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  1. Yep, the first image's from the 25th anniversary book. I own it, bought it outside Japan, from a Kinokuniya in my country. As others said, the 2nd and 3rd are from the special edition book. Edit: I should mention that the 25th anniversary book is only roughly 40% Fates, and contains very, very little concept art. I bought it hoping for concept art, but... If I recall correctly, that one page of Elise? That's one of the only pages. There's a bit more of scenery and stuff, but not much with characters. Most of the book consists of words, like interviews and such.
  2. Oops, you're right. It's not Hinata saying it, it's Hisame. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Everyone's parents were revived after Anakos' defeat, yes. They all belong to different worlds, and went back to the worlds they came from. The place they were at during the entire DLC was Shigure's world, and he stayed there. I think they just showed the 2 Kannas for no real reason other than cuteness and for Shigure to say the "passcode", the "nice to meet you, Kanna".
  4. Chapter 6, the final chapter, is finally up. Sorry for taking so long, things happened. Things like Ryoma's Astra and 2% crit and frustration. I hope it answered any questions you may have had. If there's anything you'd like to clarify, please do ask. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading. Maybe I'll see you in the next DLC, if there is one. Have a nice day.
  5. Just to clarify, yes, Shigure does say that every single one of them came from different worlds. Like someone else put it, F!Kanna: Hoshido 1 Mitama: Hoshido 2 Selkie: Hoshido 3 and so on for every one of them, on both the Nohr and Hoshido sides. Forrest even says something like "so there's isn't even a single person here that I know?" Yeah, I have no idea how Shigure knows this, or why there's a need for that. Maybe something like "even if you are actually strangers you can get along lolol". I have no clue. (or maybe it's an parallel universe kind of thing) In other news, I have real life things to attend to, so I won't be able to get started on the last chapter for a couple of days. Sorry about that.
  6. My pleasure. Also, thanks for saying thanks, it really means a lot to me :D
  8. In chapter 2 he was locked as a dragon, but also had the Yato in his inventory, greyed out. In chapter 3, he's in human form, has Yato equipped and the dragonstone in his inventory. I'd assume he uses both like a normal unit, but I killed him before he attacked so I'm not completely sure.
  9. My bad. I hadn't played chapter 3 at that point, and didn't pay attention to his class in chapter 1 2. But you're right, he is a swordmaster and wields Raijinto both in chapter 1 2 and 3. Edit: I derped.
  10. [spoiler=Chapter 5: Filled with Faint Light] This is the story of a certain world I remember. Thanks to the Shadow Yato and Shigure’s powers, the Kannas succeeded in breaking the illusion. The children were from different countries from different worlds. The true enemy was revealed, memories were lost, and histories differed. They were not supposed to have met, and had still not formed the bonds to fight side by side. Shiro: … Siegbert: … M!Kanna: Umm… Kiragi: … Forrest … F!Kanna: Umm… You guys. Won’t you talk about something…? M!Kanna: S-she’s right. We managed to finish up the self-introductions. Sure there must be something fun to talk about… Siegbert: There’s nothing to talk about, Kanna. We should just battle on our own. M!Kanna: B-but… We’re here, walking together… Siegbert: We don’t have a choice, since we’re headed in the same direction. Our objective is the same, but we won’t cooperate. We won’t get in their way, but we won’t help either. F!Kanna: So you’ll just keep quiet and walk? That’s depressing. I thought that I had made a new friend. Shiro: Give up. We’re from different worlds, so it’s better not to interfere. F!Kanna: Hmf… How troublesome. Hey Shigure, what should we do? Shigure: … F!Kanna: Shigure? Shigure: …You all really are different from the yous that I know… F!Kanna: …? What did you… Shigure: Ah, er… It’s nothing. I’m troubled by this too. I’m sorry… I thought that we’d be able to fight together if the illusion was broken… It may be that my way of doing it was wrong. If I had told you earlier that you were from different worlds… F!Kanna: Nope, it’s not your fault. Even if you had told us from the start, I think it’s end up like this anyway. Shigure: Thank you. You’re too kind. F!Kanna: Hee hee… I just said the truth. M!Kanna: Yup, yup! Besides, if Shigure weren’t around, then we’d still be in that situation, right? I don’t want that. Kanna’s attacks hurt… F!Kanna: And the same goes for me. Everyone was so strong and scary! …But that makes me happy. Such strong people aren’t actually enemies, and that if we work together then surely we can help our parents… That’s what I think, but… MKanna: Kanna… Shigure: …Just what should we do from now on? We were supposed to head towards Castle Rouran where Anakos is immediately… But I’m not sure that everyone’ll be able to fight properly in this state. M!Kanna: Hmmmmm… That means that we can’t beat Anakos like this. F!Kanna: Ah, I know! The Yato can become the Omega Yato, right!? If we have that, then maybe we can win? M!Kanna: The Omega Yato? F!Kanna: Yyup! I heard that as the Yato connects with the power of divine weapons, its shape and name will change… After the Noble Yato is the Blazing Yato. After that is the Omega Yato… Seems like that sword will eventually become the Fire Emblem! M!Kanna: The Fire Emblem… Our sword will? Shigure: Kanna, from whom did you hear that? F!Kanna: A lady with blue hair. And she was wearing white clothes. M!Kanna: I saw that person too. I think her name was… Umm… I can’t remember. Shigure: … Mother, why… F!:Kanna: Anyway, she said that with the Omega Yato, we can save our precious people! M!Kanna: I see. If we can do that, then everyone will surely cooperate. Shigure: The Omega Yato… Again, will that sword… ???: No… I won’t let you do that. Shigure: !! You are… Shenmei. Shenmei: Leave… Immediately. No matter how many times you point your swords at us, it’ll be the same… Before you even head towards Lord Anakos, I’ll erase you. Shigure: Ugh…! Siegbert: Is this an enemy, Shigure!? Shiro: It can’t be… Did this person kill Dad and the rest!? Unforgivable! Shigure: Please wait! You mustn’t recklessly…! Shenmei: …How foolish. Shiro: Gaaah!! Siegbert: Uwah! Shigure: Shiro! Siegbert!! Soleil: S-stop it! Don’t hurt Siegbert! Asugi: How dare you…! I’ll be your opponent instead! Shigure: You all, you mustn’t come!! Shenmei: How impertinent… If you stayed in that illusion, then you could’ve just died easily. …I won’t let you pass!! Shigure: Ugh…! What just happened…!? M!Kanna: S-Shigure, this is bad! Everyone has…! Shigure: Eh…? F!Kanna: Everyone’s gone…! W-what should we do…! Siegbert: Ugh…! What a fierce attack… Is everyone all right…!? Shiro: … Siegbert: …!? Shiro: What the hell… It’s just the two of us here. Tsk… Out of everyone, why this guy. Siegbert: …That’s my line. We have to hurry up and meet up with everyone… ? That is… Shiro: Did you find something? Siegbert: No… … Kiragi: Aw, man… We got separated from everyone else. Hmm… It looks like we’re the only ones here. Forrest: …That seems to be the case. … Kiragi: Uuh… Don’t be so cautious of me. For now, let’s search for the rest. Don’t worry, we’ll together in this. Forrest: Yes… Shenmei: Foolish child… From here on, not even that crystal ball’s power will be enough. No matter what you do, you will never reach where Lord Anakos is. If you’d just give up, it would be better for you… Shigure: Please don’t make a fool of me. I will not yield to you… I don’t want to lose anyone else. I’ll definitely get everyone back. Shenmei: You should already know that there’s no hope. No matter how much you struggle with those imitation allies of yours, the result will be the same. Shigure: Say whatever you want. But I’m sure that we’ll still make it in time… For my allies, and for these Kanna’s precious people, too. I won’t give up. Shemei: Is that so… Then I’ll crush you as many times as needed. I, under the direct control of Lord Anakos, together with these Invisible Soldiers, will be your opponents. Shigure: Under the direct control of Anakos… At that time, you appearance already caused enough of a disturbance within the army. But truthfully… I wanted to help you all as well… Shenmei: What nonsense. Shigure: … M!Kanna: Hey… Shigure. Do you know that person? Shigure: No. I had just fought her before. Nothing more, or less than that. F!Kanna: But somehow… Shigure, you look like you’re in pain. And that person, she called us… Imitations… Shigure: That’s just a trap to make us waver. Don’t pay it any mind. …More importantly, Kanna. Invisible troops will be here soon. If we stop moving, we’ll die, as simple as that… Let’s get ready for battle. M!Kanna: !! Will we be okay, with just us? Shigure: Don’t worry. I’m sure that we can do it. And I’m sure that everyone else is okay too. Let us fight while believing in that. M!Kanna: …Okay! I’ll believe. F!Kanna: I’ll believe that too. We won’t lose here!! During battle ================ Shiro: Woah… Seriously! We seriously managed to meet up!! Shigure: Shiro, Siegbert! I’m so glad… You’re okay! Siegbert: Luckily we found dragon veins. We tried using a few, and we got here. Shiro: The heck is a dragon vein… Islands were moving like crazy! It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this. You’re amazing. Siegbert: Um, uh… You’re supposed to be able to use it too. Shiro: Seriously!? Teach me how! Siegbert: … Shiro: Ah… No, uh… I just thought it was amazing, so I got a bit excited. Now’s not the time to do this. We have to enter the fight! Siegbert: Yeah… Kiragi: Yeaaaaah! A huge success!! We managed to meet up with everyone! Forrest: W-wait, Kiragi! Don’t use dragon veins so recklessly! I’m dizzy… Kiragi: But it’s the first time I’m using it, after all! It was so fun to zoom around like that. Thanks for teaching me, son of King Leon. Forrest: Please stop calling me that. Father is not a king. Kiragi: S-sorry… I was trying to be respectful, though. Because to me, you’re next in line for the throne. Forrest: There’s no need for formalities. The next king is Siegbert, anyway. From my standpoint, we have the same position… So please treat me as an equal. Kiragi: An equal? Then… It means we can be friends? Forrest: T-that’s… … Soleil: Yaaaay! We finally caught up…! Siegbert, are you okay!? Asugi: Chill out. Worrying won’t change anything… Put more trust in your master. Soleil: I-I do trust him! But… Siegbert’s the next in line to be king. When I get the thought that something might have happened, I just… Asugi: Well, I share the sentiment. I’m in the same position after all. But your master looks strong. He won’t collapse even if you leave him be for a bit. Soleil: Thanks. It’s kinda surprising that you’d say something like that, though. Asugi: Just because our masters are squabbling, doesn’t mean that we have to do the same. Soleil: Ahaha, that’s true. …Yeah. Your master looks really strong too. Let’s cooperate and break through here, so that we can protect our masters from by their sides! Ophelia: Tadaaah! Hail the magnificent arrival of Ophelia of the twilight! Forrest! Is Forrest safe? Aah… At this rate, I feel like the wandering lights of the nebulae will be drawn into nothingness… Hisame: …What? Nina: It just means she’s worried. I’m reaaaaally worried too. Forrest’s all alone with the prince of Hoshido. Who knows what they’re doing together… Hisame: How rude. Kiragi would never bring harm to the prince of another world. Nina: S-sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just… I thought that they make a good pair… Hisame: …? Ophelia: Nina just means she’s glad that our masters are together. Hisame: I-is that so? Please excuse my rudeness. …I suppose you’re right, and we really want to come to a compromise. Truthfully, with you guys as well… Mitama: Huff… It seems like everyone’s managed to survive. Shigure: Mitama, Dwyer! Dwyer: Everyone else has managed to meet up, and they’re stopping enemies from coming up from behind us… So don’t worry. Mitama: We’ll be backing you up. Everyone, please do go beat up the boss! We will heal your wounds! Dwyer: Don’t slack off, Mitama… Mitama: You too, Dwyer! Initiating battle with Sumeragi (default): Sumeragi: I am Sumeragi. Was once the king of Hoshido, but now am just seek to fight… Initiating battle with Sumeragi (Shiro): Sumeragi: Hm… I thought that I felt some sense of nostalgia… That blade that hangs by your waist was once my favourite blade. Shiro: W-what!? You used to wield this blade!? Sumeragi: Yes. It a story from so long ago that I can no longer remember. I see… So you’re the current successor. You have an expression like mine, one that seeks power. So it seems like we can have a majestic fight to the death. Shiro: It can’t be… The one who used this Raijinto was… Then, you’re my…! Sumeragi: Draw your blade. We battle!! Initiating battle with Sumeragi (Kiragi): Sumeragi: …You’re the successor of the Fujin Yumi. Kiragi: Eh? You know about this bow? Sumeragi: Yes. It’s a divine weapon, passed down through my royal family… I’ve always wanted to try battling against it. To think that my wish would come true in this way. Kiragi: Your royal family… !! You mean to say that you’re King Sumeragi…!? Sumeragi: Indeed. Remember this well, wielder of the Fujin Yumi. I am the man who will cut you down!! Kiragi: W-wait! If you’re King Sumeragi, then why are you doing this!? Although you’re my grandfather, and we finally got to meet… Why!!!? Killing Sumeragi: Sumeragi: I see… The blood that my children inherited… Is so… Strong… Sumeragi: Apologies… They were strong… I have left behind… No regrets… At the end… I was glad… To have been able to see the result of my country… Now… Cross over… My corpse… And these… Emotions… Initiating battle with Shenmei (default): Shenmei: I can’t let you go any further… I’ll have you die here. Initiating battle with Shenmei (Shigure): Shenmei: Welcome back… To my side. Ahh, now I can finally get rid of you… You really are unpleasant. Both you and your mother. The more I look at you, the more my head hurts. It’s been like that for so, so long… Shigure: If you don’t know the reason for that, then you can no longer return. I’ve always been thinking… If I could’ve saved you, then perhaps we would be singing together. Perhaps we would be able to smile together. Shenmei: And why would I do that with you? Shigure: …Do you really feel nothing? Seeing me… And seeing this pendant, doesn’t that make you recall anything at all? Shenmei: I am Lord Anakos’s faithful servant. What am I supposed to recall…? If I kill you, then maybe my headache will ease… Now, let me hear your voice. Your final tune before you disappear. Shigure: …No. The one who will sing an elegy will be you. I will no longer hold back. Farewell… Grandmother. Killing Shenmei: Shenmei: Ahh… I’m finally… Able to remember… Shenmei: Thank you… If you’re still able to make it… Then please… Somehow… Sorry… Aqua… I was… A weak mother… Initiating battle with Mikoto (default): Mikoto: Aah… Adorable children… I’ve been waiting for you… Come, let us live together… By the side of the Vallite King, Anakos… Initiating battle with Mikoto (M!Kanna): Mikoto: Oh, how cute… Just like when that child was young… M!Kanna: Eh…? Mikoto: Corrin… If possible, I wanted to hold hands with you, talk with you, wake you up in the mornings… I wanted to do… So many things for you… M!Kanna: …Are you crying? Why? Mikoto: I wonder why… I’ve already forgotten a long time ago… How to remember, and how to dream, too… Initiating battle with Mikoto (F!Kanna): Mikoto: Corrin…? F!Kanna: Eh…? That name is… Mikoto: Ufufu… My mistake. That child is no longer so small… And has already come back to me… F!Kanna: !! What happened to Daddy!? Do you know something!? Mikoto: Know…? No, I don’t recall anything… The more I attain what I want, the emptier I feel… My heart has been hurting for so long… If all of you would come to me, then surely this pain will… F!Kanna: … Killing Mikoto: Mikoto: … Ahh… What have I done…? At the very least, at the end… As atonement… After battle ================ Mikoto: I’m sorry… Dear children… I believed… That you would defeat me. I will open up the path ahead of you… But before that… You that looks just like Corrin… The two of you, that look like twins… M!Kanna: Eh…? F!Kanna: Y-you mean us? Mikoto: Yes… Could I… Please have your names…? F!Kanna: I’m Kanna. M!Kanna: We’re both called Kanna. Mikoto: Oh… So you’re Kanna… I’m glad that… At the very end, I was able to meet you… Now… Please… Save him… Save Anakos… Take care, now, all of you… Shigure: The path… F!Kanna: Now we can go to where Anakos is. Eh…? Shigure: Kanna…? F!Kanna: F-for some reason, tears are coming out. Just now, when those people disappeared… Somehow, it felt so sad… Why…? Shigure: That’s… That’s probably because we’ll never see them again. It must be because we know that there will never again be a day where we’ll cross paths. The only way for us to see them is in our memories… M!Kanna: Only in our memories... Shigure: Yes. So please, please remember them. Everything about those people that were just fighting. M!Kanna: …Got it. I’ll remember forever. F!Kanna: Yes, me too… Shigure: … Selkie: Kaaannaaaaaa! Shigureeeeee!! Shigure: Everyone! M!Kanna: Thank the gods. You’re okay…!! Selkie: That was fun! I transformed a lot, and just destroyed all the enemies! Right, Velouria! Velouria: Yes. Kitsune… No, Selkie was very strong… Caeldori: The Nohrian troops were very strong, too. Sophie was amazing. A strategy that involves peeling off the enemies’ armor… I have a lot to learn! Sophie: Y-you don’t have to learn something like that! Rather, I should be the one learning from you, Caeldori. You were really amazing. That’s more like the knight I envision myself to be… Midori: Ignatius was really cool too! Because he protected everyone, no one got any grave injuries. Ignatius: No… That’s thanks to you, Midori. When you said that your medicine could heal any wound… I was able to fight fearlessly. Rhajat: I’m interested in Percy’s