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  1. Ah, well thank you for the conformation! C: A white haired Kanna sounds pretty adorable regardless.
  2. I'll have to agree, it's pretty dang cute. Yeah, I've little notion to actually believe they're real, but it sure would be interesting if they were! I'm quite curious how the classes might pass down if Kanna is a fox spirit or garou, and if either actually trump the whole dragon thing.
  3. So I saw some images of Kanna floating around the twittersphere--
  4. Oh gosh yeah, all of those features would be great. It really is fairly in your face that Kamui is adopted, so letting us go all out with our Avatars seems reasonable enough, and just fun for the players. C: Ahhh I will join you in that baseless desire.... I doubt it will happen but one can dream....
  5. Yesssssss it'd be so rad! Maybe in the future we'll get a few different skintones to choose from. :'D Here's hoping!
  6. Oh gosh this is awesome! Thank you for your hard work and inclination to share it. Made my canon play through Avatars, now if only I can manage the wait for the game! Rosalin (Hoshido) Sky (Nohr) Ahh, and then some slight edits just to fit my actual headcanons of my characters-
  7. Hey there- new member finally coming out of a long time of lurking! I dunno if anyone else is as confused as I am, but about those Nohr and Hoshido royals,
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