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  1. I really like the idea of a generic team, so Kamu, Zero/Orochi, and then as many generics as you can - everytime you lose one it's going to be hard to capture and raise another. Also, no skills or limited skills (so maybe one, or two, and nothing like Aegis / Sol) would be pretty tough - maybe add in no defence pair-ups (so no stat boosts, I think I'd still want to be able to layer up characters for attack formation). Could also be sadistic and try to promote your units to classes they're not suited to (e.g.: if you've got a high-MAG Orochi, promote her to a class that is reliant on STR).
  2. These sorts of things don't really upset me, if I still enjoy the end product then I don't mind the developers deciding to start from one position and change it to another during the course of the narrative. Even if the reasoning may seem superficial, I don't think complexity should be lauded above everything else. Sometimes it's fine to be a little shallow (probably says more about me than anything, haha!). Also, my view may be somewhat biased by both my love of otome-style games (so marriage and romance and all that jazz is totally my thing) and Ryouma (I knew from the first trailer I was going to align with Hoshido for him, sibling or no!). Whilst I can appreciate the feelings of betrayal that some gamers might be feeling, I still think the most important thing is whether you enjoy the game itself. If, because of that perceived betrayal, you cannot enjoy FE14 for what it is, then fair enough. I still think it's an amazing game and I'll still enjoy blowing down my mic so that I ruffle Ryouma's hair. Yeah. That's the kind of girl I am...
  3. ** apologies for the double post ** I've drawn the winning post numbers, they are: 8, 11, and 21! (usernames: Kirie, acriem, and Sokloeum). Congratulations - I will send the three of you PMs. Please note: you will need to give me your address so I can post the pack to you, if you are not okay with this then let me know ASAP so I can find a new winner. Thank you!
  4. I have to say the art is really lovely, particularly on the shiny cards (I'm a magpie for shiny stuff). I'll have my fingers crossed for all of you! ^^ Will try to get some pictures of the set up on the main post within the next day, or so.
  5. Hello everyone! I've acquired a few of the Fire Emblem Cipher Awakening decks (which also include a download code for "Marth wo nanoru kenshi Lucina" to be redeemed in Fire Emblem If, the Japanese version) I'd like to give these spare packs away, so I thought I'd set up a thread here - please let me know if this is wrong / inappropriate. Rules - I'll choose three people at random based on their post number (i.e.: the number in the top right of their post within this thread) using a random number generator; - The closing date is 18th July 2015 @ 12pm (GMT); - This is absolutely free: I will cover the shipping costs; - If the deck is lost in the post I'm afraid I won't be able to offer a replacement; - Please do not spam this thread with posts: I'd like this to be fair to everyone and positive for the community, I love these forums (long time lurker, recent account holder); - My decision is final. Good luck! Edit This competition is over, the winners are: Kirie acriem Sokloeum Congratulations, PMs have been sent!
  6. I remain totally and utterly hyped for this game. I love the path Fire Emblem has taken from Sacred Stones onwards, I loved Awakening dearly and all I see is more of the same in Fates. This won't be to some people's taste, and that's okay; so long as they don't try to convince me I'm wrong in my absolute fangirling bliss of this game. I won't begrudge them disliking a certain feature / series direction / their own interpretation of how Fates should be. I'm absolutely fine with difference of opinions, just not the attempt to exalt one view over another. If you are excited about this game, brilliant; be excited! I'll be right there with you, looking forward to mussing lobster lord's hair, or poking blonde Marth's cheeks. This game is going to be amazing.
  7. Provided I could capture anyone I wanted for husbando purposes then yes, yes I would play an 'evil path'; pillage both countries, build a hareem, and feel very satisfied with what I'd achieved. In all seriousness - I love seeing things expanded upon and 'what-if- scenarios, so I would be interested to see how such a path would be handled.
  8. This. I really like this. I think this explains his motives perfectly: my impression of Bushido is to regard your opponent with some level of respect for following their ideals (even if you bear searing hatred for them, because they have their path and you have yours and the only way to settle it is to confront one another). Therefore, if your opponent presents as someone who will not take responsibility, does not take a 'stand', and tries to follow the path of least resistance they come across as lacking honour, discipline and, courage. I'm sure this would be viewed as flouting the basic principles that Ryouma stands for. Furthermore, although not a perfect analogy, I'm sure Ryouma has taken to Bushido with the same enthusiasm that is seen in very devout religious followers: I'm sure he believes in his doctrine absolutely, therefore it's not only a slight on him (and his family and all that he's lost / has happen), but on the very way of life he pursues. No doubt in what is presented as a very Japanese country (therefore with a very Japanese mindset), this is a great insult. I'm not saying that makes it okay (per se), but as others have said it's an intense mindset (it's not called a way of life for nothing) and Ryouma is clearly particularly zealous about it; no doubt in part due to his father's influence on him (he seems to be quite the daddy's boy). In that context, I think that Ryouma's fury at Kamui in the 3rd path is justified. No doubt when the Nohr path is chosen it does upset Ryouma, but perhaps he respects his sibling for taking a stand and (maybe) believes he will get Kamui back when he defeats Nohr / restores peace? In this 3rd possibility, he has to work with the people who are responsible for a lot of pain and trauma in his life - I'm sure most of us would struggle with people who are associated with the murder of a parent/(s), that's something that doesn't really require cultural context to understand. Even on a basic level I'm sure Ryouma's feelings can be understood. I know I'd struggle with it. Of course, that all said, it would seem that Ryouma's fury is at the cost of some of those virtues he holds dear (self-control, benevolence, etc) - but he is human and the path of enlightenment is long: perhaps momentary 'red mists' are forgivable (particularly in that armour)...
  9. I don't even have the game, but I'm already excited about the DLC! I love the idea of another Summer Scramble, Awakening's was so good. A winter one would be a lot of fun. Argh! This game strokes my inner fangirl in lots of ways. I think I'd die if they ever did a school-theme (Nohr / Hoshido Academy, anyone?).
  10. Kiltia


    Just popping in to say hi! Like the rest of you, I really enjoy Fire Emblem. I started by playing FE7 when it came out on GBA, and loved it, then I played FE8 and enjoyed that, too. Since then I've always kept my eye out for Fire Emblem games and supported the series where I can. I loved Fire Emblem Awakening, and I'm so excited about Fates! Anyway, hi!
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