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  1. Aren’t you an Ike/Elincia shipper? Clearly, you’re gonna see more of Ike/Elincia because you seek out fanart of the ship, so your observation is heavily biased. This is like saying more people have dogs than cats because I see more people with dogs at a dog park
  2. I’m indifferent to the Ike/Soren ship, but I’m looking forward to all the cute fanart of them
  3. Huh this wasn’t as bad as it originally looked, but it can be difficult if you don’t have a decent flying team. Cleared with summer Takumi, bridal Ninian, and the two flying Azuras Also, is there a reason why the units on the left don’t go over and break the wall? I feel like the map would’ve been much harder if they did
  4. I noticed there’s no +10 Subaki, so I guess I’ll submit mine!
  5. I don’t think this was implemented to increase the viability of units. This looks like a way to help players that pulled bad IVs, while also encouraging players to pull more. For example, Julia pity broke me twice. I’d love to use her, but both of the ones I pulled were -Atk. With this change, I’m more open to investing in her because her Atk will be fixed now.
  6. She pity broke me and although I don’t use her much, she’s still really good. Mia and Karla pity broke me as well and after using all three of them, I think I still prefer Ayra. Her decent defense comes in handy when in a pinch, but all three are good. Also, I dislike how people seem to associate the start of BST inflation with Ayra, when it started with Sigurd, if you ignore the special treatment Lyn and Ike received.
  7. Mia’s voice is one of those that are so bad it’s funny. I hope it never changes and it becomes a running gag if we ever get more seasonals of her. I wanted to pull Niles, but I’m not a fan of his voice. It’s usually deeper than what they showed in the video. Plus, he’s an armor and I’m not too fond of those. It seems like IS is aware of our dislike of Camilla’s alts, so they’ve resorted to Kagero for their Fates character with big breats. I like her, though, so I don’t mind too much, but it was surprising seeing her again. Myrrh is adorable 10/10
  8. Spent around 160 orbs without a single Flora and got six pity breakers instead. None of them are that good, except Ophelia
  9. Oh yeah that’s true huh. Still, the damage output is probably with shining bow’s effect factored in, which just makes it worse. I guess I’m just used to the powercreep. Anyway, I’m pulling for Flora because she was one of my favorites and I s-ranked her in Fates. Silas being the demote is a plus because I like him too. Wouldn’t mind pulling Ophelia or Nina too
  10. Hmmm it kinda bothers me that Nina, a bow unit, only does 26 damage to a flying unit. Unless the wyvern rider has a ridiculously high defense stat, her attack must be kind of low
  11. Absolutely no challenge at all. Did infernal first try without doing lunatic or hard. Used my tactics team of Eirika, Nino, BB!Ninian, and LA!Eliwood
  12. I was thinking of building Subaki and making him my first +10 merge but I’m not exactly sure how to build him. I was thinking of giving him Aether as his special, CD for his A slot, keeping QR as his B, attack smoke as C, and maybe the CD seal? I can’t decide between Harmonic lance and Slaying lance, but I’m leaning more towards harmonic because Shigure pity broke me and it matches Subaki’s hair. His IVs are what I’m most unsure about. I want Def as his boon, but I can’t choose between banes. An HP bane will keep his Res up in case I need him to deal with dragons, but I do plan on using M!Marth as part of my core, so a Res bane might be more favorable instead. I was also thinking of a Spd bane since he’ll mainly be an enemy phase unit and he’ll have QR to double anyway and his Spd isn’t totally awful at +10 anyway. Any advice on the overall build will be helpful! Also, how common are mages and archers at the higher end of tier 20? If they’re still common, then that might affect how I build him.
  13. @Alexmender Your Eirika clear was really cool to watch, especially the use of pass! It makes me really jealous watching your videos because Eirika won’t show up for more merges ugh I’m really biased towards Cordelia because Awakening was my first FE game and Cordelia was the first person I S-supported, so the themed team was nice. Glad to see Selena put in some work too.
  14. Yeah, localization was weird with the weapon, but the effect gives her a unique niche. As far as I remember, she’s the only unit who can give +6 to three stats to any movement type, which is a huge boon to blade mages especially. She’s a good support unit that also retains her ability to act as blue check. Not only that, but as stated before, she can refine her weapon, something regular gem weapons can’t do. Not the most powerful refine, but a support unit that can shut down Nowi with no problem sounds pretty good to me. I prefer my mixed team over my others. One thing I like about it is that I no longer feel immediately threatened when an enemy unit has something like beastslayer/bows/armorslayer/etc because I’m less likely to lose a unit. Although the tactic skills don’t buff more than one stat like home cavalry/fliers, their ability to buff stats from two spaces away gives me more flexibility when it comes to unit placement. You also get to use units from every movement type, which opens up more possibilities to different types of teams. Sure, infantry and armors might have a harder time following around cavalry and fliers, but guidance helps to alleviate this issue greatly. Eirika is also a popular unit for mixed teams because of the ability to give her +12 to all stats when part of a tactics team. She becomes your typical strong/speedy sword, but with good bulk that most speedy swords lack. She’s only at +1 with a budget build for me, but she’s incredibly strong already.
  15. I’ve decided to use a player-phase build for her with +Spd, so thanks for the input everyone!
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