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  1. It seems to me, September green anima (probably Otr here) October blue earth(confirmed earth thanks to datamine) November Red Dark (Eitri perhaps?)
  2. Duessel confirmed on Legendary remix banner. (Sept 23rd) Reginn is probably staying in this month Mythic, and Hrid back on March Remix? Edit: Updated Calendar. Reginn is completely MIA
  3. So we still getting part 4 next month. I wonder how long this will be. I'm glad about atk res solo.
  4. "I'm here to deliver the latest info...stealthily, of course! According to my sources, new Special Heroes participating in the Day of the Twelve festival will soon appear! I'm so curious to see who they are! There's also a Log-In Bonus to celebrate their arrival. " From Twitter. They look like magical girls..... well I hope right one is Nanna. As for Day of the Twelve means 12 crusaders?
  5. Remaining Book 1+2 Units for the Weapon Refinery (As of version 5.9) by u/Greid_IX Book I, II and III units without Weapon Refines Basically same picture just different format. I'm exicted for book 3 since I have units from there. I think we will getting dancer refines together with L!Azura Remix or her weapon refine. If anything I hope they speed more refines.
  6. Thanks again for making these threads @daisy jane I hope everything going better on your end. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well then to me it looks September Green, October Blue, November Green Or Red depending when Reginn comes back, I will waiting for new story chapter to analysis about color and who is going to be. For blessing I'm 100% sure it's gonna be Anima.
  7. 180 orbs used! which means I saved 20 😄 1) F!edel, first copy but I was mad because I hate her, at least I got free 40 green dragonflowers from her 2) Sothis, first copy! 3) L!Micaiah!!! So happy!! -atk +hp though, I tried to pull more to see if I could get better Asset 4) Thrasir, first copy! 5) Another set F!edel..... I stopped here and now my hate through her increased. Happy to manage to get 3 I wanted, too bad about F!edel, would had prefer to get either another Ashera and of course more Micaiah And with this I'm missing only Ullr and Duma.
  8. Xander is B tier Lord, Yuri is only important in his dlc, so if he is a lord, he will be c tier.
  9. Fixed it, thanks for letting me know 😄
  10. Not a fan of artist but I'm freaking glad her legendary is finally here, I'm ready to use all my orbs if necessary. (I hopefully I dont have that bad luck) Also I dont have sothis and thrasir, would be nice for both morgan for fodder but of course Micaiah is priority. @Florete its from her cipher art.
  11. "Units with and without resplendent attires + Top5 units without resplendent attires per game, sorted by CYL5 rank. Tailtiu is the Resplendent with the lowest CYL rank and the lowest elegible unit from Blue Tomes and from Genealogy of the Holy War" Credit to u/RafaSceptile. We finally broke green streak and got new blue since Micaiah.
  12. Lucky free pull on double special. +Atk dou Dorothea
  13. I double checked and yes, this Legendary is wind. Also double checked on how they "announced" cyl2 refines, It was FeH Channel on Aug 1st 2020 when they are going to be added on weekly revivals, now cyl3 didn't have that announce on neither this month both FeH channels. Which means most likely B!Micaiah wont get her refine next month and we can get her legendary this month and does make sense wind for her.
  14. It depends on what mode you playing, Plumeria/Peony are my favorites in their own season. I love using L!Azura on Arena when there is water season so it really depends on which mode. If I had to choose one for overall, probably Plumeria.
  15. I can't take serious or enjoy Marianne supports... her art... just bad, It doesn't fit her at all.....
  16. Two sparks ~300orbs -3 B!Marths -2 B! Eirika -Bravekepeer first spark -B!Marianne Second spark - 1 B!Dimitri - 1 Jill - 1 M!Kris Got all of them and nice fodder as well and still missing my free summon but I don't know who to pick for now.
  17. Surprised Gatekeeper isn't blue unit.. but that's okay, what bothers me, he isn't armored unit. Powerful unit though, good bye to Wings of Mercy on AR with him on defense. Marianne art...... is horrendous... I feel bad for her and her fans... She is interesting unit though. I knew somehow Marth was going to be red sword again... you know he is the first lord of main series... so yeah. He is strong if allies has many bonus but you know panic exist so he isn't that great. Eirika looks very interesting in my eyes, great art and outfit! All of them has nice fodder xD!! I do have mixed feelings abut I like most of them. And Pelleas... probably red mage...
  18. Just like I posted on the other thread. I think CYL feh channel will be on 13th. Looking back to older cyls: Choose Your Legends 1 (2017) Voting Jan 18-31, results Feb 8 FEH Channel reveal Aug 27 Brave Heroes Aug 31, Farfetched Heroes Nov 15 ---------------------------------------------------- Choose Your Legends 2 (2018) Voting Jan 22-28, results Feb 1 FEH Channel reveal Aug 20 Arrival of the Brave Aug 21, Brave Redux Oct 23 --------------------------------------------------- Choose Your Legends 3 (2019) Voting Jan 22-28, results Feb 1 FEH Channel Reveal Aug 1 Brave Echoes Aug 16, no farfetched/redux banner ------------------------------------------------- Choose Your Legends 4 (2020) Voting Jan 22-28, results Feb2 FEH Channel reveal Aug 13 A New Future August 18, no farfetched/redux banner ---------------------------------------------- Choose Your Legends 5 (2021) Voting Jan22-28, results Feb 2 FEH Channel reveal Aug ??? Banner will be live on August 17 In most cases it's between 4-5 days before banner goes alive, so 12th-13th makes sense to me.
  19. "Units with and without resplendent attires + Top5 units without resplendent attires per game, sorted by CYL5 rank" Chart by u/RafaSceptile We might get B!Lyn respledent announce on FeH together with CYL5
  20. First all, thanks as always for making this thread. Second, I hope you get better well and take care of yourself. Now for predictions. -I believe this month it's wind, I would have to double check on datamine. -I'm almost sure it's going to be colorless here but I have small feeling about red color since we haven't have red one since Sigurd and next red value color is until November... so it's now or until Nov/Dec or worst next year. Lilina has still value right...........? -If we get CYL3 refines next month, this mean we aren't getting Micaiah as legendary probably until next year but if we don't then we can have her here. And for who else can fit colorless wind? That I don't know for now.
  21. Estimate of upcoming orbs based on the 2021-08 calendar. Thanks u/Banpei-kun from Reddit. Ephemera 8 for this Month.
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