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  1. Looks like all that #BringBackNationalDex controversy amounted to very little:
  2. Sometimes the luck in this game is weird. I did a 10 roll summon to see if I could get Raikou as I wanted a AoE Berserker for farming other than Kiyohime, and ended up getting Heracles and Vlad. Both are good so I can’t complain, but does this gacha has a desire sensor or something?
  3. While not 3* Hans is F2P Caster that is really good. In fact, I wonder the 3* Caster compares to Hans.
  4. Here’s a translation of Jinako’s skill kit: Skill 1: Party NP charge (10-20%), 3 turns atk up (10-20%), generate 5 stars per turn for 3 turns. 8 turns cooldown. Skill 2: 1 turn taunt, 1000 damage cut for 1 turn, 3 turns atk up (20-30%). 7 turns cooldown. Skill 3: Targetable 1 turn invincibility, NP gen up for 1 turn (20-30%), skill seal for 1 turn [Demerit]. 7 turns cooldown. NP: 30% AoE def down for 3 turns, 450-750% AoE Arts damage, 1 turn invincibility, 2000-6000 self heal (overcharge). Passives: Magic Resistance A (20% debuff resistance), Riding A (10% quick up), Divinity B (damage plus + 17 Also her HP is massive.
  5. Looks like we’re getting Karna Alter: https://m.imgur.com/a/jgm2Whi
  6. Say, with the stream for LB4 coming soon, is there anything you guys want to see? In terms of gameplay what are you guys hoping to see? Is there a “role” that is missing? Like how the Quick Support “role” was absent before Skadi.
  7. The challenge was...kinda easy. The onis did more harm than good, taking up Raikou’s turn. It was very easy to take advantage of. Speaking of Assassins, it feels that the only Assassins people pay attention are Jack and Shiki, granted they’re really good, but there are others that are pretty good you know?
  8. Do you know how companies even work? It's a myth that if the problem is "it's a lot of work that has to be done fast" you can just "add more people", because people need to be trained, you create more overhead in communicating, everything has to work together cohesively, etc. There's diminishing returns for every person added and again the more people you hire the more overhead it creates. You need to spend more and more time communicating, making sure everyone understands, all stuff is cohesive and so on.
  9. Thing is they already didn’t release a mainline Pokemon game in 2018 and they likely have a contract.
  10. Honestly it pissed me off at first, but the more I think on it the more it makes sense. Pokemon keeps adding content and it is important to know that why Pokemon is huge, Game Freak is actually a rather small company with not many people. Just recently they actually started hiring more people, likely for Sword/Shield. It’s not possible to put more content without crunching, which is well...obviously bad.
  11. Say, I did a random summon, I got Lobo. Is he worth leveling? I got no other Avengers, but I wasn’t exactly needing one.
  12. I pulled Tamano! I finally have a gold caster! And it only took 33 tickets and 90 SQs! Those numbers may seem high, but by FGO standards, I actually was ridiculously lucky. But now I have only one SQ left...
  13. Ushi Gozen has...a lot of hp. I can see why the raid is 3 days long. I mean, she isn’t a hard boss at all. Hell, she’s even easier than all 3 oni. But that’s still a lot of hp.
  14. I have a full team of Hot Springs CE, and a Sumo CE for the main attacker. Is it really worth wasting an NP on Kiyo? Feels like a waste I can solo her with a Brave chain, though I suppose I can’t always chain.
  15. I’m torn between using either Jack or Melt for the Red Oni. I think I’m gonna go Jack because she resist Rider. Worst part is that when I can’t kill Kyohime in the first turn, she tends to crit. It’s so infuriating.
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