wyvern… It’s brutal… And ferocious… So different from the merry creatures from Hoshido… Percy: Thanks! Your incantations and spells were super cool, too! I’ve never seen anything like that at Nohr. It was so reliable! Shiro: …Everyone’s opened up their hearts. Siegbert: It seems that way. Shiro: … Siegbert. Sorry for just now. Siegbert: !! Shiro: I was swayed by the fact that our parents were at war, and failed to see you as a person. Even if our parents… Our countries are fighting, we should pass judgment only after looking at the situation firsthand from our own eyes. You were really reliable in that fight just now. Siegbert: No, I’m the one who should be sorry. We’re people from different worlds… Although there’re no ties between us, I said some terrible things. Your sword… And your spirit, are really strong. Would you fight alongside us too, from now on? Shiro. Shiro: Yeah, of course! Siegbert! Forrest: I’m sorry for just now, too… It was really reassuring to fight by your side. If possible, from now on… Would it be okay to be friends with you? Kiragi: Of course! Thanks, Forrest! M!Kanna: … This is all thanks to Shigure! Shigure: Me…? M!Kanna: Yup! It’s thanks to you, for dispelling the illusion, and fighting while believing in us! That’s what we’re all thinking. Shigure: … F!Kanna: …Shigure? Shigure: Ah… Thank you very much. I’m really happy to be on good terms with everyone as well. …Now, let us depart. To Castle Rouran. Anakos is there. Everyone, please follow me. F!Kanna: … M!Kanna: What’s wrong, Kanna? Aren’t you going? F!Kanna: Sorry… There’s something I’m concerned about. M!Kanna: Concerned? F!Kanna: Shigure’s acting kinda weird… And… I’m thinking about that that person said just now. M!Kanna: About us being imitations? F!Kanna: … M!Kanna: That’s a trap to deceive us. Shigure said that, too. Let’s believe him… Come on, let’s hurry on. F!Kanna: Okay… I guess you’re right. Shigure: We’ve arrived. Right ahead is Anakos’s throne. Shiro: …We got here without any trouble. Siegbert: Thank the gods… We weren’t attacked. Perhaps they deployed all their troops in the previous fight. Kiragi: Maybe we got stronger because we’re now united!! Forrest: At any rate, it’s a good situation that we’re in, since we didn’t have to come here exhausted. M!Kanna: Are you ready? Kanna. Surely now, with all our powers combined, we can make the Omega Yato… We can make the Fire Emblem! F!Kanna: !! Yeah, let’s try. M!Kanna: Okay, let’s do this. Respond… Yato…! F!Kanna: Give us the power to defeat Anakos…! Shigure: …… -sings Lost in Thoughts All Alone- M!Kanna: …!!? F!Kanna: W-what..!? Siegbert: Urgh…! My strength’s draining from my body… Shiro: I can’t move… What the hell is this…! Shigure: …I’m sorry. I’ve sealed your movements. There’s no need to complete that sword. Your role ends here… From here on, I’ll be going alone. Siegbert: Shigure!? What are you saying…!? Shiro: It can’t be… Are you on Anakos’s side!? Shigure: No, that’s wrong. That is the one thing that will never happen. It’s just that… I’ve been lying to you all. Shiro: Lying…? Shigure: I told you that you’re from two overlapping worlds… That was a lie. Forrest: Eh…!? Shigure: The truth is that you’re from different worlds… Every single one of you are from different worlds. There is not even a single person here that has come from the same world. Forrest: T-then everyone here… Are different from the people I know…!? If that’s the case, then were are the people I DO know!? Shigure: They are nowhere. For now. The only world that exists now… Is this world. The world where I survived. Kiragi: So this is Shigure’s world…? Shigure: That’s right. Everyone’s from a world that chose the path of white, or black… One option was chosen between those. But in my world, neither was chosen… The path of the ravine was chosen. Soldiers from both countries cooperated, believed in each other, and fought together. But… We lost to that dragon. That dragon managed to lift the seal, broke the Omega Yato, and crushed my allies. Leaving me and my mother. Kiragi: … Shigure: But mother continued to sing to protect me… Until she disappeared. Shiro: Oi, then… The us that belong to this world… Shigure: You are all… No longer here. My real allies are all… Dead. Shiro: …!! F!Kanna: So that’s why, at that time, we were called… Shigure: …The Vallite Dragon obtained the entire world, just as he wished. But… He wasn’t satisfied with that. He began invading other worlds, and once he had possession of them, moved on to the next… Those were your worlds… Worlds where the Vallite Dragon remained bounded by his seal. Those that weren’t able to come here, your true allies… Have probably already fallen prey to Vallite soldiers. F!Kanna: Everyone has…? No… Shigure: Thanks to this pendant, I didn’t get my mind taken over by Anakos… All my memories are intact. I’ve been intending to do this from the start. I’d manage the lucky survivors, you all, and fight by your side… And when we arrived at where Anakos is, we’d part ways. Siegbert: That’s not going to happen… What do you intend to do all by yourself? That’s like marching off to your death. Shigure: No. If I can go near Anakos, then it’ll be fine even if I don’t have divine weapons or the Yato… I have my song. The phantom, fourth verse of the song. Siegbert: The fourth verse of the song…? Shigure: It’s a forbidden song that no one has ever managed to draw the power out from. If I use this, I can stop Anakos. You will all get your loved ones back. The singer’s life can be exchanged for returning the rest of the worlds to how they were. M!Kanna: What!? Exchanging the singer’s life… Shigure, you mean you’ll die!? Shigure: Yes. Even so, I’ll be using a power that’s way too strong… It’s likely that I won’t be able to die a proper death. I’ll take the burden of the curse, and I might be caught in an eternal loop of suffering. M!Kanna: …!! Shigure: But that’s okay. If everything can be regained thanks to that. If I can save everyone and numerous other worlds, then I’ll gladly offer up my life. Forrest: I won’t let you do something like that! There must be some other way! A way such that all of us can go together! Kiragi: Yeah… Even if you do that, Shigure’s precious people won’t be happy! The us from this world won’t be either! Shigure: I understand that… But what other way is there? I thought that you’d say something like that. Which is why I will go alone. I cannot afford to fail any more. I won’t let other people interfere. M!Kanna: Other people… But we’re your friends… Shigure: I’ve never thought of you as such. You are just soldiers that I’ve used to get up to this point. Just soldiers that look exactly like the people I know and love… … Shiro: Then it’s fine even if we’re not your friends. Even just as soldiers is fine… Isn’t there something… Anything we can do!? Shigure: Then… Please remember. The fact that I existed. The only ones that can remember me are you guys here. It’s a pity, but… I won’t be able to see my world that has returned to normal. So please, don’t forget… The human called Shigure. The lies that I told you. The figure that stood by you in battle, even if only for a short while. And from now on, too… Shiro: Damn it! That’s not what I want to hear! We…! Shigure: It’s okay. If I defeat Anakos, you’ll be able to return to your respective worlds. Until then, please wait outside the castle. If you use this, you’ll be able to exit the castle safely. Siegbert: …What’s that? Siegbert: A crystal ball of transport. It’s a magic tool that will allow the user to transport the people he wishes to transport to where ever they wish to go. You can only use it once… There’s isn’t one for me. Because I will never leave this place. …Now, I’ve told you everything. It’s time for us to part. Ophelia: No… You can’t!! We finally managed to all get along… This is too cruel! Nina: Darn it! Release this stupid seal on me! Release me!! Hisame: Please don’t do this! We’ll defeat Anakos! So, please… Please! Asugi: Oi, are you really okay with this!? Everything you said just now, are they your true feelings!? Soleil: I won’t forgive you if you go alone! I won’t accept anything other than us all going together! We have to be together until the end! M!Kanna: Why… Even if you think otherwise, Shigure… I think of everyone here as my real allies, and I love you all! Shigure…!! Shigure: I will remember this… Forever. Those words, that voice, those eyes, everything… I will remember all of you. I’m really happy to have been able to be with all of you once again at the end. Farewell… For eternity. F!Kanna: No, Shigure!!!! [spoiler=Chapter 6 (Final): Never-Ending Dawn] This is the story of a world I remember, the story of the final world. The story of a world that has forgotten me. The son of a songstress heads towards the battlefield alone. He offers up his one and only life as a sacrifice. The children are no longer able to chase after him, nor are they able to wield their weapons for his sake. It is likely that he will soon sink to the bottom of the ocean. The faces of the comrades he fought alongside in battle, and the name he has called out countless times… M!Kanna: Shigure… F!Kanna: This is terrible… Isn’t there anything we can do…? Even if we’re just imitations to Shigure, I wanted to fight with him until the end… Shiro: …We’re gonna chase him down. M!Kanna: Eh? Shiro: I’m saying that we’re gonna head towards the castle right now! Everyone, start running! Forrest: W-where are we supposed to run towards!? We don’t know the path to take! Kiragi: How about we split up and each head in separate directions? If we’re lucky, then someone will be able to reach him… Siegbert: Splitting up our battle strength isn’t a sound tactic. We might encounter enemies on the way there… In the worst case scenario, we might just die for nothing. Shiro: Then until everything ends… Until Shigure dies, we have no option other than to just wait here…!? Isn’t there any path left for us to take!? M!Kanna: … memories… F!Kanna: Eh? M!Kanna: “Memories sometimes equate to human lives”. “So they’re composed of compensation”. F!Kanna: W-what’s wrong, Kanna? Memories? Compensation…? Ophelia: !! That’s… We’ve heard that before! F!Kanna: W-what? What do you mean? Nina: Before all of us met up, we heard it from that woman. I don’t know who she was, but… I think she said, “If in the future, you have to choose between memories and something else,” “At that time, please, no matter what you have to exchange for it, choose the thing that you don’t want to lose”. Sophie: I didn’t get what she meant at the time, but now…! Dwyer: So it means to weigh between our memories and Shigure’s life, and choose the one that we don’t want to lose… Does that mean that our memories… Can be exchanged for Shigure’s life? M!Kanna: I think so. We can use the song’s power in exchange for our memories! Mitama: But even if we’ve noticed it, how will we do it? We’re not able to return to that place anymore, you know? M!Kanna: I’m sorry… I wonder why I couldn’t recall at that time. If I remembered… Then we would’ve been able to stop Shigure! Hisame: No, It’s not your fault. This is the fault of no one… It’s all in the past… Ophelia: Aah… Dear Starlight Quartz… Please, protect Shigure… Rhajat: What’s that pebble… Ophelia: Don’t call it a pebble, that’s rude. This is a precious safety charm I received from my father. Soleil: Ophelia’s holding onto a safety charm pebble too? I have a similar looking one. When my father passed me this sword, it was bundled up with it too. He said that it’ll come in handy some day for sure. But this stone’s just… Nina: …Huh!? Hey. That… Looking at it closely, isn’t it a crystal ball of transport? Soleil: Eh!? Ophelia: Eeh!? Really!? Nina: Yup. It’s really tiny, but that shape and color… It’s the same as the one Shigure had just now. Hey, Forrest. Take a look at it, please. Forrest: ! It’s true… There’s no mistaking it. Nina: Heheh. To think I’d find two objects of interest, my eyes sure are sharp. Percy: Hooray! With this, we can go back to that place! Caeldori: You did great, Ophelia, Soleil! Soleil: Ahaha, we didn’t do anything, it’s all thanks to our fathers. Actually, why was he holding onto something like this..? Forrest: However… It’s a pity, but I think that with just these… It’s impossible to return all of us to that place. Soleil: W-why!? Forrest: This crystal ball is much smaller than the one Shigure had. The amount of magical power contained within it is much lesser as well… I’m afraid that by my analysis, sending everyone here back… Will be quite difficult. M!Kanna: That can’t be… Shiro: T-then we really have no choice but to run back… Asugi: That’s not gonna work. Siegbert: He said that the crystal ball can only be used once. We won’t even be able to experiment… Then nothing has changed. We can’t do anything… F!Kanna: …Nope. Let’s all teleport back. Siegbert: Kanna…!? Are you seriously saying that? F!Kanna: I’m serious. I believe that we’ll be able to do it. M!Kanna: Yup, I agree with her. Even with just two crystal balls… There’s still a chance. I want to believe in that chance. I’ll bet these feelings on the biggest hope there is. Shiro: !! F!Kanna: I believe… That we can still catch up to Shigure. At that time… I doubted. I thought that it was possible that Shigure was an enemy. The reason why the Yatonokami wasn’t completed, was surely due to that. But since I know the truth now, I’ll be able to fight while trusting in Shigure from the bottom of my heart. M!Kanna: It’ll be okay. My mother told me that believing will cause miracles to happen. I believe in what she said. If it’s possible… I hope everyone will believe in that too. Let’s all chase after Shigure together. We’ll all fight Anakos together! Forrest: Kanna… You’re right. At any rate, if we don’t do this, there will be no hope. Siegbert: Yes. We’ve come this far, it’s sink or swim… That’s not a bad thing. Shiro: Rather than some half-baked struggling, let’s go all out and bet everything on this hope! Kiragi: Yeah! It’s gonna go well! I believe it will! M!Kanna: Everyone…! ???: …Are these everyone’s true feelings? M!Kanna: Eh…!? ???: Wanting to go to where that person is… If those feelings of yours are true, then I will lend you my power. I’ll amplify the power of the two crystal balls, and make it possible to transport all of you. Those were created by my father… So I’m sure it can be done. …With the very last of my power. F!Kanna: You’re… ???: … Shigure: … I’ve done what I had to, even if it means everyone detests me… I’m sorry, everyone… Anakos: …Welcome to my throne. Shigure: …Anakos. Anakos: I’ve been waiting. The only one who has arrived here is you. All of the yous from every other world… Have died, unable to even escape the barrier. Your soul was the real deal, huh… First King of Valla… Ryuurei. Shigure: …No. I am not Ryuurei… Your Ryuurei had passed a long time ago. And you, too… Are no longer the Anakos of the past. You have already gone mad… Anakos: Gone mad? Me? The ones that have gone mad are humans. Although I bestowed power upon them, and believed in them with all my heart… They couldn’t even forgive a single mistake of mine. They held me in contempt, persecuted me, shunned me, and tried to eliminate me. Shigure: Is that really true? Wasn’t there even one human being that believed in you until the end? Anakos: Such a human did not exist. Even if they did… I can… No longer remember… All that’s left is hate and despair… A heavy heart that feels as if it were sinking into the abyss… Humans that are able to forget about me and laugh… Humans flourish thanks to me, so why am I the only one who has to suffer… Shigure: Even so, that is no reason to toy with worlds. Anakos: How impudent… What is wrong with toying with worlds? Humans are vulgar creatures that have forgotten the gratitude they owe me at their own convenience. Everything humans have belonged to dragons. So why is it wrong? Why am I the only one that has to suffer? Why am I the only one who has to face death? Why is it that humans prosper… While I…. Why!? Shigure: Anakos… Anakos: …Ryuurei. Let you and I create a new kingdom. We should be able to find it soon. A land that fits our ideals… Shigure: A land that fits our ideals…? Anakos: This world has already been contaminated by the humans’ prosperity… So in all the spirit worlds and astral worlds, all of the mes have been searching. But every world is unfit. My Valla doesn’t exist anywhere… Shigure: That can’t be… You’ve been doing all this… Just to find your ideal world just like the kingdom before it collapsed…? So that’s why you invaded all the astral worlds at once. Anakos: Those pests… The humans of this world have betrayed me. However, within the numerous possibilities that exist… There must be a world where that will not occur. A world where humans will not point their blades at me, and will not pierce me with their swords… Shigure: But you were unable to find such a world. Anakos: That’s right. Every single world was garbage… Even if I destroyed all humans… Even if I interfere with other worlds… Every world… Wasn’t right… It’s wrong…! Shigure: That’s to be expected. Even if you do the same thing another thousand times, you won’t find what you’re looking for. Your Valla… No longer exists anywhere. Anakos: What? That’s impossible…!! If we are together, and if an uncorrupted world exists, then we can make a new kingdom… We can create a kingdom where humans and dragons can live in harmony once more!! Shigure: …That is not possible. You have long gone mad. You’ve gone so far that you’re no longer able to return. So… This world is the last. For both you… And me. Anakos: That cannot be… Ryuurei… Shigure: With the song that you once taught that person, I will get everything back. Even if a fate worse than death awaits me… I will save my friends, and the world… And I will save you. Anakos: As if you’re able to do that! If you sing that song… You will not come out of it unscathed. Just like that woman named Azura… You’ll wander around in pain for eternity. Shigure: I know. But I don’t mind. I’m more than prepared… Even for suffering worse than death. Anakos: !? Ryuurei… I’m still… Shigure: Let us end this… Anakos. I will use my life to end everything… Now… Let us start the show. … -sings Lost in Thoughts All Alone- ???: Stop right