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  1. first thought: Elise looks cute but at least I can conserve orbs second thought: yikes
  2. i literally burst out laughing when i heard it, i still do i don't care for it but damn is it not funny
  3. what a good banner, shame i'm saving up my orbs for next year but they look rly good i like this one a lot
  4. two things: exid's comeback makes me literally cry, i love seo hyelin i dont understand the mv but thats ok
  5. can i get a fucking uhhhhh sue i'm excited though, i'm curious as to who it'll be. guess we'll find out soon
  6. this is a very random banner but i'm relieved i hoarded my orbs because kliff....i'm coming for you
  7. the only character i'd like back is anna, since she's a recurring one anyway. otherwise i'd rather not, personally.
  8. looks like camilla to me on the left, but i'm really bad at guessing. not sure though about the other one
  9. i only care about fe three houses but something's telling me that we won't get that much, if any, information for it. but i hope there is. otherwise i'm not sure. probably something about their online service since I hear that's coming out this month?
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