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  1. I'm playing Nohr right now and I married my male avatar to Zero and no paralogues have opened up. I thought at first that I had to reach a certain point in the game first, but other characters have been marrying and their paralogues have opened up right away. It's quite upsetting.
  2. For Nohr (still working through it), Ch 10 was the best so far. For Hoshido, I rather enjoyed Ch 25, and Ch 26 was the best for story, but the map itself was an utter disappointment.
  3. Just beat Hoshido last night, and starting Nohr now. Honestly, I don't think grinding was necessary to add in Hoshido -- I never touched it, and all of my units were at the right level for endgame (~Lvl 15, promoted once base class reached lvl 20). It's definitely harder than Awakening. Dodging is much less frequent than in past games as most enemies always had about a 70-80% of hitting you, and by end game they hit HARD. So if you're playing on classic, you have to really strategize if you don't want your units dying left and right. Funnily enough, the children chapters were harder than the endgame chapters (enemies had higher stats here), but those offered a really nice challenge. Map design was better than I expected, especially near the the endgame, though I am VERY disappointed in Chapter 26 -- it's the one where you face off against Marx, but he's accessible from your starting point, so I beat the chapter in one turn. :P
  4. I've never used Seth or Marcus. I really like archers (Rebecca for the win). I really like Eliwood -- he's not as bad as everyone says he is. I got to the second- or third-to-last chapter of Awakening before quitting. Granted, it was on Normal, but it was so easy it simply wasn't fun. I don't really mind the fan service, though I do hope they don't include marriage in every game still to come. Radiant Dawn is so epic -- it may be my favorite (though I'm also very partial to FE7 for nostalgia's sake).
  5. Also for Hoshido weapons, the effect listed under the Iron weapon effects seems to apply to the Steel weapon as well. So, for example, the +1 Speed and -1 Def & Res of the Iron Katana also applies to the Steel Katana (as well as the AS threshold penalty). Don't know about Silver weapons yet.
  6. Playing right now, and for the Hoshido spells: Rat God (E-rank) seems to give a +1 to Skill. Ox God (D-rank) seems to give a +1 to Defense. C-rank gives a +1 to Speed. And the Rabbit spell, beside just healing also gives +1's to Defense and Resistance.
  7. Yeah, it was rather pretty easy to find in Hong Kong. I just bought a copy.
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