thereeeeeeee!!!! Shigure: Eh…!? ???: You can’t do this, Shigure! You mustn’t die all aloneeeee!! Shigure: E-everyone!? Why are you here… F!Kanna: Ophelia and Soleil had crystal balls! M!Kanna: I believed that we would all be able to come here! And then… A person called Lilith lent us her power! Anakos: …Lilith…? Shiro: So you’re the leader!? I won’t let our comrades die! Siegbert: Let’s go! Shiro! Shiro: Haaaaa!!!! Siegbert: Urgh…! He didn’t even flinch! What’s with this guy…! Anakos: … F!Kanna: You’re Anakos…!? Give me my Daddy back!! Give him back!! Anakos: I cannot do that… Corrin… Belongs to me now. M!Kanna: Is Mom alive!? Shigure: What did you do to them…!? Anakos: I haven’t done anything… That child is the only one I have left alive… That child is all I have left… It’s a shame… Ryuurei, I thought that we would be able to see eye to eye. So after all, this world, and you too… Are just failures… Shigure: Anakos!! Ugh…!! M!Kanna: Shigure… Shigure: …Why… M!Kanna: Eh…? Shigure: …Why have you come here!? I was so close to defeating Anakos! Why did you get in my way!? F!Kanna: I’m sorry… But we found it. Something that we can do. That’s why we came back here. Siegbert: There’s still one more thing you’re hiding from us. Shigure: Hiding…? Shiro: Shigure… We will give you our memories. That can be compensation for using the song, right? Then, you won’t die, will you? Shigure: Why… Do you know that? M!Kanna: Someone told us. I can’t really remember their face anymore. But… They probably hold you dear. They didn’t want to let you die, so they gave us a hint. Kiragi: But we’re still not completely convinced. So Shigure, tell us the truth this time. Can the world be saved even without you dying? What exactly is the compensation for that song? Shigure: … Kiragi: Shigure! Shigure: …The price to pay for the song used to defeat Anakos, is the singer’s life, or… Enough human memories to equal that. Siegbert: Thank the gods… We’ll be able to be of help to you. Shigure: Be of help? Please don’t say such foolish things…! Your memories of your previous worlds are already fuzzy. What will be used are the memories from after you came here… You’ll forget all about fighting with each other. Are all of you really fine with that…? Forrest: Yes… If that will help our friend, then we are. Shigure: Friend…? I’ve said this earlier. I’m not the Shigure from your worlds. There is no need for you to help me. You’re better off forsaking me without overlapping your feelings with those for the Shigure from your world. If you do so, then you can all return to your normal worlds without giving up a single thing! Kiragi: Without giving up anything? But you’ll die, Shigure! Shigure: Is my life more important than your memories? Shiro: What!? It obviously is! Shigure: You’re wrong!! You’re making light of the value of memoires! Shiro: ! Shigure: I know how precious everyone’s memories are. All of you were raised in the Deeprealms, unable to do anything with your own power, and probably weren’t able to make many friends. I experienced the same thing. When you left the Deeprealms, everything was so new and fresh, you made many friends alike yourselves, and fought together in battle… You found something that you were able to do. And you made so, so many precious memories… Shiro: Shigure… Shigure: I don’t want to forget… Even a single thing. This is my selfish request. I wanted to protect everyone’s memories, where you remember people that you wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise… That is why I thought that it would be okay even if I were to become a sacrifice. I didn’t want to say something like “Everyone, please give me your memories”. After all, you’ve met your precious friends here, as well as people you must never forget…! M!Kanna: …! Shigure: Do you understand? The fact that all of you come from different worlds means that you will never meet each other again… Once everything ends and the worlds return to how they were, everyone you’ve met here… The allies you fought together with for the first time ever, can only exist in your memories! Even so, are you saying that you’ll forget every single one of them!? That is the same as everyone here dying… That is much harsher than if I were to die alone… F!Kanna: No! That’s wrong…! I don’t need any memories that were retained by sacrificing someone. Siegbert: Don’t die, Shigure. Even if we lose our cherished memories, even if we’re no longer able to remember everyone, all of us want you, who are standing in front of our eyes, to survive. Soleil: Let’s go together. I won’t let you shoulder everything and die alone. Shigure: Everyone… …Are you really being serious? Asugi: Yeah, we’re for real. Shigure: When this battle ends… No one will be able to recognize what happened here. All of you will become mere strangers to each other. Even so, are you okay with it? Ophelia: Even so, we are. Hisame: Let us end this together. It’s not as if we will definitely not see each other ever again. As long as we live… We may meet again someday. Caeldori: We want to help you, Shigure. You’re our beloved friend. No matter how many times we forget, we just have to become friends once more. Shigure: Everyone… Ignatius: It’s alright, we have all prepared ourselves… We won’t let you say no anymore. Nina: Until you agree to this, we’ll cover your mouth so that you won’t be able to sing. Shigure: … Heheh. That’s mean. But I might as well have been a person that was hated even more by all of you… Then, I would able to die while remembering everyone… M!Kanna: Shigure… F!Kanna: Ehehe… Sorry, Shigure. We can’t accept your request. Shigure: It seems like it. My biggest miscalculation… Was that everyone was too kind. …I understand. Everyone… Please give me your memories. F!Kanna: …Of course! Shigure: Thank you very much. Well then… Let’s go. Anakos is just up ahead. His true body is there… And most likely… Everyone’s beloved ones will be there too. …Are you ready? M!Kanna: …Yeah. Shigure: …We’re here, Anakos. We will finish everything for sure this time. F!Kanna: …What… Is that… Shigure: All those lights are spirit worlds and astral worlds… The worlds where you all came from. M!Kanna: Then… What we see over there… Are all the Anakos from our worlds…? Shigure: Yes… Anakos: … Shiro: What, enemies…!? Ryoma: … Shiro: !!!! That’s…!! Forrest: …Noooooooooo! Father… Father!! Kiragi: No way… Dad…? Siegbert: Father!? This is… Just… What an inhumane thing to do…!! Shigure: Everyone, please calm down! We can still make it! If I use my… No, if we use our powers, then we can dispel the curse set on them! Don’t falter, please fight! If we lose here, it’s the end! F!Kanna: Are you ready, Kanna? We’ll do it this time! We’ll create the final form of the Yatonokami once more! M!Kanna: Got it. Let’s do this, Kanna…! M!Kanna: It’s answering us… Our Yatonokami… F!Kanna: So warm… I can feel everyone’s power. M!Kanna: I won’t give up… I never will. With this power, we’ll get this world… We’ll get everyone back! F!Kanna: This is the Omega Yato… The Fire Emblem… Shigure: This is this world’s hope, that I tore apart at that time… M!Kanna: …Hey, Shigure. We won’t lose. Shigure: Eh…? M!Kanna: I won’t yield. This time, for sure. This Yatonokami may not be the hope that Shigure wanted to believe in the most. But at the very least, I promise that this won’t go down the same road as before. We will definitely… Not allow it to break. Shigure: Kanna… F!Kanna: Right now… We’re your real allies. We were able to form bonds, even with people that we were never supposed to meet. So, Shigure… Please believe in us. Shigure: …Yes. I’ll believe in you. No… I’ve already been believing in you. Did you know, Kanna? This sword… Is something that cannot be completed unless all your allies have complete trust in one another. …I, too, will become your strength. Let us fight together once more, as precious allies. Shigure: … Everyone. I will do it. Please… Watch over me until the end. Azura: …Yes. Shigure… I am always by your side… Shigure: …!! Yes… We will always be together. Please, lend me your strength… … -sings Lost in Thoughts All Alone- [spoiler=Family conversations (probably complete)] Dwyer: Father. It’s been a while. I thought you went missing, but here you were, huh. Come on, flare up at me like always… It’s not like you to keep quiet… Jakob: … Dwyer: You’re the only one I don’t wanna lose to… I’ve always been thinking like that. But if you become like that, then I can’t beat you anymore… Hey, Father… I wonder why people don’t realize what’s truly important… You were probably wondering why whenever you came home, I’d quarrel with you, and compete with you… Then as always, wait for you to come back… It’s not like I didn’t understand that you may one day not come back… Yet… I’ve always thought that I’d be fine, because my father wouldn’t lose in a fight… I’m such an idiot… I couldn’t see the reality of things… You think so too, don’t you, Father…? Jakob: … Dwyer: …I see. I knew it… But it’s not over yet… I can still get you back, I can still make it. I believe in that, so… I won’t give up. Sophie: Waah, Avel!? Why’d you suddenly stop? Eh…? Is there something over there? …!! Silas: … Sophie: Dad… I never would’ve thought that we’d see each other again in this way. Facing off against each other like this… The last time was during the training we always do, huh. Avel would always rage around, and Dad would get all troubled. …Avel is a good horse. Ever since we came here, he’s been very well behaved. He listens to what I say… And does his very best. That’s because… He wants to help you, Dad. I’m the same. Ever since we came here, that’s always been on my mind. Hey, come back…! Let’s live together, Dad!! Let’s have knight practice like we always do! Together…!!!! Silas: … Sophie: Avel… Yeah, sorry. I lost my composure for a bit. But it’s okay. I can fight properly… Lend me your strength until we’re done. …Dad. I’m coming. I’ll show you just how much Avel and I have grown, and how strong we’ve become for your sake…! Let’s go, Avel! Midori: Father…! Thank the gods, you’re here. Does it hurt anywhere? Are you injured? Midori’s prepared lots of medicine for you, Father… Kaze: … Midori: Father… That’s right. Midori’s father is no longer around. Even if Midori calls out for him, he’s so far away that it won’t reach him. …Father, Midori’s home has been smashed to bits. But that may have been for the best. If Father doesn’t return, then Midori can’t return to that home anyway. The door that Father opened when he visited, the chair that he sat in... Midori’s so sad that she can’t even look at them… Kaze: … Midori: Father… Midori won’t ever give up. Now Midori will help you in some way other than with medicine. Sorry if it hurts. But… Midori won’t hold back. Shiro: Father…! Why have you become like this… It’s me, Shiro! Why don’t you recognize me…! Hey, say something!! Father!! Ryoma: … Shiro: Tsk… Stop screwing around…!! I’m finally able to use the Raijinto, but this doesn’t make me happy at all…! This is your sword, isn’t it Father!? Get mad at me and come take it back! Say that it’ll still too early for me, and that you can’t pass it to me yet… You can just call me a novice! Piss me off like you always do!! Ryoma: … Shiro: Damn it…! …I’m going to cut you down. But I’ll do it to save you, so that you’ll smile at me like you used to! So that you’ll ruffle up my hair like you always do when you beat me in a fight! Until I truly surpass you… I won’t allow you to die!! Ryoma: … Kiragi: R-Ryoma…! Ahaha… To think that I’d have to fight with Ryoma here… Did you come up to me because you mistook me for my father? Don’t worry… We’ll save you now! Kiragi: Father…! Hey, you’re my father, aren’t you? Takumi: … Kiragi: …We finally meet. I thought we never would see each other again. Hey. I made lots of friends. I can use the Fujin Yumi now, too. I wanted Father to praise me a lot now that I’ve learnt to use it. Although you’re not very honest with yourself sometimes, so maybe you wouldn’t openly praise me. But you’re my beloved Father, so I thought that you’d smile and be happy for me… So… Hey, say something, Father… Takumi: … Kiragi: Father… It’s okay. It’s okay! We’ll turn you back to how you were before. Then please… Call my name like you always do. I’ll run and jump at you, saying that I love you… So catch me, okay? Takumi: … Shiro: It can’t be… Takumi!? Damn it, even you’ve become like this…! Just wait… I’ll help you right now! Asugi: …Yo, Father. You’re there, aren’t you? It’s only been a short amount of time since we last met, but you’ve allowed yourself to gain loads of presence. You’re gonna bring shame to the name of Saizo the Fifth. Saizo: … Asugi: Father… I’m grateful for what you did at the Deeprealms. You came to help me, didn’t you? If all you got in return was that appearance… Then you’re a great father. It’s not like I’m taking responsibility, but… I’ve decided something on this journey. …I’ll follow in your footsteps, and inherit the name of Saizo the Sixth. These words… Will surely not reach you now. I’ll forget it soon too, so saying it may be meaningless, but… If I don’t say it here and now, I won’t be able to settle down. Because if I don’t… Then it really wouldn’t have happened, right? And that… Doesn’t feel good. Saizo: … Asugi: …Now, let’s begin. The once in a lifetime, great match between the Fifth and the Sixth. Come on out, Father. Selkie: Daddy…! It’s Daddy’s presence! Hey, you over there, you’re Daddy, aren’t you!? You must be Daddy…!! Kaden: … Selkie: Ahaha! Why’re you so quiet? Even if you try to hide, I know it’s you! Here, this is a scrap of Daddy’s scarf! You dropped it in the Deeprealms! You love beauty, so you didn’t want it to remain torn up, right? That’s why you were making that gloomy face and remaining silent, right? Hurry up and mend it, then return to normal! Okay? Kaden: … Selkie: …Just kidding. I don’t have any intention… Of passing this to you right now. I did think that maybe if I did, you’d return to normal, but things don’t go so easily, huh… Daddy. It’s been a long time, but let’s play. Just like when I was little… A bit of a scuffle sounds fun. And if I win, Daddy returns to normal… It’s okay. No matter how unglamorously you lose, I’ll forget it, just for you… Just like how I always do, just like when we haven’t seen each other in a long time… It’s okay if I jump right into your chest, right? Hisame: !! It can’t be, is that…!? Hinata: … Hisame: Father… As expected… In the Deeprealms, you let me escape, and then got defeated. You despise losing, so it must have been so humiliating for you…! I’m sorry…! Because of me, you had to…!! …At the very least, I will take responsibility. I will return everything to how it was, with my beloved comrades. I will soon forget everything that has happened here, but… Perhaps Father will remember. So… The next time we meet, please pat my head and tell me that I’ve done well. At that time, I won’t get all embarrassed and shy away like I always do. It’s a promise, Father. Hinata: … Hisame: Let’s do this… It’s the first time we’ve crossed swords in a long time. Father’s always ahead of me, but… I’ve grown in this battle. No matter who my opponent is, this sword shall not waver! Prepare yourself! Mitama: When one’s hoping to Show filial piety Just what should one do… You often said this to me. I’ve, too, have been wanting to show filial piety towards you for a long time. However… Azama: … Mitama: Without even doing anything, Father’s soul has already been put to sleep… Death is equal to all… So I’m not the least bit sad… But… Why… Since a while ago, the lights of the astral worlds seem blurry… This isn’t like me… Azama: … Mitama: …Do not worry, Father. Luckily for you, I won’t be handing your soul over to the underworld. Even if one falls asleep, all that has to be done is to wake them up. I will wake you up this time. Just like you’ve done for me countless times. I’ve gained the strength to battle. I am no longer the same lazybones shrine maiden. I will be a little rough, but… Please don’t call divine punishment down onto me. Now… Father, I’m coming. Your spirit that’s dozing in the stars… Allow me to slap it awake! Caeldori: Father…!? Hold on there, you…! Aren’t you my father..!? Subaki: … Caeldori: Aah… You are… There’s no way I would’ve made a mistake… I would know my father when I see him, no matter what form he’s in. …You disappeared so perfectly, you made me think I’d never see you again…! Hey, why didn’t you let me fight by your side at that time!? Why did you protect me!? I… Wanted to be with you all the way! Subaki: … Caeldori: I’m sorry… That was selfish of me. You were just trying to protect me… Even if you had to give up your life. …But that is imperfect. The father I know… Is strong enough to protect himself as well. So please… Don’t die in a place like this. I’m coming for you now, so please, take my hand. Please don’t go so far away that I can never reach you again. This time, I’ll be the one to protect you! Rhajat: You there… There’s something I’d like to confirm… That appearance… Show it to me clearly… Hayato: … Rhajat: … Tsk… Just as I thought… Making me fight against the real thing… How wicked is that dragon’s personality… If it were just a puppet, or a being from a different world... I’d easily turn it into nothing more than cinders… But to think I’d be up against my real father… Fate is really harsh… Hayato: .. Rhajat: Father… Now that you’re in front of me, I don’t know what to say… But… As for apologies and gratitude… Things that hold no meaning to you now… I’ll declare them here. Words hold a power similar to a curse… So I’ll cast one upon this world… Father… “I will definitely save you”… Xander: … Siegbert: Father… I’m sorry. If possible, I wanted to avoid battling you… But I’m here now. Just like you taught me… That as a prince, I must not run away… Father. Ever since I came here, I’ve been afraid of wielding this sword with my inexperienced hands. I faltered, afraid that I would be an embarrassment to Siegfried, to my allies, and to you. But now… I’ve overcome the difficulties. I can throw my chest out in front of you, and wield a divine weapon with pride. Please watch me… Xander: … Siegbert: …I will soon forget what has occurred here. But… If… If Father can remember how I am