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  1. Might be joining in late, but if you can then I would recommend Dark Knight for I found it that he is actually more magic base than strength. Otherwise, go Bow Knight for movement
  2. I say go Effie and do a Hero set or buddy seal into fighter with Velour
  3. They got it right! All the female options sound great and diverse from one another, and the male voices do not sound like the same dude...well, ok I still think they do but they all have some distinction
  4. 0:42...Leak Swords...Wow, we've got trouble
  5. I did Nohr for both, but here is why: In game: Originally I was going to play Birthright first, however once I met most of the characters on birthright I slowly slipped away from it. Most of the characters are really bland to me, the list including; Oboro, Hinoka, Sakura, Reina, a little of Kaden, Setsuna, Azama, the list keeps going. And I didn't read most of their supports to prevent spoiling the game. The Nohr characters gave me more of something to relate to. There are more interesting characters to me like: Kaze, Flora, Felicia, Charlotte, Benny, Arthur, Niles, ect. So, I eventually converted to a Nohrian just for the first impression of the characters Reality: I wrote my avatar Senza to see Hoshido as someone trying to trick people to join their side because they are desperate. I think about it where I need to experience Hoshido before I can join them, I actually need to get to know them before I can trust them. If I know Nohr better than them then there is no way I will join Hoshido all because of what they say. As for leaving both of them...that is suicide, just saying if you didn't know what happens in game. Also, I have secured the special edition >:3
  6. Corrin: Kamui rolls off the tongue better Azura: I like it, but I have been saying Aqua for so long it will be hard to shift Jakob: Why do I find myself loving the silly name of, "Joker" better? Silas, Scarlet, Benny: No comment, indifferent Kaze: Oh, they shortened his name. Mozu: Oh, they shortened her name. Hana: Oh, they short- wait a sec. Ryoma: ...Unnecessary? Kagero: ...Unnecessary??? Saizo: Why??? His name looks so weird without the u at the end now! Unnecessary! Azama, Rinkah, Leo, Fuga: Refer to the above 3 posts Subaki, Gunter: These are ones I actually like, but it is still unnecessary I'm just going to leave this list for now, everyone else I'm either confused at or I enjoy them.
  7. Voted for Benny and Elise, I almost voted 1 of the ninjas on accident (I thought I voted for Charlotte, apparently not)
  8. 18...More...Days...Must...Contain...Hype

  9. I have quite a few: Kaze- At the time I really didn't think to highly of him, but ever since I played my lunatic run in awakening he actually sparks some of those memories back up. That, and I was ecstatic to find that Conquest gives you at least 1 ninja (Other than Laslow). So much so I swapped pairing my avatar up with Niles to him. Charlotte- While at first it did unearth some bad memories from me, as a looked closer at her character I realized she was more badass than I thought. She is easily the strongest female unit by STR in the game, and I really like her motives and backstory. Arthur- He is perfect. His English VA is perfect, his design is perfect, his child is perfect. If Odin wasn't in the game then he would defiantly take his spot. Benny- ...I don't know. When he was first revealed he reminded me a lot of Chespin from pokemon and his evolution line. Knight is already one of my favorite classes, I adore the general class, and Benny soon enough became my favorite FE fates character. Characters that went the other way: Hinoka- I was cool with her in the first trailer of fates, I thought she was just going to be your regular Sky Knight...and then I find out she is royalty...and after that I proceeded to hate her. I don't think it is necessary for her to be a princess, heck I think she is a worse character just because she is royalty. Then again, that's only me Kagero- Nothing too big, but the fact that in 2 plots she acts as a damsel in distress made me dislike a little bit. Funny thing is, out of the 3 ninjas the game gives you, Kagerou is the glass cannon and is the 2nd fastest, this shouldn't be a problem for her.
  10. I love these adds, so much better than the japanese ones in my opinion...and then you scroll down to the comments section
  11. Possible to get a link, please? Welp, as long as they have the models and VA, I'm cool with it. At least they aren't removing the benefits entirely
  12. We do know it is truly out? I mean, like I stated I'm waiting for my SE to come so I can check for myself...and yes, I didn't read 60 pages of post
  13. Well, with the game being 3 weeks away for American (and Canadian...Mexican?) audiences, I am pretty disappointed in their choice. I'm not salty mad, but I am still sort of shocked that it might be scrapped and a waste of voice acting and assets I was really looking forward to seeing. Then again, Kotaku may just be pulling my leg, but we have no conformation if so. I'm just going to wait and see
  14. I think the fact that it is confirmed the avatar in fates is a future reincarnation of a previous avatar, it lines up pretty well with this backstory
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