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  1. I'd very much like a FE4 remake taking the great ideas of Three Houses and applying it there. Give the characters personalities, rebalance the weapon triangle and magic system and cut the chapters down by castle.
  2. I love Metal Gear Solid, Ace Attorney, Mother (Earthbound Beginnings - Mother 3), Luigi's Mansion, Castlevania, and Super Smash Bros.
  3. Personally, I'm going with Greil. I enjoy that Greil's death had such an impact on the Mercenaries that Shinon and Gatrie leave. Greil has such an impact that even Ashnard acknowledges his strength. Though, I will say Greil was strict and didn't really show much love to his kids. Jeralt felt more loving. It is strange that Jeralt is forgotten about after that month until Byleth chooses his/her partner in marriage. His suspicions about Rhea and the church is fascinating. Though, I will say it's disappointing that Jeralt wasn't stronger in terms of stats.
  4. Personally, I don't like how Michalis can survive in 12. It goes against the point of his character in my mind. The guy hates Marth. He wants Macedon to become the strongest nation on Archanea. I feel as though with his death, he finally repents for his actions by giving Marth the tome to save his sister. Plus, Michalis admits to Minerva that she should speak to Maria. That's the thing I dislike about 12 that 3 does better, IMO. As for Shadow Dragon and Shadows of Valentia, yeah there is no reason to play the originals.
  5. I feel Thracia was the most balanced with forced dismounting (I don't like how you can only use swords tho) and the scrolls. You can make anyone good in that game. Some take more effort than others like with Marty. Though, he does have amazing promo bonuses to compensate for his horrible bases. With Fates, Revelation is the most broken of the three. When you have all the royals, you do not need to use anyone else.
  6. Favorites: 1. Three Houses: While I haven't finished all the routes, Golden Deer and Blue Lions have some fantastic characters. They aren't held down to a character trait but feel like real people. With a smaller cast, the supports feel more refined than the games with larger casts. 2. Gaiden/SOV: Just giving them a voice and some supports really made this cast feel natural. Tobin and Gray play off each other very well. Saber is badass. Mae and Boey are hilarious. The only characters I felt were not as polished were Sonya (why did they give her 1 support with Genny of all people) and Deen (more supports please). 3. Tellius: Before these two existed, Tellius was my favorite cast. So many supports I was looking forward to reading. Least Favorite: Birthright: I like a few of the Conquest characters (Leo, Charlotte, Support!Xander, Awakening Trio, and Benny). With Birthright, I only like Reina, Azama and maybe Saizo. The Fates cast, to me, felt more gimmicky than Awakening.
  7. To me, Those Who Slither In the Dark felt like a worse version of the Black Fang. The members we know all feel like "EVVVVVVVVILLLLLLLL" villains rather than villains who are interesting. Lloyd and Linus were a great duo, they played off each other's strengths well. Nergal, though you find out his full story through unclear means, has an interesting backstory. They could've done more with them but they didn't.
  8. While I don't hate him, he's outclassed by other cavs. Cain, Abel, Frey, Luke, and Sirius blow him out of the water. They'll grow into better combat units than him. His growths are more suited for an armor knight than a cavalier. I don't remember late to endgame enemies in 11, but in 12 they're fast. He's too slow and he'll get doubled by everything.
  9. I would refrain from giving Sigurd too much experience. Silver sword is all he needs. The others are needing more experience than he is since he's technically a pre-promote. Lachesis just needs staff spam using Return to grind her levels. Sylvia should just dance spam honestly. Just as an overall tip, use your mounted units to clean up villages and castles that are out of the way. Your infantry should keep moving forward to castles in a straight line. Also, you need Lachesis to speak to Eldigan for her Earth Sword so you're gonna need to lure him into her range. Be careful with this as he is extremely powerful and will destroy any unit he comes across. Deidre leaves in Ch. 3 after capturing the first castle (Madino) so be sure to sell her equipment minus the circlet and give her money to Sigurd. EDIT: PM me if you would like. I can gauge your progress and give you enough information to tackle Ch.3 without giving you a wall of text to read through.
  10. Don't worry man, just focus on taking care of yourself. Your health is more important than keeping up with the playthrough.
  11. Hey, I know no one has commented on this, but I just want to say I'm enjoying it so far. On Ch. 7, it's challenging in the sense that by the enemies being different, your strategy changes as well. The only two things I'm miffed at so far: 1. How come Kevin isn't an armored Brigand? I'm guessing there's no promotion for that class. Makes him not unique enough to stand out from Inanna and Corben. 2. How come Storm comes with his own personal tome yet can't use tomes at all? Other troubadours can use tomes, why not Storm?
  12. Anyway, Nickdos is never going to be satsified so I say just ignore him. Cirosan, you did a great job with this translation and hope you know you're bringing a previously niche game into the spotlight for new FE fans to enjoy.
  13. Are you seriously arguing the overly cryptic stuff like 24x and Karla are good? Considering Karla is one of the stupidest recruitments in the series, it's making me question your logic and what you have said this entire thread.
  14. Well, I wanted to post my whole team here, but the PNGs go over the total size. Here's my Ephraim route team on ImgBB: https://syndixel.imgbb.com/
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