now, somewhere in your heart… When we finally meet for real, please place your hand upon my shoulder. Touch this right shoulder of mine, which has held Siegfried… And tell me that what happened here was real. …Now, we fight! Please, forgive me for raising a divine weapon against you, Father! Xander: … Forrest: That can’t be…! Uncle Xander…! A-am I supposed to fight Uncle… But… I have do it. Siegbert… Please give me the strength to save Uncle…! Forrest: Father…? You’re Father, aren’t you…? Leo: … Forrest: I’m sorry… Father. You became like this because you fought for my sake… I’ve inherited Brynhildr that you dropped in the Deeprealms. However… When everything ends, I’ll forget what has happened here… I’ll forget ever having used Brynhildr, as well as the way to use it. The only time I’ll be able to show you this, is now. So please… Look closely at me. And if possible, then please remember this, somewhere deep in your heart… Leo: … Forrest: Dear Gods… If my prayer reaches you, please protect Father. Until the day where I inherit Brynhildr for real, please use it to protect Father… Now. Enough talking. I’ll help you now. And then… I’ll return Brynhildr to you. At that time, please tell me that I’ve done a good job… And gently hold me tight. It’s a promise… Father. Leo: … Siegbert: !! Uncle Leo…? I apologize for having to point this divine weapon at you now. But this is for the sake of the country… For the sake of saving you. Please forgive me…! Ignatius: Eek…!? F-father…!? Benny: … Ignatius: Father… Why are you in such a form… Did you really lost…? Because you protected someone like me, you had to… I’m sorry, Father… It hurt, didn’t it? It was scary, wasn’t it? But Father… Even if I said such things, you would’ve told me that it would be okay, right? Father, you’re kind and strong. Much more than anyone else I know… Benny: … Ignatius: …I’m not afraid. No matter what form you’re in, Father is Father. This time, I’ll protect Father, and everyone else too. Just wait for a while more… Everything will end soon. We’ll forget all the pain and fear… As well as the fact that we fought here. It feels a little lonely, but… The next time we meet, let’s be together forever as a family. No matter what happens… My best safety charm… Is you, Father… Velouria: Papa…! We finally meet again. My beloved Papa…! I’ve been searching for you for so long…! Keaton: … Velouria: Hey, Papa… You won’t die, will you… You won’t leave me behind and go somewhere far away, will you…? T-that’s right. Before I came here, I found some wonderful hairballs… Please take a look, Papa… Keaton: … Velouria: Why… You don’t smell at all like how Papa usually does… The smell that I love so muc, Papa’s kind and warm scent… I’m sorry… The reason why we’re having such a sad reunion was because I was a bad child, because I gave up and believed Papa was dead, right…? I… Knew that there would come a day where we would have to part. I also knew that one day, Papa would go somewhere far away. But I don’t want it to be so soon…! I wanted to spend more time with you. I wanted to play more with you. And… I wanted to stay with Papa forever…! I’m so sad, Papa… Please, come back… Don’t stay here in such a cold place, come back…! Percy: Hey Ace… Why do you keep looking over there… Eh…!? That’s… Arthur: … Percy: …!! No way… Even Dad…? Why do you have the same appearance as those guys too… Dad is a hero of justice! He wouldn’t lose…! Arthur: … Percy: …Dad… I’m sorry. It’s all my fault… Because I couldn’t fight at that time, Dad lost…! …But I won’t cry anymore. I gotta get Dad back. Hey, Dad… Thanks. For letting Ace and I get away. I don’t think this is good enough to repay you… You might say it’s too late and laugh at me. But… But! …This time, I’ll be Dad’s hero! I came all the way here with my friends. So… I’m sure I can do it! Believe in me and wait! Hero of justice, Percy, will finish everything!! Let’s go, Ace! We’re gonna help Dad together! Ophelia: Ever since the time I arrived here, I’ve had a premonition… A premonition of a sorrowful reunion… That must have been about this… Odin: … Ophelia: …Father, you once told me this. “Heroes never die”. I know it was a lie. Heroes first become heroes when they die. Legends only start when one passes. I’m sorry, Father… I don’t want to let you become a hero yet. I won’t let you express such beautiful words just for us to never meet again. So… I will fight with you now. It hurts… But… I have to do this. Odin: … Ophelia: Haah… Okay. …I am Ophelia of the twilight! I am the one who will free you from the chaos of the abyss. Confronting Father like this makes my blood stir. With this name and power you bestowed upon me, I will clear away the darkness of this world!! Hey, Father… I’m going to save you for sure. Soleil: Dad…!? Why… Do you look like this… I guess you really lost… At that time… Laslow: … Soleil: Sob… Sob… Sorry… Dad… I’m sorry for leaving you behind all alone, Dad…! But… If you didn’t protect me, then I wouldn’t have met everyone here. And I wouldn’t have come to know about what you said, about allies that are as precious as treasure, and just how amazing they are. I’ll forget about them soon, so I won’t be able to talk to you about it… But… Thanks… Dad. For protecting me. For letting me meet everyone. I think that whatever Dad chooses, you never make a wrong decision. No matter what form you’re in, I love you. Hey, Dad… Laslow: … Soleil: …I won’t cry anymore. Because I think that you’d… Tell me to mile. Just wait for a while, everything will end soon. This time, I’ll protect you, Dad. So… The next time we meet, don’t let it be in this form. Smile like you always do, and let me say “welcome home”. Watch over me with your own eyes… Nina: …Haah. It’s that presence that I’m so familiar with, it’s disgusting. If possible, I didn’t want to meet you. …Father. Niles: … Nina: Hmmf… What a terrible expression. I thought that an expression overflowing with defeat would look more sensational. This doesn’t make my heart race at all. No fantasies whatsoever. I don’t want to see your face anymore… I hate you so much, Father…! Why’d you leave me behind!? Why didn’t you let me stay by your side!? If you’re going to protect, then do it properly! Protect yourself too!! You made your own daughter experience such things… Aren’t you going to say anything!? Hey!! Niles: … Nina: Father… …Fine. I don’t want to owe any debts to people like you. So I’ll save you… With this thick arrow. I’ll drill this deep inside you, Father… Don’t give up this time. You must endure it… Come back to me. [spoiler=If allies have died] After defeating Anakos: Anakos: …… Thank you… For opening… My eyes… I’ve been… Seeing a long dream… A country… Where humans and dragons… Could live together… Where humans smiled… But… Before I knew it… My corrupted heart… Had changed that dream… Into a curse… Shigure… Your song… Traces of… That voice… Saved me… Shigure: … Anakos: The world will… Return to how it was… At the end of the path… That was supposed to be… Where I don’t exist… I will… Finally… Be able to rest… At that… Shining star… Where I will… No longer… Be despised… Human children… Please… Live… Without regrets… Forget me… …… Shigure: …Anakos. …Let’s go. Everything will return to normal soon… But before that… There is something I have left to do. Everyone, please follow me. M!Kanna: What a pretty spring… What are you going to do here, Shigure? Shigure: I will let this pendant sink into the spring. F!Kanna: Eh…! Isn’t it important to you? Shigure: Yes. However, it’s something that the world doesn’t need. I was told by my mother… When everything ends, I should dispose of the pendant. So that no one will be able to get their hands on it any more. F!Kanna: …I see. Shigure: If I had died, then I wouldn’t have been able to fulfil that promise. Thanks to everyone who chased me down, I’m standing here, alive. But… Because of that, precious allies have fallen. F!Kanna: … M!Kanna: Hey, if someone dies there… Then what happens? Will the song’s power return them to normal? Shigure: No. Once one uses the song’s power, that power will never reach them again… I’m afraid our fallen allies will never return… M!Kanna: !! Shigure: They shouldn’t have had to die in such a lonely place… It’s my fault. My friends have died in my stead… If someone else had to be lost, then it would’ve been better if I had just died… F!Kanna: Sorry… Shigure… Shigure: It’s okay… There’s no need for you to apologize, Kanna. There isn’t any need to grieve either. We will soon forget about this battle… As well as the existence of our fallen comrades. F!Kanna: … Shigure: When we forget, it will be as if there was nothing in the first place. So, let’s finish this. …We’ve destroyed Anakos. With the power of my song, the world will be transformed. Our memories here will not return… But after returning to your worlds, your memories from then should still be intact. I think you will have the sensation of getting separated from your parents during the enemy’s raid… And then being safely reunited with them after defeating the enemy. However, the parents of our fallen allies… Will no longer see their child again… That is… The only regret I have… M!Kanna: …! Shigure: Please be happy, Kanna. Forget all about this world. Forget about all the sorrow, and all the pain… Forget about me, and live with all your might in the world you belong in. Enough to make up the share of the friends you have lost. M!Kanna: …Yeah. You take care too, Shigure. F!Kanna: To think I can’t even ask you not to forget me… It hurts, but… This feeling’s just for now… Huh. Shigure: Yes. Those feelings will sink to the bottom of the waters, together with the pendant. IT was just for a short time, but thank you… For the times we fought together. Please take care. And farewell… It’s all thanks to all of you… That the world was saved. [spoiler=If no allies have died] After defeating Anakos: Anakos: …… Thank you… For opening… My eyes… I’ve been… Seeing a long dream… A country… Where humans and dragons… Could live together… Where humans smiled… But… Before I knew it… My corrupted heart… Had changed that dream… Into a curse… Shigure… Your song… Traces of… That voice… Saved me… Shigure: … Anakos: Also… You… Ophelia: Eh…? Soleil: Y-you mean us? Anakos: I’m sorry… You have… Fulfilled… That promise… I have… Always… Always… Believed… Soleil: …? Ophelia: Promise…? Anakos: Yes… A promise… That transcends… A long time… The power… In your… Crystal balls… M!Kanna: H-Hey…! Is Mom okay!? F!Kanna: And Daddy…?! Anakos: Ir’s okay… The world… Will return to normal… Your father… And mother… And all your comrades… All of them… At the end of the path… That was supposed to be… Where I don’t exist… Shigure: And what about you…? Anakos: I will… Finally… Be able to rest… At that… Shining star… Where I will… No longer… Be despised… Nothing makes me… Happier than this… Shigure: … Lilith: …Father. Anakos: Lilith… Lilith: If you’re leaving, then I will guide you. Let’s go together… To the star that shines the brightest. Anakos: I see… You’ve… Been waiting for me… For so long… Lilith: … Anakos: Thank you… Lilith… Shigure: … Anakos: I believe… That this dawn will not break for a long time… Human children… Please… Live… Without regrets… Forget me… …… Shigure: …Anakos. …Let’s go. Everything will return to normal soon… But before that… There is something I have left to do. Everyone, please follow me. M!Kanna: What a pretty spring… What are you going to do here, Shigure? Shigure: I will let this pendant sink into the spring. F!Kanna: Eh…! Isn’t it important to you? Shigure: Yes. However, it’s something that the world doesn’t need. I was told by my mother… When everything ends, I should dispose of the pendant. So that no one will be able to get their hands on it any more. F!Kanna: …I see. Shigure: Thank you very much, everyone. If I had died, then I wouldn’t have been able to fulfil that promise. Thanks to everyone who chased me down, I’m standing here, alive. Now I’m able to see a peaceful world with my own eyes, although I shouldn’t have been able to. I’m very grateful. …We’ve destroyed Anakos. With the power of our song, the world will be transformed. After returning to your worlds, your memories from then should still be intact. M!Kanna: I’m kinda excited. I wonder if it’ll be confusing after we go back? Shigure: It’ll be fine. I think you will have the sensation of getting separated from your parents during the enemy’s raid… And then being safely reunited with them after defeating the enemy. Siegbert: I’m glad… With this, everything will return to normal. But Anakos no longer exists in this world… We’ll forget the fact that we defeated him, as well as the time we spent together with each other. Shigure: Yes. That’s right. Shiro: It’s so strange. We’ll never meet again… Siegbert: We… Don’t live in the same world. We’re people who would never meet unless our countries joined hands. Shiro: Oh yeah. When I return to my world, Siegbert won’t be there. Siegbert: But the bonds we have formed here will not disappear. Even if we don’t remember, even if we can’t recall it, we really were here. I fought with people from Hoshido… I hope that memory will remain somewhere in my heart. Shiro: Yeah, I hope so too. It was fun… To spend time with you, and everyone else too. It’ll be great if we can see each other again. F!Kanna: At first, I was so scared and lonely that I just kept crying, but thanks to everyone, I got stronger. I had fun being with everyone. So much fun. M!Kanna: Even after returning to my world, I… I can’t say I won’t forget, huh. We’ll definitely forget. Forrest: Not even being able to say “see you again” feels so lonely. Kiragi: But maybe somewhere deep down, you’ll remember at least one person! Then… If you remember, what would you say? Forrest: Fufu, that’s... Siegbert: We can’t say for sure that we won’t. If you believe, miracles can happen. Shiro: Haha, even if it’s a crazy thing to say, let’s just believe in the possibility. It’s Kanna’s fault that I’m now able to think like that. M!Kanna: Eh? F!Kanna: Because of us? Forrest: Ufufu. Then… It would be nice to have something like a passcode so that if we ever meet, we’ll know immediately. Ophelia: That’s ingenious. Let’s decide on a really cool one! How about something like “Glorious Vind” or “Legend Holy”!? Forrest: Uhhh… Nina: T-that’s a bit much… If someone suddenly said that to me, I’d be all shocked. Ophelia: I-is that so. Maybe you’re right. After all, the other party might not remember it. Soleil: Isn’t there something better? Something that won’t make others look at you funny if they don’t remember it, yet will immediately get it if they do… F!Kanna: Ah, then… How about “nice to meet you!”? M!Kanna: Ohh! That’s good! Asugi: I-it won’t make people suspicious of you, but it’s so normal… Hisame: Won’t you be unable to tell the difference between whether you’re really meeting for the first time or not… Shigure: …I think that’s good. F!Kanna: Shigure! Shigure: “Nice to meet you”. If someone says that to us, then let’s greet it with a smile. That is our promise. If we’re able to meet somewhere, someday… Let us fulfil that promise. F!Kanna: Yeah! It’s a promise!! M!Kanna: We’ll say “nice to meet you”… And then we’ll become friends again, as many times as we want! Shigure: Yes. …Now, it’s time. Everyone… Prepare to return to your former worlds. M!Kanna: …! Selkie: …Bye bye, everyone. I had so much fun playing with all of you! It feels so lonely… That I can’t help but think that I don’t wanna go back. Mitama: Please do not let these Memories fade far away As if they were dreams… All that has happened here… Was like a dream that would make it regrettable to wake up. Kiragi: You’re right. It was like a dream. Hisame: Even if this place is a dream, and you’re another Kiragi… I swear loyalty to you. Kiragi. Kiragi: Hisame…! I’m so happy! Dwyer: Thanks… Everyone. It feels like such a long time ago… That we fought together despite not knowing each other’s true colors… Sophie: Yeah. Who would’ve thought that we would make so many good friends! Ophelia: We obeyed the guidance of the stars, and had the fate to meet by chance… Yet, we have to say goodbye and that makes me feel so lonely! Nina: Ooh… We’re lonely too. It hurts that you all won’t even become part of my memories. Forrest: This is the path we have chosen. This is fine… No, it’s the best. I don’t have a single regret. Shiro: Exactly. No regrets… We won, and saved the world. Asugi: Even if you don’t remember what happened here, don’t be too reckless. Well, the me from your world should be with you anyway…. Shiro: I hope that guy’s more obedient and gentler than you. Asugi: What!? Caeldori: Hey… Don’t fight at the end. This is the last time I’ll be calming you both down. Let’s try and see if there’s anything we can do to let us remember what happened here. Rhajat: A charm? A curse…? If you’re talking about something like that, then I’ll gladly cooperate, but… I get the feeling… It’s best if we let it naturally take its course… Midori: Yeah. Medicine’s the best when natural, too. But Midori’s so lonely that tears are coming out… Ignatius: D-don’t cry, Midori. You’ll make me…! Sob…! Percy: Sob…! Everyone… Even if we never see each other again, take care…! If we’re gonna forget about this loneliness soon… Then now’s the only chance… Waaaaaaaah…! Velouria: …How peculiar. Somehow, tears are coming to my eyes… To think that I’d… Actually feel so lonely… Soleil: Man, Velouria. What a waste of your pretty face. When saying farewell, a smile is best. Siegbert: Yeah, it’s as Soleil says. I’d like the last thing I see to be everyone’s smiling faces. Soleil: Yeah…! Hey everyone, smile, smile! M!Kanna: Ehehe… Bye bye, Kanna. F!Kanna: Yup… Kanna. It’ll be great if we can meet again. Shigure: Light is now shining down from the skies… It’s been such a long time… Since I’ve seen dawn come to this world. The moment the pendant sinks to the bottom of the waters… Everyone will be returned to their worlds, and lost the memories they made here. M!Kanna: …Yeah. F!Kanna: …Shigure, bye bye…! Shigure: …Goodbye, Kanna. And… Everyone. I love all of you. And I’ll continue to love you from now on, forever. I will always… Be thinking of you all. After credits: Shigure: Nice to meet you... Kanna. And that's it! Hope you enjoyed it.
