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  1. Most updates on JP twitter accounts or mobile games happen around 3/4pm JST, because that's when work finishes and people can check their phones, haha.
  2. Developers ALWAYS over-exaggerate playtimes. Based on this, I am assuming 40-50 hours for a regular player.
  3. Anyone else think the game is looking graphically improved in this trailer? I mean, compared to the E3 build?
  4. Yeah, I indicated that in my post. Oh well, honest mistake haha!
  5. https://screenrant.com/fire-emblem-three-houses-battalion-gambit-recruit/ Awesome! I am super interested to see how this whole, 'betraying your house' thing could tie into the story!
  6. Actually, I posted first. But, mods, why don't we let FEFan keep his topic? I know he loves this game!
  7. Alois isn't an instructor is he? His intro just says he is a soldier that recommended Byleth for the teaching job.
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