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  1. Light/Dark mages Flying units with swords Valkyrie with magic sword
  2. Xerneas is in EX18. You need 100 Rank S on normal/main stages to unlock it.
  3. 2. Clear out 100 coins or more You can do it with Weekend Meowth. Bring MegaMewtwo, +3 psychic with +5 Move and Mega Start or Mega Gengar, Quirky supports like Haunter, Xerneas with +5 Move and Mega Start or you could wait and use this guide https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonShuffle/wiki/mission_cards About 1. Achieve 35K score maybe one of the special stages using attack+?
  4. I reclass her right away too. Then later buy Savage Blow in someone's Castle.
  5. I don't know if this been post here but this might help for choosing critical quotes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S_8CX4YD-8
  6. Done it! Hope it's good. Italian/Spanish version
  7. They do in both Birthright and Conquest and different conversation each route. Where we can tell Flora has feelings for Jakob
  8. Felicia x Gunter, Gunter x Floria. Come on.. They lived some years together and there is no interaction between them, only Felicia and Gunter early if you play as male otherwise there is none. Note: Haven't finish my revelation playthrough.
  9. My Castle: 07878-00649 30931-73237 Easy Seize! If you visit I will give feedback, accessory and battle (for the battle points)
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