  11. Hey there. I'm intending to translate the whole Recollection of Foam DLC. So, stick around and see... Maybe...? Take note though, that I did not play the English version at all, so I may have gotten some terms wrong. Please do correct me if you see anything. (Also I might be using the JP names without thinking, do correct me about that too, if you please) Things about the DLC itself: Seems that the children are mostly in their base classes, and with their default hair colors. They're independent of your game files, so who you married and such don't matter. Also interesting to note that chapter 2 and 3 seem to be nearly opposites in terms of characters you use or fight against. In chapter 2, the ones you fight against are the ones you control in chapter 3, and vice versa. Not only that, the weapons and items they hold are almost identical, with just a few differences. [spoiler=Chapter 1: Temporal Dreams] This is the story of a certain world I remember. In was in the midst of war, and there were children that were secretly brought up in a secluded area called the Deeprealms (?). They were supposed to have returned to their former world after the long, long war finally ended. However, on the day they were so eagerly awaiting, Invisible Soldiers invaded the Deeprealms. The children were able to survive and escape after their parents protected them, but that day, all of the parents went missing. Kanna, a daughter that had lost her father, wandered alone. Drenched by rain as she proceeded, the girl was unaware. She did not know what kinds of meetings and partings she would be facing in the future. F!Kanna: Sob, sob, sniff... Daddy... Daddy... I'm sorry... I... I couldn't protect Daddy... If I were stronger... If I could fight like Daddy... Then it wouldn't have come to this... F!Kanna: Why... Am I so powerless... Ugh... Sob... Mitama: Hey, what's wrong? F!Kanna: Eh...? Mitama: Now for a poem... In a foreign land I notice a crying child and call out to her. If you're hurt, I'll heal you up. Selkie: Hmm... But by the looks of it, she isn't hurt. F!Kanna: Um, who are you...? Selkie: I'm Selkie. Mitama: My name is Mitama. What is your name? F!Kanna: Ah, I'm Kanna. Mitama: I see, Kanna. Why were you crying? Could it be that you're lost? F!Kanna: I'm not lost! I wouldn't do such... ... No. I might really be lost... I don't have anywhere to return to... Selkie: No place to return to...? F!Kanna: My home, and my village too, were destroyed... Daddy came to save me, but he might have d-died too... It's my fault... Because I can't fight, Daddy had to...!! What should I do...!! Mitama: Calm down. Exactly what happened? F!Kanna: I-I don't know... I ran away. Suddenly, enemies with fuzzy shapes appeared at the place I was living...! Selkie: Invisible soldiers...!? Mitama: Selkie, those are... Selkie: Yeah... Kanna might be in the same situation at us. F!Kanna: ...? Mitama: ...Kanna. We would like to hear more of your story. F!Kanna: O-okay... I got it. Those guys just started rampaging around, so I thought that I had no choice but to fight... But I was no match for them. When I was about to lose, Daddy came. But those guys were so strong, even Daddy couldn't win, and he told me to run away. I said that I didn't wanna, but... He made me run away... So... I ran as fast as I could. And when I was running away, I heard a voice call out from behind me... And that was the last I saw of Daddy. I hid in the middle of the forest and waited for so long, but... In the end, he didn't come back for me.. Mitama: ... F!Kanna: Daddy gave me this sword. I think... It's called the Yatonokami. "Daddy will take care of this," he said, and told me to take care of this sword... Mitama: Oh, a sword...? He let go of his sword although he was being attacked? F!Kanna: Daddy can become a dragon, so even without his sword, he can fight. Selkie: So Kanna's daddy can transform too. Just like mine. Using this stone, I can transform into a big, pretty fox... A Kitsune. F!Kanna: Kitsune? Amazing... I can't do anything... If I could transform like Selkie, or heal wounds like Mitama, then maybe... I could've helped Daddy... Sob... Selkie: Kanna... I understand your feelings. We faced the same thing as you, after all. Both Mitama and I experienced invisible soldiers coming to our homes... And we've been running from them ever since. F!Kanna: !! Mitama: Even being able to use staves or transform didn't help... We couldn't do anything. So Kanna, please don't blame yourself. ...I was really an idiot. Although my father was yelling out for me with all his strength, I was carefreely napping in the mansion. By the time I went outside, the entire house was surrounded... Father fought in order to let me escape. We were together at first, but for just an instant we got separated... And when I turned around, Father was nowhere in sight. I don't even know if he's still alive... F!Kanna: No way... Mitama: Death is equal to all. Even with someone's passing, there is no need to grief. But I wonder why... If I had woken up earlier, or if we didn't get separated... I can't help thinking about it. ...Come to think of it, what happened with you, Selkie? Did you get separated from your father here? Selkie: I don't know. I haven't met with Daddy. I've been running away by myself ever since I noticed those guys. But before I left the Deeprealms, when I was in the forest... I found Daddy's scarf on the ground, all worn out. Maybe he was fighting to protect me, and there, he lost... But it's not as if I saw him die. I'm not giving up. Daddy must be alive and looking for me. F!Kanna: Yeah... You're right. We don't know if they died yet... But what are we going to do from now on? Invisible soldiers: ... F!Kanna: !! That fuzzy figure... They're the ones that were mean to Daddy! Selkie: They came to my home too! Humph!! I'm going to kill you!! Mitama: Selkie, step back! You'll be killed!! Selkie: Why!? If we don't try to fight, we won't know!! Mitama: No, I know even without fighting. Please look at the enemies' numbers. Among these three girls the one capable fighter is Selkie alone... Kanna can't fight, and I can only use staves, you know!? Above all, we are all utterly inexperienced at being on the battlefield! The best plan now is to avoid fighting!! Selkie: But... Mitama: Are you saying that it's okay to put your life on the line, the life that your father fought so hard to preserve? Selkie: !! Ugh... I got it... But there are people over there fighting too! Shouldn't we help them!? Kiragi: Eh, it was a total failure. Maybe it's just that someone like me can't use Dad's divine weapon... Hisame: It's dangerous, Kiragi! You should stop...! Mitama: It's dangerous here, you two! What are you doing! Hisame: I know it is! But Kiragi...! Mitama: Kiragi...? Kiragi: Hisame, go ahead and escape! I can't afford to put you in anymore danger just because of my selfish request! Hisame: What are you saying...! There's no way I can leave you behind! You're no match for them now. Both my dad, and yours too... They died fighting these guys, you know!? F!Kanna: These two... Kiragi: Dad... That's right, I have to go help Dad. In order to do that, I have to fight with this bow! Okay, one more try... Uwah!? Ah... Another failure. Selkie: That's enough, just give up! You can't use that bow! Kiragi: ... Mitama: Resignation is crucial too. Let's run away together! You couldn't defeat these guys, so you understand, don't you? Kiragi: ...Yeah. I understand. But I just can't run away here. Hisame: !? Kiragi, be reasonable! I don't want you to die!! Kiragi: Thank you, Hisame. But soon... I have a feeling that I'll be able to use it soon. Even if I'd failed until now, it's not like the next will surely be the same. If I believe in it... The Fujin Yumi will surely reply. F!Kanna: ...Fujin Yumi? Kiragi: This bow. It's a divine weapon that Dad passed to me. I actually can't use it. But I won't give up. Until I find Dad, I won't ever give up. F!Kanna: ...! Kiragi: I will fight here! I'm sure that even I can do it! Not anyone else... I will!!!!!! Hisame: !! Kiragi, you... You used... Kiragi: Yay! A huge success!! Did you see!? You saw, didn't you!? I can use the Fujin Yumi! I can fight like Dad did!! F!Kanna: Wow... Mitama: I-it really is amazing, but it doesn't change the fact that our battle strength is insufficient... F!Kanna: Kiragi! Do it again! Mitama: Eeh!? Kanna!? F!Kanna: Hey, teach me, Kiragi! How'd you do that!? How'd you become able to use it!? If I believe in this sword, will I be able to use it too? Then will I be able to fight? Will I be able to help Daddy? Kiragi: ... Is that the Yatonokami? F!Kanna: You know about it!? Kiragi: I've heard about it from Dad. That's the sword that will save the world. It's an amazing weapon, only able to be used by the chosen. F!Kanna: Yeah... But I'm not the chosen. This isn't mine, it's Daddy's. I... I couldn't do anything. I only watched Daddy fight. I wasn't like Kiragi... I wasn't able to fight... Kiragi: Nope. I'm the same as you, Kanna. I wasn't able to do anything at that time, and I couldn't protect my beloved father. It hurt, and I was so sad... It was so frustrating. But you can't just keep thinking that you're helpless. What's more important, is what you'll be doing from now on. Kanna, what do you want to do? F!Kanna: ... I want to fight too. I wanna fight, and go save Daddy. Honestly, I want to be able to use this sword too... Kiragi: Then let's test it out now, as many times as it takes. If we do that, then eventually you'll be able to use it. I guarantee it, as someone who also holds a divine weapon. I'm sure you can do it! F!Kanna: ... You believe in me? You think that even someone like me can fight...? Kiragi: Of course! I believe in you, Kanna!! F!Kanna: Thank you, Kiragi...! Kiragi: Eh, what's this...!? The Fujin Yumi is glowing!! F!Kanna: M-my sword too! What's this? Why? Did I do something weird...? Huh!? The Yatonokami's appearance changed...!? Kiragi: Amazing! So cool! It's like power came rushing out of the Fujin Yumi like whoooosh, and went into the Yatonokami! F!Kanna: The Fujin Yumi's power...? Kiragi: I'm glad... This means that I can become your strength. The Fujin Yumi's power probably got connected to this sword! I don't really get why, but I get the feeling that's what happened! Selkie: Wawah!? Lots of enemies suddenly appeared! F!Kanna: It can't be... Is it because of this sword? Mitama: Maybe they reacted to the light from just now? Or is it... Hisame: Or maybe this sword poses some sort of threat to them. Which is why they came to destroy it. Kiragi: It's okay, Kanna. Try believing that you can use it. Calm down, and ready the Yatonokami. If you only just hurt them, I'll clean them up for you. F!Kanna: Okay, I got it. ... Just wait for me, Daddy... I will definitely not give up. Please... Lend me your power, Yatonokami!! Kiragi: Kanna!! F!Kanna: It went well! I can use it too!! Thank you, Hiragi! It's thanks to you believing in me! Kiragi: Nope. It was your own strength! Now we can fight! F!Kanna: Yup!! Hisame: ... I don't have a choice but forget escaping. I will join the fight as well. Kiragi: Hisame!? But... Hisame: It's impossible for me to leave you guys behind, it's so dangerous. ...Besides, didn't I say that I'll protect you? I devote this sword to you. Because you are my lord. Kiragi: Hisame...! Thanks!! You're the best!! Selkie: Uuuu...! Sorry Mitama, but I'll fight too! Mitama: Eeh!? But, Selkie! Selkie: Running around like this really doesn't fit my personality! Kanna can fight now, so can't we just do this!? Besides, I want to see how far I can go with my own power. I haven't even once been able to use my powers like this! Mitama: Selkie... Okay, okay, I understand. Among us all there are capable fighters we can surely win. It's troublesome, but I'll help out too. If you get hurt, come to me. F!Kanna: Well, let's go! I'm sure our fathers are alive... Let's fight while believing in that fact! After battle ================ F!Kanna: Ah!? Kiragi: Those guys, they ran away! If we chase them down, maybe we'll learn something! F!Kanna: Let's go, everyone! ???: ...Wait. ???: You shouldn't chase them. For now. F!Kanna: Who are you? ???: I am... ...That's not important. The one thing I can say is that I am not your enemy. I will just say that you should stop chasing them. F!Kanna: .... Okay. I don't think you're our enemy either. Actually, I think I've seen you before... ???: ... F!Kanna: Eh? But I can't remember where. It's a weird feeling. Selkie: Me too, me too. Somehow... I get the feeling I've seen this person somewhere before. Kiragi: Hmm. I don't recognise her, though. But I'm kinda forgetful, so maybe I've just forgotten. Mitama: Oh my, everyone... Although you're all so young, aren't you forgetful. Hisame: However... While we cannot remember the fact that we have forgotten, we can't say that we haven't forgotten anything, can we? Mitama: ...You say such complicated things. My head is starting to hurt. ???: Don't worry. When the time comes... When everything ends... That haze in your head will clear up. You'll return to normal. ...More importantly, Kanna. Do you possess a Dragonstone? F!Kanna: Nope, I don't. I can't become a dragon, so... ???: No, you can. Your dragon impulses may someday cause you to go berserk. I'll seal your impulses in a stone. ...Well, this is your Dragonstone. Carry it with you at all times. F!Kanna: Thank you...! If I use this, can I become a dragon? ???: Yes. With this Dragonstone and the Yatonokami... With the Noble Yato, you'll be able to fight splendidly. F!Kanna: Yatonokami... Noble? ???: Yes. It's the name of that sword. As the Yatonokami bonds with other divine weapons, its name and appearance will change. After the Noble Yato, is the Blazing Yato. Eventually it'll become the Omega Yato... The Fire Emblem. F!Kanna: Fire Emblem... ???: It is... A very beautiful and strong blade. With the Fire Emblem, then surely you can save the ones that are important to you. F!Kanna: Important to me... Daddy and the rest? Do you know something? If you do, then anything is fine, just please tell me! Where did they go!? They couldn't have died, could they...!? ???: I don't know. Even I can't tell. But we made a promise... To live happily in my stead. So I won't let them disappear like me... F!Kanna: Like you...? ???: Sorry. I don't have anything else I can tell you. These are things that you have to find out on your own. But I have a final question. The enemies you fought with... Did you find there to be anything strange about them? F!Kanna: ... Shigure: -Sings part of Lost in Thoughts All Alone (The Birthright part)- ...This is the song of the world where the path of white was chosen. Songs can sometimes possess the power to even control people's hearts. When combined with the stone that the dragon left behind, a miracle capable of saving worlds will occur. However... Possessing it even once will cause the soul to fall into the depths of the ocean... Power will become unattainable. Even if a new possessor uses that power... Their singing voice will never reach the depths of the waters. Even if I know this... Even so, I... [spoiler=About this chapter, if you haven't seen a playthrough] You fight invisible soldier Ignatius, Velouria, Percy, Soliel and Siegbert as the boss. ??? is translucent Azura. [spoiler=Chapter 2: Dual Blade of Memories] This is the story of a certain world I remember. When Kanna attained the Noble Yato, a dragon’s cries echoed throughout the town. Seen by no one, a strange, vacant town. There were also children who were driven out of similar secluded regions. In the east were a wandering prince and his retainers. In the west were a listless butler in training, and a knight in training on a restless horse. And a grieving dragon that lost his self due to sorrow… Another Kanna was there. M!Kanna: Grrrrrrraaaaahhhh!!!!! Sophie: It’s no good, Dwyer! That kid just isn’t calming down! Dwyer: Gimmie a break… To think even Sophie’s attacks aren’t getting through… There’s nothing we can do… Sophie: What should we do… If only we could return him to his human self…! Okay, we have nothing to lose, so one more try… Take this!! M!Kanna: Raaaaaaaaaaggggghh!! Sophie: Eeeh!? It really didn’t work! What should we do!? When you found him, he hadn’t yet become a dragon, right Dwyer!? Dwyer: Yeah… He was a distance away, crying with his head held down… But when I tried approaching him, he was surrounded by a bright light and turned into a dragon… Sophie: This child was crying? Dwyer: Maybe something terrible happened to him? Like us, who let our parents die… Sophie: Hey! How can you say that!! MY Dad isn’t dead yet! We just got separated for a bit while leaving the Deeprealms… Your dad just stayed behind in order to let you escape, didn’t he? There’s no way they died… Dwyer: You can’t say there’s no way… More like, against that huge number of enemies, it would be stranger to not die… Sophie: Man, Dwyer, you dummy! If you say any more, I’m gonna use this lance and…! Dwyer: S-stop it. It’s not gonna end well for me if I get hit by you… I’ll do anything, so just don’t steal my clothes… Sophie: Then don’t say stuff like that ever again! Our fathers are alive. We will surely go and save them. All the things we were never able to do… We’ll make up for it by spending all our time together from now on…! M!Kanna: Grrrrrrraaaaaaaa!!!! Dwyer: Well, first we have to do something about this guy… Sophie: Ugh… I’m used to having Abel around as an animal that doesn’t listen to what I say, but… There’s nothing we can do about this! Dwyer: Before that, isn’t this bad… This guy really stands out… At this rate, we’ll get noticed by enemies… It’s just a matter of time. Although we managed to get away, this is the same as awaiting death… …Stupid Dad… If I’m gonna die in a place like this anyway, then I would’ve been better off fighting and dying by your side… Forrest: Umm… I wonder where this