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  1. This video great break down and how new structure might effect
  2. Book 1 and Book 2 missing Refines. Courtesy of u/Greid_IX
  3. It looks promising but I will wait until we get new structure to judge.
  4. It would Sunday for those on West side, on Japan will be Monday though.
  5. If we getting a FeH channel is for sure on Sunday August 1st or we aren't getting at all.
  6. A bit of bad luck for Ullr banner. Using 400 orbs... -Lucky free pull one, L!Dimitri +Atk. So he is now +1 -3 Eir all of them +hp. she is now +3 -1 Yune +spd. -1 Mila +def. Great IV -1 Serios +Atk. she is now +2 Manage to get 2 ouf 3 from what I wanted Yune and Mila since I was missing them but It cost me many orbs, didnt want Eir but she keep coming and blocking Mila... hopefully Ullr comes home in Oct.
  7. I knew it was going to be light! Very much welcome a original character from series, though I dunno who she is. I hope to get Yune and Mila since I'm missing them 😞
  8. This is not a prediction but it's what I want to happen. Red: Marianne as Holy knight(cavalry) with her Blutgang. Blue: Gatekeeper as Armorer Lance with Omni save or Near save Green: Eirika with Excalibur any move type. Colorless: Marth with Starlight any move type.
  9. Mythic banner most likely in 12 hours and for the first time in months I don't know who is gonna be, only certain of blue color...
  10. What are possiblity for Black Knight appear on HoF next fe9 set?
  11. Well.. in midpoint trailer.. Fafnir transforms into a dragon. Which I'm say gonna Fafnir is going to die/transform on tomorrow chapters, making him a mythic of this month as his base form.
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