Salem it’s not as short as it seems, because it’s extremely wordy. Not necessarily a bad thing, it’s my favorite EoR chapter actually. It’s characters interactions are great and it’s one of the rare Singularities/Lostbelts where all main Servants that appear contribute. They aren’t just “there”.
  14. It’s kind of interesting how he’s essentially a buff for Maou Nobu. I mean she still sucks due to the fact that she needs another Servant to work well, but still it’s sort of a buff.
  15. I’m 29 and I’m still live with my mom. It’s much easier for the both of us financially. We both contribute to paying rent, food, electricity and etc. And because of that we both have a lot more money to spend on things we want than we would have if we lived alone each.
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