is… Nina: Seems like we’ve arrived at a strange place. Are you sure this is the right way, Ophelia? Ophelia: According to the guidance of the phosphorescence of the holy stone… The Starlight Quartz, there’s no doubt that we’re supposed to be heading in the direction of the cross star. Nina: Hmm… You were so full of confidence that you knew where we were supposed to go that I believed you, but is this really okay? Now that I look at it, isn’t that just an ordinary pebble. Ophelia: How rude! This is a holy stone that possesses the mystical power to predict things of all creation… Nina: And that’s just setting the mood, isn’t it? Ophelia: That is true… Forrest: So I see… Nina: Darn it! Then heading in this direction was just rubbish too, wasn’t it! We managed to meet up, but what are we going to do now!? Ophelia: S-sorry… Forrest: No, it’s okay. After all, we’ve only just come out from the Deeprealms and have no idea where to go anyway. …Ophelia sure thinks of this stone as precious, huh? Ophelia: I guess so. After all, this is… Something that my father gave me. Forrest: Your father did…? Ophelia: Yup. When he was helping me escape from the Deeprealms, he told me it was a protective charm and gave it to me. He told me to leave first, and that there was no need to worry as he would be right behind me. Because he said that… I ran away. Mowing down a path through the endlessly number of enemies, taking vicious blows without as much as flinching… What an admirable gallant figure. …So much, that I feel like I might cry. Forrest: Ophelia… Ophelia: I haven’t seen Dad since. I believe that he’s okay, but… I keep thinking about it. Maybe Dad is already… Forrest: No… Ophelia, it’s okay. Don’t say any more than that. …I feel the same way. Although we were able to leave the Deeprealms, and I had thought that we would be able to live together as a family… On the day I was so eagerly awaiting, all that came to greet me were monsters. I took my favourite horse and ran away as fast as I could, and then… All I could find was Brynhildr. There’s no way that Father would have let go of this… There’s no mistaking that something must have happened to him. I don’t want to think about it, but perhaps at the place I found this, Father had… Ophelia: Forrest… Forrest: … Nina: …W-what’s with you guys. Both of you look so depressed. As long as we haven’t seen their corpses with our own eyes, then there’s still hope. Besides, is there a need to be so sad just because your father has died? At the very least, for me, if that person is gone… Then I feel refreshed, more than anything. Forrest: You mustn’t say that, Nina. There are things that you can say, and things that you must not. Nina: B-but… But no matter how I think about it, he’s just does whatever he pleases. Although he hardly ever came to see me, it’s only when enemies come that he races here with all his might… To think he’d protect me, stay behind alone, and now he doesn’t even come back. …He makes me so worried. Really, what a bother! He’s nothing more than a nuisance! Forrest: Nina… I’m sorry. I didn’t understand your feelings. Nina: Nah… It’s okay. Although it may have been better if Lord Leon could’ve been saved instead of someone like me. If it were like that, then you wouldn’t have to be so sad. Forrest: Oh, no! I’m really relieved that both you and Ophelia are all right. There’s nothing more reassuring than the two of you coming to search for me and be with me. So please, don’t say such things.. Let’s fight together, and then surely we can save our fathers. Nina: Yeah… M!Kanna: Raaaaaaaaaaaggghhh!!! Forrest: …!? W-what was that cry!? Ophelia: T-There’s trouble! A dragon is rampaging around! Nina: That dragon’s being attacked. There are at least… 5 enemy soldiers around it. Ophelia: Eeh, enemies…!? I couldn’t see them at all…! Nina: Of course, it’s because I’m a chivalrous thief. My eyes are sharper than most. Forrest: There appears to be people other than the dragon. At this rate, they too will be in danger… Nina: It’s likely they’ll all be killed. They’ll be lucky to even die swiftly. Forrest: … Nina: What should we do, Forrest? Help them? Or hurry onward? Just saying, we’re your retainers, so we’ll obey your orders. Ophelia: B-but I do think that it’ll be better if we go help them… Forrest: …Let’s go. To help them. No matter what situation we’re in, to stand by and watch someone die is just… To do that is a disgrace to the Nohrian royal family. Ophelia: As expected of Forrest! All right, so this is Team Forrest’s first mission. Nina: We’ll surely protect you, Forrest. Forrest: Thank you very much. But please, don’t push yourselves too hard. Ophelia: Okaaay! Nina: If that is your order! During battle ================ Forrest – Sophie Forrest: Are you all right!? Sophie: W-who…!? Forrest: I’m Forrest. I’m not your enemy. I heard the cry of a dragon… So I came here, with my allies Ophelia and Nina. Why is that dragon… Sophie: Even if you ask me why… By the time I came here, he was already in that state. Even if I tried talking to him, he wouldn’t listen, and even if I tried hitting him as hard as I could, nothing happened. But there’s no way I could just leave him be, so I’m with him… Forrest: …Is that so. It seems that enemies have gathered here because they noticed the sounds of his cries. If we don’t run away soon, then we might be annihilated… Sophie: Eh!? No way! No wonder I thought that the number of enemies were increasing… Am I going to die here…? Forrest: No, please don’t worry. We’ve found an escape route. If we just head north, we can lose them. Let’s work together and break out of here! Sophie: Got it. Thanks! I’m Sophie. Also, that pale-looking troubadour over there is Dwyer. Forrest: Sophie and Dwyer. I’m counting on you two. Sophie: Same here! As fellow girls, let’s cheer each other up so we can try our best. Forrest: Ufufu… I’m male. Sophie: Eh!? Forrest – Dwyer Forrest: Are you all right!? Dwyer: !! Who…!? Forrest: I’m Forrest. I’m not your enemy. I heard the cry of a dragon… So I came here, with my allies Ophelia and Nina. Why is that dragon… Dwyer: No idea… He was actually a human, but suddenly became like that… Talking to him doesn’t get through, and hitting him doesn’t even faze him… But it’s not like we can just leave him be, so I’ve been wondering what to do… Forrest: …Is that so. It seems that enemies have gathered here because they noticed the sounds of his cries. If we don’t run away soon, then we might be annihilated… Dwyer: Seriously…? I knew that it was only a matter of time before we were found, but… To actually die’s kind of a bummer… Forrest: No, please don’t worry. We’ve found an escape route. If we just head north, we can lose them. Let’s work together and break out of here! Dwyer: Got it. I’m grateful for your assistance. I’m Dwyer… And that girl riding on that restless horse over there is Sophie… Forrest: Dwyer and Sophie. I’m counting on you two. Dwyer: Same here. What a brave young lady you are. Forrest: Ufufu… I’m male. Dwyer: What. After battle ================ Forrest: It seems like we were able to escape. Is everyone all right? Ophelia: Yup. Nina: Somehow. Sophie: !! Hey, that dragon’s…! Dwyer: What..!? M!Kanna: U-ugh… Forrest: He returned to normal… M!Kanna: Hah… Hah… What did I… Forrest: You became a dragon. M!Kanna: !! A dragon…!? I can’t remember anything… Did I do anything bad? Did I hurt anyone? Sophie: Nope, it’s okay. No matter how much you rampaged, you never attacked any of us. M!Kanna: Is that so… Thank god… Ophelia: Hey, how did that happen to you? M!Kanna: I don’t know… But before I became a dragon, something really sad happened. Lots of scary people suddenly appeared at the place I was staying, and Mom… She covered for me… Nina: …She stayed back alone. Maybe it’s something like that. M!Kanna: …Yup. Mom handed me this sword, and told me to run away. I’ve always been practicing with swords, so that I’d be able to fight like Mom. But… It wasn’t enough, and in the end I couldn’t do anything. I left Mom behind, alone at that place… While I was crying, I came here, and slowly my consciousness faded… Dwyer: …And the rest is as I’ve seen, huh. Sophie: I understand that sadness… Dwyer and I are the same too. Ophelia: Really? Sophie: Yup. We were also attacked, and got separated from our fathers who came to save us. Nina: Same here. Things are more severe than I thought… For there to be enemies coming simultaneously at the same time period, means that there must be something happening. Forrest: If that’s the case, then a dragon’s power will be very reliable. If we use it well, then surely we will be able to go and save our parents. M!Kanna: No way… Even if I can transform, it’s way too late! If I could become a dragon, then why didn’t I awaken sooner!? It had to be at that time! I had to transform into a dragon then! Forrest: C-calm down…! M!Kanna: If I’d become capable of fighting sooner! Then, I would’ve been able to protect Mom! It’s my fault… It’s my fault that Mom… Sniff… Sob…! Waaaaaah….! Dwyer: This is bad… Again, he’s going to…! Forrest: …!! Excuse me!! M!Kanna: Waah!!? Forrest: I’m sorry. I weakened its power, but… I’m sorry for my rough actions. However, please understand. Lamenting will change nothing. If you really wish to help your mother, then it’s important for you to look forward now. …We will be with you. Everyone here was unable to protect someone important to them. M!Kanna: Everyone…? Forrest: Yes. Everyone. We were all protected by our parents, and escaped alone. But we haven’t been crying. We believe that we can still make it, we can still see them again, and so we search for our beloved ones. …If being alone makes you anxious, then we will be with you. So you mustn’t cry anymore. Because you are a splendid fighter. M!Kanna: A splendid fighter… Me? Forrest: Yes. M!Kanna: …Yeah… Sorry, everyone. I won’t cry anymore. I’ll become strong. Strong enough to protect everyone. I’ll use the dragon’s power well, just you see. So please, let me fight with you? Forrest: Yes, of course. M!Kanna: Thanks…! I’ll do my best. Forrest: Eh…!? What’s happening…!? Father’s Brynhildr is…!! M!Kanna: My sword’s glowing! Why… Could they be resonating…? Uwah!? The Yatonokami’s appearance changed…!? Forrest: Perhaps this is… The Grim Yato…! M!Kanna: W-what’s that? Forrest: Father told me this before. The golden sword, Yatonokami, when connecting with its first divine weapon, will become the Grim Yato, and with its second divine weapon, will change its appearance to the Shadow Yato… M!Kanna: The Grim Yato, and the Shadow Yato… M!Kanna: With this sword, I’ll surely be helpful to everyone. Forrest: Yes, let’s do our best together. Sophie: Wow! That glowing sword was so cool!! Ophelia: It sure excites a young maiden’s heart. The Grim Yato… It’s a name full of dignity. Nina: Ufufu… That’s good, very good… It’s like a crystal of love formed between them… Dwyer: That’s some crazy imagination power… Forrest: I’m impressed. The number of reliable allies has increased… Once again, I’m counting on you. Um… Eh? Your name was… If I recall correctly… !! My head… M!Kanna: Are you okay!? Forrest, pull yourself together! Forrest: Y-yes… My head just hurt a little. More importantly, you knew what my name was. I’m glad. M!Kanna: Eh!? What are you saying, Forrest? Of course I knew. Forrest: …? Why? Did you hear when you were a dragon? M!Kanna: No way… Are you serious? What does this mean…? Hey, Sophie, Dwyer! Ophelia, Nina! What happened to Forrest!? Why did he forget me!? Nina: E-even if you ask us, we won’t know. Are you two acquaintances? Actually, I don’t recall introducing myself to you… Why do you know my name. M!Kanna: What do you mean, why… Of course I do! Did you forget too, Nina!? It’s me, Kanna!! Ophelia: Kanna…? Sophie: I kinda feel like I may or may not have heard that name before… Dwyer: I don’t know that name… M!Kanna: Everyone… It must be a lie… Why did you… ???: It’s okay. When everything ends, everyone will return to normal. …Including the memories you’ve lost. M!Kanna: Are you Azura!? Azura: …Yes. So you remember me… M!Kanna: Yup, of course. Azura is Mom’s precious friend. But why do you look like that? …Oh right, when the war ended, Aqua had already… Eh? I can’t remember anything more than that. Why… Azura: …More importantly, time is running out. You’ll forget about me soon. Everyone else forgot about me… Just like they’ve forgotten about you too. Sophie: We’ve… Forgotten about Kanna? Ophelia: It’s a lie! That can’t be true. After all, as long as I’ve met someone, I record their holy name in the Critical Friendship Book of mine. But I left it behind in the Deeprealms… Forrest: I’m so sorry, Kanna. Although you remember me, I’ve forgotten… M!Kanna: Nah, don’t worry about it. If you’ve forgotten then there’s no helping it. I remember about everyone, so it’s okay. I won’t cry over such things anymore. Because now I have the Yatonokami, and a dragon’s power. Azura: About that… Your dragon impulses are very unstable. Someday, something might trigger you to go berserk again. M!Kanna: R-really!? Azura: I’ll seal your impulses in a stone. As long as you have this… You’ll be able to avoid transforming into a dragon against your will. M!Kanna: Thanks! I’ll take good care of this. Azura: Good. Nina: Hey, about that forgetting thing, isn’t it fragmented? I remember the time I spent at the Deeprealms, and about Dad too. Forrest: I, too, remember about Father. And about Ophelia and Nina. If that’s so, why did I forget about Kanna alone? Azura: I wonder if you’ve only forgotten about that child. Forrest: Eh…!? Azura: No, it may be possible that you haven’t forgotten about anything. It’s possible that you didn’t know from the start, or that such a person never existed. I have no idea which situation it is, though… A person’s memory isn’t attained just by wanting to attain it, or forgotten just by trying to forget. But just like raindrops suddenly disappear, things are forgotten. …It’s because it’s such an indefinite thing. M!Kanna: Isn’t there some way to stop them from forgetting? If you know something, then please tell me! Azura: It’s a pity, but I don’t have any way to stop it. You’ll have to notice by yourselves… Even if I tell you the truth, it’ll disappear from your memories in an instant. You don’t have any other choice but to proceed onwards for now. M!Kanna: … Azura: Don’t worry. I’ve said this earlier… When everything ends, all your memories will return to normal. If it doesn’t… If you’ve forgotten what you have, then it’s the same as those memories not existing in the first place. There’s nothing to be sad about. Ophelia: But that’s kind of… Lonely. To forget about someone dear to you. Dwyer: Actually, to be forgotten by everyone you know is like the same as dying… Azura: That’s true. Memories sometimes equate to human lives. So… They’re composed of compensation. M!Kanna: Compensation? Of what? Azura: … I think… I shouldn’t tell you now. But a final word. If in the future… You have to choose between memories and something else… At that time, please… No matter what you have to exchange for it, choose the thing that you don’t want to lose. M!Kanna: …? … Shigure: -Sings part of Lost in Thoughts All Alone (The Conquest part)- … This is the song of the world where the path of black was chosen. The ideal world of a certain dragon… A curse to preserve that. Someone who has visited the Invisible Kingdom even once will be inflicted with that curse. The key to escaping is the stone left behind by the dragon. To join the path of its possessor. To differ from that path will advance the curse, and they will eventually forget everything. That mission, what was precious to them… And their true feelings, too. … [spoiler=About this chapter, if you haven't seen a playthrough] Forrest is the only promoted unit, a strategist. You fight invisible soldier Midori, Rhajat, Asugi, Caeldori and Shiro, with the latter 3 being bosses. In other words, everyone you control in chapter 3. [spoiler=Chapter 3: Wavering Traces] This is the story of a certain world I remember. When another Kanna attained the Grim Yato, nearby were a prince of a country of white, together with people who gathered by his side. The prince was in regret after allowing his enemies to escape, while his comrades tended to each other’s wounds. Although the injuries were not fatal, they were severe. They were caused by losing to mysterious soldiers they had fought earlier… As well as by a certain dragon. Shiro: Damn it…! Those guys gave us the slip. Rhajat: What’s up with them… How dare they injure me… Midori: Are you okay? Quickly, use the medicine that Midori gave you! Caeldori: …Perhaps it was a good thing that they got away. If they all came at us at once, we might’ve been in real danger. Shiro: What are you saying. We got defeated, I can’t take this lying down. If I find them, I’m gonna… Asugi: Run away. At top speed. Shiro: Don’t tell me you’re intending to just back down? Asugi: Listen up. Look closely at the situation. There are injured… Are you telling us to just die? Shiro: … Caeldori: How about we rest here for a bit? We were lucky to meet so many allies soon after getting chased out of the Deeprealms… But it isn’t good to keep getting caught up in fights. We should take a break. Midori: Ah… I agree. It takes time for the medicine to work anyway. Rhajat: How baffling… Just what kind of curse is that… Everywhere we go, countless invisible soldiers are lying in wait for us… Asugi: I was against fighting in the first place. Gathering people that haven’t ever been on a battlefield, we don’t have even a one in million chance of winning. Even so, why are you clashing with those guys head on? Shiro: …Because there was a dragon. Asugi: What? Shiro: That dragon’s cries. After hearing that, I couldn’t just stand by and not fight. The guys around it looked way stronger than the rest of the ordinary mooks, too. I wanted to test myself… And see how much I could do. Asugi: