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  1. Any playable axe user. Having an axe stuck in my skull doesn't sound very pleasant.
  2. Unfortunately, yes this hack did die. https://feuniverse.us/t/gfe1r-generic-fe1-remake/2134/60 Look for Kirb's comment on Februrary 3
  3. Considering Genny is a brigand with the Devil Axe, axes can be equipped
  4. Let's give Kliff something spicy. He should start with the Animus Ring. He will snipe enemies when no one else can!
  5. Mmmmm...probably the enemy spell list. Miasma, Death, Medusa, stuff like that. Is there a way to make her summons gradually better? Starting off with basic zombies and then when she reaches her max level, she could summon dragons?
  6. Considering her growths, I vote Est. Instead of "Dragons!", it's "Monsters!"
  7. I'm surprised that no one has made a playable unit into a cantor. The enemies will feel how annoying they are.
  8. Since Valbar's def and res growths are swapped, make him into the Guardian class. He will become the ultimate mage killer!
  9. Syndixel

    FE4 FG version

    For this hack? Link it to me please
  10. Valbar's family including his parents are killed by Barth and his pirates.
  11. I disagree. Having the huge maps is one of the things that Genealogy unique. Instead, I suggest that they cut chapters down by castle. This way, all of your units can spawn together at the start of the next chapter.
  12. Everyone that's been mentioned in this thread plus a few more: I would want a Salem-esque character from Slither to join as well for all routes. Metodey should also be for CF only. Some of the bosses like Lonato and Gwendal, I would like to join but I'm not exactly sure where they would go.
  13. It's fun, but it trivializes the combat so easily. Slamming into other ghosts is kinda broken tbh. Though, I will say it's fun to slam the Boos. Super suck feels like an upgrade to the combat of 1. That's just my opinion.
  14. While I won't say I hated it, I did dislike Dark Moon. I found the mission structure to not really fit with Luigi's Mansion. To me, Luigi's Mansion is all about exploring the environment at your own pace with virtually no restrictions. That's what I loved about the first one. Luigi doing missions felt like they should have just kept going with the exploration. Having Luigi do a small task and then return to E. Gadd, and then go back felt like a chore. I also hated that all the boss ghosts were so similar in design, not the objects they inhibited though. I also liked the descriptions each ghost had in 1, it gave a boss ghost some backstory and personality. I'm a bit sad 3 doesn't have it. I'll admit I liked the super suck idea Dark Moon had over the slam. Scarescraper was also a fantastic idea to introduce since some fans might wanted to play with their friends.
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