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  1. It's only once per battle per character, I meant multiple as in one for each of your attackers.
  2. Kamui was better as a tank back when guard stance was viable, but now that Witch's Poison completely shuts down tanks, offense is more important. Logbook exploits give Kanna better overall stat caps and Kanna can get higher SKL than Kamui allowing you to hit certain thresholds (100% Witch's Poison, 100% Breaking Sky). Yato also takes up an inventory slot which is actually a big deal in PvP since you need room for multiple Rainbow Elixirs, Vanished Disasters (remember staff durability is halved so VD only has one use) and different weapon types.
  3. There is really no reason to use Kamui over logbook Kanna in the current meta, so I wouldn't bother trying to optimize him/her for PvP. Just worry about the main game.
  4. The latter, it goes straight to the accessory shop.
  5. There's a Warp scroll, so male characters can get it too. Also a glasses accessory.
  6. It's actually a half-damage counter, and only for ranged attacks. HP Tonic can activate all HP not full skills.
  7. Definitely don't go with -Def, it's an important stat in the main game. I've gone with +Mag/-Lck on all my playthroughs and it works great. The only problem is that tomes/spells have low might unless you forge them, so I prefer to go with magic weapons and passive/healing skills instead of proc skills. Dark Blood with a Levin Sword can solo all of Lunatic Nohr except the final chapter.
  8. They're unlimited in all routes (you can get them occasionally in skirmishes, from the lottery, or the Museum DLC), though they're pretty rare. Don't think you can get Boots randomly though, so it's total 6 (IIRC 2 in each route, plus 2 from ranking bonuses, plus 2 from path purchase bonuses).
  9. First of all, if you want a competitive team you need Invisible Kingdom for various reasons, such as higher stat caps and more options. Copycat is useful in the main game, but for the most part it's a waste of a slot on anyone in PvP except support units (rallybots and rescuebots), where it's almost essential. Status effect staves get halved durability and accuracy in PvP, so they are rarely used. However, Vanished Disaster (rescue staff) dominates the meta because of the advantages it gives for mobility and zoning. Magic units are off-meta, hardly anyone uses them because most people don't want to split their statue stat cap bonuses between STR and MAG, and you need to have heavily forged weapons to make them work, but if you're prepared to spend time grinding the Museum DLC they can do very well in PvP. Dark Falcons are great bruisers, and a Sorcerer pair-up tank can deal with almost anything in the meta. Finally, the meta is about to change in a week's time when Witch becomes available, so ask back again...
  10. Anyone have scans of Nintendo Dream's popularity poll? I'm hearing the preliminary results were: 1. Leon 2. Takumi 3. Kamui 4. Oboro 5. Elise
  11. Still waiting on an Apoth 2... you can clear this map in one turn with Galeforce if you have a postgame team.
  12. Apparently Takumi, Leon and Marx took the top spots. No scans to confirm yet...
  13. 1. Guard Stance bonuses - You lose about a total of about 17 stat points compared to Einherjar in exchange for 5 stat points (highest 3 in a single stat?), which is a bad trade-off, but for very specific builds you might care about having that extra 3 points in Skill or Speed. 2. Attack Stance bonuses - Huge bonuses to accuracy and critical. Not that useful in the current PvP meta, but once Warp comes out it might become important for 1-Turn win strats since the enemy is bunched up at the start (warp in bruisers, first kills are solo to activate Galeforce, second kills can take advantage of double attacks). 3. Personal weapons - Einherjar can't use them and don't get the bonuses. Not worth the statue trade-off for Ryoma and Marx, but Kamui gets +16 total stats and Takumi's terrain nullification is useful. Leon's... might be useful if you're building a magic tank? Not really worth it. 4. Character-specific personal skills - Namely the three servants. You can get disgusting avoid by pairing up Trueblade Kamui with Joker and using Breakers+Mist blade. 5. Dragon's vein - Einherjar can't use it (including royals), and you can't use the DLC blood on them.
  14. You can get them sometimes in the skirmishes, although they are quite rare. Skirmishes with elite ninjas as the boss (icon) tend to have droppable rare staves or stat boosters in their inventory.
  15. That reminds me, the mini-credits showed the scenario writer and it was someone different. I don't recognize the name but I think it was one of the Awakening writers.
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