What, are you a… Battle maniac, or something? I know it’s in your nature, but spare me the independent actions. Besides, we haven’t even talked about battle preparations. Shiro: Neither did I talk about wanting to go around with you guys. You just followed me anyway. Asugi: Why you…! Caeldori: Don’t quarrel, you two. This is no time for internal discord. …Don’t mistake who your enemies really are. Asugi: Let me make this clear now… I really don’t intend to protect you. Dad may have been your father’s retainer… But I have zero intention of following in his footsteps. Don’t think I’ll loyally follow you around while you do reckless things. Shiro: Heh, I should be the one refusing such a cowardly retainer. Caeldori: Shiro, Asugi!! Shiro: …Sorry. Asugi: …My bad. Caeldori: Calm down, the both of you. We no longer have a place to return to. And as long as the enemy has no idea about what our plans are… For now, we don’t have a choice but to gather information, and try to stop whatever’s going on. Getting exhausted from needlessly fighting or bickering isn’t the best plan. I’m begging you, so cool off. Shiro: Yeah, got it. …But if I don’t fight, if I don’t swing my blade, it feels like I’ll go crazy. Aren’t you guys suffering? Ever since we were born, we’ve only known the Deeprealms. Knowing nothing about our strength or our capabilities, our parents and birthplace were snatched away. Doesn’t it fill you with regret, to just keep running away like this? Caeldori: That’s… Shiro: I’m so frustrated. To be protected by Dad… That I alone get to live on so carefreely, and that I would inherit the Raijinto that I wanted so much in such a manner... If I were stronger, then Dad wouldn’t have to die. He was supposed to be here, happier than anyone else that I learnt how to use the Raijinto. But… Caeldori: …Shiro. Midori: … Sniff… Sob, sob… Rhajat: Midori… Midori: Midori’s suffering too… Because Midori can’t fight well, because Midori can only make medicine, Dad died… If he had just come back, then no matter how bad his wounds, Midori could make it better… But Dad stayed behind in the Deeprealms, and he didn’t come back… Rhajat: …No, Midori. You’re not at fault… The ones in the wrong are those guys… Those invisible weirdos that even curses don’t work on… I want to make them regret down in the depths of hell, that they chased us out of the Deeprealms… But what vexes me the most… Is myself, who was helpless and could only be protected… Caeldori: Yes… I know that feeling. I’m frustrated at myself. If I were stronger, then maybe I could fight alongside my father. It’s because I’m weak, because I’m imperfect, that Father stayed behind alone. But to think that he’d be so perfect, down to leaving not a single trace behind after he disappeared… That’s so unfair… Asugi: … I don’t have any regrets. Feels like I’ve finally become free. After all, Dad didn’t even come for me. He was probably dashing to his lord’s side. Well, that’s a wise judgement to take as a Saizou… Shiro: Oi, what are you saying. Saizou did go looking for you. Asugi: What…? Shiro: At that time… Dad got pissed. Said that if he had time to come here, then he should go look for his son instead. If you didn’t meet, then you either passed by each other, or… I don’t want to say this, but maybe by the time he got to your place… Asugi: …He lost, huh. Figures why I didn’t see any enemies on my way out of the Deeprealms… It was because of Dad…? Shiro: … Asugi: …Tsk. So I was saved too… Yet I never noticed until now… Rhajat: Ufufu… So you’re in the same boat… All of us feel the same, how creepy… If it hurts, then will you enter the fight again? I won’t object… Because the dragon is gone. Midori: Eh…? Rhajat: You didn’t notice…? That troublesome enemy in the shape of a dragon… His presence has entirely disappeared… Midori: B-but why so suddenly? Rhajat: No idea… Maybe it was done in by someone else, or maybe there’s some other reason… At any rate, the situation has no doubt changed… With one less rampaging monster, it should be a little easier to fight… Shiro: Heh… Are you saying there’s a winning chance? If we go now. Rhajat: Who knows…? I only stated the truth… Caeldori: … Hey. This may just be my convenient interpretation, but I think those soldiers had some kind of objective. They were clearly acting differently from the guys that invaded the Deeprealms. I don’t know why they take that form of appearance, but… If we defeat them, maybe we can make them spit out some information. Midori: Umm… If they aren’t monsters, then they should get tired to some extent. If they’re relieved at being able to get away, then all the more they should be easier to defeat. Shiro: …Should we do it? Midori: Both Midori and Midori’s medicine can last a bit longer. But if Asugi doesn’t wanna fight, then Midori… Asugi: … Do as you like. I’ll tag along. But I’ll be fighting for my own sake. If someone’s gonna be reckless again, it’s none of my business. Shiro: I’ll keep that in mind. Don’t push yourselves too hard, everyone. ..Let’s go. After battle =============== Shiro: We win. Okay, let’s capture them… Asugi: !? No, wait…! Rhajat: It’s no good… They’re still able to fight. Caeldori: We can’t afford to continue fighting. We should retreat for now! Shiro: …No, I can’t back down now. Caeldori: Shiro!? Midori: What are you doing!? Come back! Shiro: As if I’ll lose…! We managed to corner them, so now for the decisive blow!! I refuse to wait any longer. I need to know the truth now… I won’t let it end here!! Midori: Shiro, watch out!! Asugi: Damn it…! Asugi: Ugh…!! Shiro: Asugi!!? Why? You said that it’s no longer your business… Asugi: …If anything happened to you, Dad won’t shut up after he comes back. Anyway, we have to go. Don’t you get it… None of us want to lose anyone else. If you truly want to win, then don’t battle by yourself now. Shiro: …Got it. Sorry… Caeldori: Watch out, they’re attacking again!! Kiragi: That was a close call! You okay, Shiro!? Shiro: Kiragi!? Why are you here…! Kiragi: We’ll talk later!! More importantly, we have to retreat, Shiro!! There’s a safe-looking place we can hide at over there! Right, Kanna? F!Kanna: Yup! Mitama, take care of their wounds there! Mitama: It can’t be helped. Let’s go! Selkie: Eh! Aren’t we going to play with these guys!? Hisame: Even if you don’t want to, you’ll have to leave the playing to next time! Control yourself! Selkie: Fiiiine. Kiragi: Okay. We should be safe here! Caeldori: Thank you. Those guys… Aren’t chasing us. Mitama: Okay, I’ve healed you up. Asugi: Thanks. Shiro: Thanks… For helping us earlier. F!Kanna: It’s okay. I’m just glad you’re fine. Ah, I’m Kanna. And… Hisame, Selkie, Mitama. I guess you know Kiragi? Shiro: Yeah, we’re cousins. …I’m Shiro. These guys are Asugi, Caeldori, Rhajat and Midori. Midori: Umm… Nice to meet you… Maybe? Selkie: I wonder? It feels like there’re some familiar faces. Caeldori: Yes. True enough, it doesn’t feel like we’re meeting for the first time… Mitama: All of a sudden a strong sense of déjà vu surrounds us somehow Rhajat: I don’t know anyone… Hisame: It’s a strange feeling. Shiro: So, Kiragi. Why are you guys here? Kiragi: We heard some beast crying out and wondered what it was, so we came. Then we saw you guys fighting it… !! That’s right, Shiro, Dad... Dad is...! Shiro: You mean Uncle Takumi? Kiragi: They guys that you were fighting, lots of them came to my home too… Dad covered for me, and he might... He might have died…! But it’s not just me… Seems like everyone’s experienced the same thing. Shiro: We’re in the same situation. Damn. Seriously… What the heck is going on. Asugi: According to Caeldori’s observation, those guys had some kind of intention. We fought them, so we kind of get it…. They’re different from the soldiers that came to the Deeprealms. We thought that if we captured them, we’d be able to learn something new. Hisame: Had some intention… Meaning, they were humans? Caeldori: Yes, the likelihood of that is high. Although we don’t know why they look like that… F!Kanna: Come to think of it, the enemies we fought… They were different from the rest of the monsters, too. Mitama: Yes. We’ve formed a strange link. Asugi: What…? You defeated those guys? Selkie: Nope, they ran away. Some lady said that we shouldn’t chase them down. Midori: A woman? F!Kanna: She was a mysterious person… She spoke as if she knew everything. She gave me this dragonstone, and… She asked us if there was anything we found weird about the enemies we fought. Maybe she was trying to tell us that the ones we were fighting were actually people. Rhajat: What’s with that… Then she should just say so properly… Hisame: She had reasons for not doing so. It may be that even if she said it, it wouldn’t have any meaning. She said that we had to notice on our own, or it would be meaningless. Shiro: At any rate, we have to fight more if we want to make sure of it. F!Kanna: … At that time, let’s all go together. Shiro: Together? F!Kanna: Yup. I saw you, Shiro, trying to fight all by yourself. …It was so scary. When you and Asugi were attacked. It was like someone else was going to die… Like Daddy. I’m glad we made it in time, but please don’t do that anymore. Shiro: !! Kiragi: I tried to stay behind alone too, so I can’t say much, but… If we hadn’t arrived at that time, you guys would’ve been in a real pinch. I don’t want anything to happen to you. So don’t be so reckless anymore. Shiro: Kanna, Kiragi… Asugi: Isn’t it like I said? Shiro: It pains me to say it… But you’re right. Okay. I promise. I won’t go off on my own again. Sorry for everything. Everyone, will you lend me your strength? Asugi: …You’re so helpless. Kiragi: Of course!! I’m sure we’ll be able to win! F!Kanna: I’ll do my best too! Shiro: Okay, I’m getting all pumped up! Shiro: Woah!? The Raijinto’s glowing!? What’s this… What happened!? Kiragi: This is… The same as when the Fujin Yumi was glowing!! F!Kanna: The Yatonokami’s glowing too… Then maybe, again… !! Shiro: Oi, your sword… Its shape changed!! F!Kanna: So pretty…! So this is the Blazing Yato… Shiro: Blazing Yato? So that’s the sword’s name. F!Kanna: Yup. That mysterious lady told me that, too. This sword actually belonged to Daddy, and at first it had a different shape. Kiragi: But it connected with the Fujin Yumi’s power… And changed! Shiro: I see. Blazing Yato… It’s a great name. Shiro: With a sword with my nation’s name in it, I don’t feel like I’d ever lose a fight. *The Japanese name for the Blazing Yato is Hyakuya, meaning White Night (Hoshido) F!Kanna: Yup, I think so too! Shiro: … Okay. Let’s go fight with those guys again. We’ve got the fighting strength. We won’t let them get away again. F!Kanna: Let’s go, everyone! In order to get our beloved family back! We’ll catch the enemies this time… And find out what’s happening to the world! Shigure: -Sings part of Lost in Thoughts All Alone (the Revelations part)- … This is the song of the world where the path of the ravine was chosen. But in this world… ???: This world was unable to see the result of that choice. Shigure: I know. That is why you have protected me like this. Thank you… Mother. Azura: But that ends here. I don’t have much time left… I’m sorry… I have no choice but to lead you down this path, a path that one would normally try to avoid… Now, I will teach you the rest of the song. Shigure: The rest of the song…? Azura: The song that opposes that dragon… There’s more to it. No matter what I did, I couldn’t draw out its power. It hides a forbidden power… The phantom fourth set of lyrics. The reason why I’ve managed to avoid disappearing thus far, must surely be because I had to impart this song to you… Shigure. I believe I’ve told you, that if you wear that pendant… You’ll be able to use the same power as me. Shigure: Mother… Was that true? Azura: It is. Rather, an even more extraordinary power is hidden within you. Just like the previous king of Valla. Shigure: The previous… King of Valla? Azura: Yes… The king that once ruled over Valla alongside Anakos… The first king of Valla who had a deep friendship with Anakos… Ryuurei. I only know him from folklore and portraits, but you resemble that person. Both your power, and your appearance. Shigure: …Is that so. Azura: I’m sorry, Shigure… That is precisely why I didn’t want to make you use that power. I had fully intended to let the fourth set of lyrics fade away, just like the phantom it is. Because if I didn’t do that… If you use that power... Shigure: I will disappear. Just like you did, Mother. Azura: … Shigure: It’s all right. That is nothing more than another possibility. I will definitely accomplish this task. If I do that… Then this world will be saved, and everyone that has disappeared will come back… Including you, right, Mother? Azura: … Yes. Shigure: Then, there is no reason to hesitate. Please teach me the rest of the song. Azura: Before that, I’d like to tell you something. Shigure: What is it? Azura: …Shigure, I love you. No matter what path you have to take from now on, I will always be watching over you. I will always be by your side. Shigure: Oh no… The way you say that sounds like this is our final farewell. Although if I’m able to end everything, we’ll be able to meet again soon. Isn’t…. Isn’t that so? Azura: Fufu, yes. It’s as you say. That’s right… I won’t disappear. Even if I have no body, or even if I lose my spirit… If there are people who would remember me, then whenever they think of me, I will be there. Shigure: … Azura: Now, let’s start. Shigure… I will teach you… The continuation of the song. … Temporal dreams…♪ Dual blade of memories, and wavering traces… Tear illusions into shreds…♪ *As you may have noticed, the first 2 lines are the first 3 chapter names. Also translating songs nicely is hard so please bear with the literal meaning. [spoiler=About this chapter, if you haven't seen a playthrough] Shiro is the only promoted unit, and not in his base class, a swordmaster. You fight Sophie, Dwyer, Nina and Ophelia, with Forrest and M!Kanna as the bosses. In other words, everyone you control in chapter 2. And that's the end for batch 1. Onto batch 2. [spoiler=Chapter 4: Imminent loss] This is the story of a certain world I remember. Together with the prince of white, Kanna had finally attained the Blazing Yato. In the shadow of that battle, the prince of the country of darkness and his companions were fleeing. Concerned about his injured companions, the prince hesitated to take hold of his sword once more. However, the prince did not yet know that if he didn’t take action, he would not be able to arrive at the truth of this world. Siegbert: Is everyone alright? Soleil: Yeah, somehow. Ignatius: Thank the heavens that no one died. Just what were those enemies earlier… Velouria: I saw them stop pursuing us halfway… Percy: How lucky. We could be in a really dangerous situation if they didn’t. Siegbert: Apologies, everyone… This is all my responsibility. It only came to this because I approached them. Ignatius: That’s not like you, Siegbert. Why did you seek out danger like that? No matter how you look at them, they’re enemies. Just like the ones that attacked us at the Deeprealms… Siegbert: …Yeah. I know that. But I wonder why… I couldn’t think of them as enemies. At that time, there was a light... It seemed to me like the sword and bow they held melted together in a soft light. It was a gentle and warm light, as if it were going to save something… Soleil: But that sword and bow were pointed at us, ready to attack. You said you saw a gentle light, but unfortunately you might have been mistaken. Siegbert: Ugh… What are we going to do from now on… Now that my father, the king, is gone, the country must surely be full of disorder… Percy: Hey, hey, how about we gather information? For now, we should find out what’s happening. If I fly around on Ace, then surely I’ll find something. Ignatius: Yeah. Even if enemies appear, we just have to win this time… What do you think, Siegbert? Siegbert: …No, we shouldn’t act rashly. Ignatius: What’s wrong…? Velouria: I think Siegbert just wants to avoid battling… We should just stand by, and leave this to others. Percy: Others? Velouria: Yes. It’s a serious matter that the king has gone missing, so even if we don’t do anything, someone else must take action… It’s not a good plan for battle novices like us to take action. Percy: But what if there’s no one else? If there’s no one left other than us, then we’ll have to do it, you know? Velouria: No, there’s no need to concern ourselves with that… Ignatius: Why do you say that? Velouria: I’ve been hearing the sounds of battle since just now. …That’s good. It seems like there are still people around other than us… Ignatius: What!? Then we have to assist them immediately…! Siegbert: … Soleil: Siegbert…? Aren’t we going? Siegbert: Uh… Let’s not. We were just in battle. We don’t have any guarantee that we’ll win. Soleil: But… Velouria: I think that is a wise decision… Anyway, we just can’t let Siegbert die. If Lord Xander is dead, then the next in line for the throne is Siegbert… Percy: If he’s dead…!? Velouria, you can’t just say things like that…! Velouria: Why can’t I? Should I just reassure others by saying he’s alive? …My papa is probably not alive anymore, either. Percy: Velouria..!? Velouria: Papa fought to let me get away… He attracted the attention of all the enemies, just by himself. But with that number of enemies, there’s no way he got out of it just fine. …Percy, aren’t you the same? Didn’t you leave your papa in the Deeprealms? Percy: ! Velouria: Then, your papa, too… Percy: Stop it… Velouria: Your papa might be dead too… Percy: Stop it, Velouria!!!! Soleil: Velouria, that’s no good! Don’t say any more!! Velouria: …I understand. Percy: Sob…! Dad… Dad… Ignatius: Percy… Percy: Waaaaaaaah…!! I-It’s as Velouria said…! Dad might already be dead…! I thought that a hero of justice would never die, but… He stayed behind alone, to let Ace take flight… He was