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  1. They took some liberties with the translation here. Not how I would have phrased it. Linkmstr and I talked, and we will continue our translations as well, just to get a different side of things. Ours will be posted... eventually haha. Tomorrow?
  2. Oooh yeah! Legendary Micaiah would really be the only choice eh? Id pull for her 🙂
  3. Ch. 100!! Thank you everybody for still reading these for 100 pages! They are still so fun to translate ^.^
  4. Yeah, sorry. That was a mistake. Most likely due to the comics being posted at 1 am for me, haha.
  5. Here are the last 3 chapters, including today's... Ch. 91 Ch. 92 Ch. 93 For some reason, I am unable to edit or post new topics, so I can't change the title... Anyone know why?
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