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  1. Wouldn’t that imply that Buster NPs would hit harder if picked first?
  2. For those that spoiled themselves on the story: Is it good or bad? Yay or nay?
  3. I’ll try to ignore his voice for the most part if it’s really him. And yeah, from what I’ve heard about him, he should have announced himself as male Byleth already just for the glory, but he’s suspiciously silent. He even congratulated another VA for a Three Houses role. This is really weird, unless Nintendo told him to keep shut about it.
  4. Damn, it really does sound like him. I hope that he can be recast with a patch. It’s possible...right?
  5. I have to ask, where are people getting that Chris Niosi is M!Byleth? Some said he broke NDA, but I can’t find anything on Twitter.
  6. Does that mean Hubert and Dedue are able to be recruited as well? Maybe they lose faith on their lords or something?
  7. Thanks. The guide I was using didn’t specify it, so I was worried. But now I can save for Merlin without worry.
  8. I know it’s still far away, but I have a question about Merlin’s banner in September. Is there going to be a solo rate up day or is he going to share the entire banner with Artoria?
  9. Now I get it, and it makes me wonder what goes on DW’s head when they make Servants. It’s hard to believe that the people who made Parvati’s overpowered kit are the same people who made Avenger Nobu’s horrible kit. And poor Parvati, from her kit to what happened to her artist, the poor thing is filled with controversy.
  10. Sorry for going off topic, but where did hear that spoiler?
  11. I think I’ll train Atalante. I have embers to spare, and at the very least, if she’s not useful, I could use the free SQ from her Interludes. I keep hearing that. What makes Parvati so broken?
  12. Those are some of the leaks I saw!
  13. Yeah, but as I said before, the emphasis on customization makes this a weird choice.
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