surrounded by so many enemies, there’s no way he’d be okay…!! Ignatius: Percy, calm down. There’s a chance that he managed to survive. My father, too, fought desperately to protect me… Such a strong soldier wouldn’t die so easily… We must believe in them. Soleil: …Hey, Velouria. We’re the same. I don’t think… That Dad is okay. He passed me this sword, and acted as a decoy, all alone. But I’ll fight while believing he’s okay. If I don’t, I think I’d break. Everyone’s nerves are on edge, so why did you…! Velouria: No reason… I just wanted to show everyone the reality of things. In the situation we’re in now, there’s no point in acting all friendly with each other… Soleil: Velouria… Velouria: Soleil. You’re Siegbert’s retainer. So, you should know… What it is that you must do to best protect your master. Soleil: … Yeah. I know… Go and fight. Together with Siegbert. Velouria: !? Siegbert: …Soleil, what are you… Soleil: I know. Siegbert, you’re lying. “We can’t just stay like this”… And “We have to go help out”. The one who thinks that the most strongly is you, isn’t it? The reason you won’t fight is because of us? You don’t want us to get hurt, so you’re hiding your true feelings? Siegbert: No… I shouldn’t have such feelings. I have to prioritise the judgement that I should make as a prince. If I act according to my personal feelings, like I did just now, then what if this time we’re really decimated? I won’t be able to show my face to Father. I’ll bring shame to the entire Nohrian royal family. Soleil: …There’s no shame!! Siegbert: Soleil… Soleil: Expressing what you really want to do is not an embarrassment! Do you intend to keep silent until someone else does something about it somehow, all while enduring it all alone…? Siegbert: That’s… Soleil: Let’s go together, Siegbert. We definitely won’t lose. If you fight, I won’t let you die. Siegbert: !! Soleil: I’ll protect you. I promise, so… So don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Please, say what you’re really thinking. If you really don’t want to fight, then as your retainer, I’ll obey your wishes. Siegbert. What will you do? Siegbert: …… I want to fight. I really do. I’ve been thinking that for so long… I want to be a prince that is strong, just like my father. Soleil: …That’s more like it. Velouria: Good grief. Don’t blame me if you regret this… Siegbert: Apologies, Velouria. You were worried about me and made a calm decision. As a prince, I might be making a terrible decision. But… If possible, I’d like you to fight alongside us. Velouria: … Siegbert: My father disappeared, leaving behind only this divine weapon. It’s only natural to think that he’s been defeated, but I don’t want to lose hope. Everyone’s loved ones are surely still alive. I’d like to think that even if we’re just making convenient assumptions, it will become our strength. Velouria. I believe that your father is still alive. Velouria: …Everyone’s a believer, huh. They believe that Papa is okay… To be honest, if Papa… If my beloved Papa is alive, then I want to help him, even if I have to chase him to the ends of the world… I suppose you’re right. Perhaps it’s still too early to give up. I understand. I will fight alongside you. Siegbert: Thank you. Velouria: I’m sorry, Percy… And everyone else, too… I’ve said some horrible things. Please, I beg your forgiveness… Percy: It’s okay, Velouria. Let’s do our best from now on too, together. Ignatius: Yes. You’re hurting too, aren’t you, Velouria. We understand how you feel… Soleil: I’d be able to forgive you, no matter what you do. Velouria: Thank you, everyone… Siegbert: …Then, let’s go. We have to come back alive. All together. Forrest: Ugh…! I thought they’d retreated, but to think they’d come back to challenge us… Just what is their objective…!? M!Kanna: There’s no end to them… But we won’t lose…! …!? Eh..!? They all retreated…!? Why… Forrest: I see new troops to the southwest. It appears that their numbers are fewer than ours… Could it be that they changed their target to them…? M!Kanna: No way…! They’re in danger! We have to chase them now! Forrest: No, wait a moment. M!Kana: Eh? Forrest: …They’ve finally changed their target. We should take this chance to prepare ourselves. IT won’t be too late to meet up with them after that. M!Kanna: I-I see. That’s true. It’s dangerous to fight while inured. Okay everyone, we’re retreating for now! Forrest: ! That is… Siegbert…? I’m sorry… We’ll be back soon. So please, stay safe until then…! Siegbert: !! …Forrest? Soleil: Forrest? Soleil: No, I might be mistaken… But if it’s them, we have to find some way to meet up with them. We might gain some information. During battle ================ Siegbert – Forrest Siegbert: Forrest! It really was you…! Forrest: Siegbert! Thank goodness, you’re safe…! Siegbert: I’m glad you’re safe too. That right, where’s Uncle Leon…!? Forrest: …Father has… … Siegbert: …I see. You don’t have to say more than that… We’re in the same situation. But before that, what does the enemy intend to do by battling like this…? Do you know anything? Forrest: I’m sorry… I don’t know anything. Just that no matter how much we run and run, they still pursue us… It’s as if they’re trying to capture us. Siegbert: Capture…? Forrest: This is just a hypothesis, but perhaps… They may have some purpose. Siegbert: …Got it. If that’s the case, let’s defeat them, then try talking with them. We’ll work together and break through! Forrest: Yes! Then, I will pass the message to the rest. We’ve gained reliable allies…! Siegbert: Trying to capture us… Huh. !! …It can’t be. But perhaps they’re trying to talk to us, just like we’re trying to talk to them..? If that’s true… Then are they truly enemies…? After battle ================ M!Kanna: Pant, pant… We won… But they’re not backing down… Siegbert: It’ll be hard to talk like this… What should we do… Forrest: ! They’re attacking! M!Kanna: Uwah!! Forrest: Are you okay, Kanna!? M!Kanna: I’m okay. But this enemy… Hasn’t she been targeting me for a while? Why!? Why are you guys doing this!? Ugh…! My sword’s shaking… At this rate, it’ll snap…! Forrest: What vile behaviour…! There’s no choice. We have to give up on persuasion… Siegbert: Please wait. Forrest: Siegbert? Siegbert: There’s something I want to try. That sword that Kanna’s holding… Isn’t that the Grim Yato? Forrest: Yes. When I met up with Kanna, my Brynhildr responded… …! Siegbert, do you mean… Siegbert: I’ll lend you a hand. Why didn’t I notice earlier? The reason there isn’t enough power must surely be because of me and Siegfried. If the Grim Yato isn’t enough… Then we’ll have to try throwing an even stronger power at it. …Siegfried, please. If you recognise me as your master… Then please respond to my wish…! Siegbert: !! It’s glowing…! As expected, this light is the same as the one I saw. Which means that there are users of divine weapons just like us on the enemy’s side, too…? M!Kanna: Siegbert…!? Siegbert: Are you ready, Kanna. I’ll entrust you with this power. Then, show us the enemy’s true identity. M!Kanna: True identity… Siegbert: I believe in you. I’m sure that sword will be able to do it…! M!Kanna: …!! The shape changed again… Siegbert: That is the Shadow Yato. Siegfried’s power has been connected with your blade, just like Brynhildr did. M!Kanna: Shadow Yato… Forrest told me about that. Forrest: Yes. It seems that in the previous war, the fighting was ended by this sword. So Kanna, I’m sure you can, too… M!Kanna: I wonder if I can do it… Just like Mom did… Siegbert: If anyone could do it, I’m sure it’s you, Kanna. That blade will no longer falter. Now, cross your swords once more! M!Kanna: …Okay! Take this!! Eh…!? F!Kanna: W-what’s this… M!Kanna: !! It’s a girl that looks just like me…!? F!Kanna: It’s a boy that looks just like me..!? Siegbert: Is this the enemy’s true identity…? Shiro: The heck’s happening…!? Siegbert: They returned back… Just what was that just now? For an instant, the enemies looked like people… They looked like they were around the same age as us… M!Kanna: … Defeat… Siegbert: Kana? M!Kanna: …We have to defeat them… Forrest: Kanna, what are you saying… M!Kanna: Why… When I see those figures… Somehow… My head hurts… Those guys invaded the Deeprealms, and they did bad things to Mom and the rest. If they didn’t exist, such things wouldn’t have happened. So… So…!!!! Siegbert: Kanna!? What’s with you, all of a sudden!? Kanna: RAAAAAAAAGH!! Forrest: Oh no…! He’s going berserk even though he has a dragonstone!? This is bad! You must not hurt those people!! Siegbert: Don’t go, Kanna!! ???: -sings Lost in Thoughts All Alone- Siegbert: This song is…!? ???: ~♪ That urge to kill doesn’t come from you… Please come back… Kanna… M!Kanna: …Urgh… Eh? What was I doing… ????: Thank the gods. The both of you have regained your sanity. M!Kanna: Who’re you…? Shigure: …I’m Shigure. M!Kanna: Shigure…? Shigure: You are all still in an illusion… Please calm down and think carefully. You should already know… Are those in front of you enemies that you should detest? Are they foes that you should defeat? M!Kanna: … Nope, that’s wrong. These people aren’t enemies… I don’t really get it, but it’s like we saw people that aren’t bad, as bad people. Siegbert: They’re using divine weapons, just like us. Besides, they’re human. Humans that were close to our age. Forrest: I think that the enemies that attacked the Deeprealms aren’t these people… Perhaps we’ve been caught in somebody’s trap. Shigure: … I’m relieved. With this… M!Kanna: !! You’re… F!Kanna: Ah…! You’re that kid from just now! I guess you guys really are humans. Shiro: I’ve been thinking that it was fishy from the start. How’d it come to this. Where the heck are we? Shigure: This is the Kingdom of Valla. Shiro: The Kingdom of Valla…? Shigure: You have all been here… Ever since you left the Deeprealms. Kiragi: Eh…!? What do you mean? We were just at the Nohr’s castle! It definitely wasn’t my imagination. There was a statue of a dragon right there. You guys were at the same place too, weren’t you!? We were fighting there, right!? Siegbert: No… We were at the Great Wall of Hoshido. I have no recollection of going to Nohr’s castle, nor coming here. Shigure: That was a falsified image… A technique to show you different worlds while being at the same place. …All the enemies are traps. Traps made to lure you into killing one another. Siegbert: Kill one another…!? Shigure: It’s okay. You have already escaped that trap on your own. …Let’s go somewhere safer. I’ll explain everything in detail. Siegbert: I see… So we were caught in the enemy’s trap. Apologies… Although we didn’t know, the truth is that we attacked you. Shiro: Nah, same goes for us. Don’t apologise. The one we should blame is that Vallite Dragon, Anakos, that Shigure talked about. Hey, Shigure. Is that guy our real enemy? Shigure: Yes. Just like I said earlier… The dragon that’s dominating over the Kingdom of Valla is the one that we should fight. Soleil: But if eradicating humans is his goal, then why doesn’t he just take action himself? I’m sure a god can destroy something as puny as a country with just a swipe of his hand. Shigure: The Vallite Dragon loses his power if his leaves this country. He cannot directly crush countries on the outside, which is why the boundaries of the astral planes… In other words, the Deeprealms are targeted. If those places are attacked, then soldiers will come to save those children… If it’s well planned, then even a king can be attacked. Siegbert: So Father was done in, just as planned, huh… Shigure: But thanks to that, you all survived. So Anakos worked out his next plan. Ignatius: And it was that illusionary technique… Shigure: Yes. Making you fight to the death also saves him the trouble. Normally, you can’t come here by any way other than the Bottomless Canyon… But perhaps it’s possible to open a door to Valla in the areas of the astral plane that aren’t inhabited by astral dragons. It’s likely that your parents have been brought here through such doors… It’s should not be too late to help them. Velouria: Umm… You didn’t get caught in the illusion, did you… Percy: So cool! That’s why you came to help us, huh. Eh? If that’s the case, then how did we get to this world…? Shigure: That’s… …I’ve forgotten. Sophie: Eeeh!? W-what’s with that. How suspicious… Ophelia: But we can’t complain. We’ve lost our memories of Kanna, too. Nina: At this point, I don’t even know what I’ve forgotten or what I remember. Siegbert: You’ve all lost your memories? Then perhaps, me too… Shigure: Since you were caught in the illusion, that will happen. Anakos will slowly take away your memories and motives, and your reason for fighting… He’s inducing you to act as he wishes. It’s a way to control your spirit. You don’t have to worry about that anymore, but… I don’t know if the memories you’ve lost will ever return. One possibility is that defeating Anakos might return you to normal. Kiragi: Okay, then it’s like hitting three birds with one stone. If we beat that Anakos guy… We’ll save the world, get our parents back, and even get our memories back. We’re just gonna have to do it. Selkie: Yup. Now that we know we’re all allies, we should introduce ourselves. Mitama: I see. We don’t know who remembers who anyway… I agree. F!Kanna: Then, I’ll start. I’m Kanna. My Daddy’s name is Corrin. Nice to meet you. M!:Kanna: I’m Kanna, too. My Mom’s name is also Corrin… We’re the same, Kanna. F!:Kanna: Huh… Amazing! We’re the same! Let’s get along well, Kanna! M!:Kanna: Yeah! I’m glad to have more friends! Caeldori: I’m Caeldori, the daughter of Subaki. Siegbert: I’m Siegbert, the son of the Xander, king of Nohr. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. Hisame: The king of Nohr… Xander? Isn’t the king of Nohr supposed to be King Leon? Forrest: F-father is the king…? What do you mean? Hisame: That’s my line… I heard that Prince Xander had died during battle. Princess Elise, too. Siegbert: Father and Aunt did…!? N-no way… Forrest: …Excuse me. I’d like to confirm this just in case… The ruler of Hoshido is Queen Hinoka, correct? Shiro: No. The king is my father… Ryoma. Forrest: Then, was Prince Takumi alive at the end of the war? Kiragi: Of course! If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here. Forrest: Oh my… How strange. From what Father told me, they were supposed to have died in the war. Both Prince Ryoma… And Prince Takumi. Kiragi: Eh… Dad did!? Shiro: It can’t be… Did King Leon kill Father? Siegbert: The same goes for you, too. Spewing lies that Father was defeated by your Queen. Shigure: Umm… You’re wrong! Shiro: Eh…? Shigure: …You’re wrong. Neither side is lying. You’re not from the same world… You came from two overlapping worlds. M!Kanna: Eeh!? Two worlds…!? F!Kanna: So that’s why there’re two Yatos…? Shigure: Yes. The Yatos that the Kannas wield are proof… I’m sorry, I avoided saying so because I thought that it would cause chaos. In the world where warriors gathered around the Blazing Yato, Hoshido won the war… And in the world where warriors gathered around the Shadow Yato, Nohr was victorious. Shiro: … Siegbert: … M!Kanna: So you mean that we’re actually enemies…? Shigure: I won’t deny the fact that your parents were fighting. But as long as overlapping worlds exist, there’s bound to be overlapping history. Now you should be working together with a common goal… Shiro: I’m not convinced. Shigure: Eh… Shiro: Different worlds or whatever, if Dad died in that world, then it means that the sword Siegbert’s holding might have been the one that killed him. Siegbert: …Such a thing’s not… Shiro: Can you really say it’s not possible? Even it wasn’t used to murder my father… Can you say for sure that that sword hasn’t hurt or even killed the parents of the others you see here? Maybe, in that world, even I was… Siegbert: Please stop speculating. The same goes for you… That sword might have pierced Father, or harmed citizens or soldiers. We don’t know whose blood that sword has tasted…! Shiro: …!! Kiragi: …I see. A different world isn’t a simple thing. Maybe this bow has hurt your fathers or mothers… Forrest: Eek…! No… I don’t want that… Please don’t come near me with such a thing…! Shiro: …Damn it. Anyway, I can’t fight with these guys! Dad probably doesn’t want to be saved by people like you anyway! Siegbert: Right back at you. …For the sake of my allies, it’s better not to stay near all of you. We’ll be acting on our own from now on! Shigure: No! Everyone, please calm down…! …If it’s like this… Then we’re going down the same path as that time… …
  12. I'm so sure that the Memories of Foam or whatever it'll be called will use pre-set characters. Because hair colors, but not only that... Imagine if it uses your game file. And somehow, all the parents died except for Kamui/Corrin. What, you can't possibly send poor Kanna out by him/herself, can you? Now I just want to know how they choose between male or female Kanna. At this point I'm just wondering if the DLC's going to be split based on which path you chose? Because iirc, one of the screenshots had Kanna with other children on the map, and they were all Hoshidian children. So, since it has 6 maps, 2 maps for each path? Maybe? I kind of hope not... Totally looking forward to it, though. I hope the kids meet their evil controlled dads/Kamui, at least. All of them.
  13. JPN version has 2 map packs though. I believe the first has 7 maps and the second has 4. Maybe the US version will get it in the same order?
  14. If you've master sealed them before, then at level 20 there's no problem (I assume you're not on Lunatic/Lunatic+). If not and they're still in their starting class, then you definitely need to master seal them. 12000g, which is expensive but not that insane? When grinding for the support log, I wasn't even 1/3 there and had hundreds of thousands. Not to mention if using DLC, shouldn't take that long at all.
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