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  1. Well, it has been a hot minute since I was here. It's nice to see the thread alive and IS is still commissioning these comics! They are still so cute to read (even though I have not been reading them THAT consistently!). I do low-key miss translating these, however.
  2. That FEH pass is a huge middle finger to all of us who have been playing this game for years. Cool looking outfits that raise stats? Locked behind paywall. Basic QoL feature that other games just have? Locked behind a fucking paywall. $9.49 USD (so like $13 bucks CAD), go choke on it IS. Just a huge, huge fuck you. No wonder I am spending more time with Dragalia these days.
  3. TBH I was kind of hoping Celica would be our first colourless mage. Like, introduce something to shake the game up a BIT.
  4. Red: Ehhhhhhh. I have all those legendary heroes, so no need there. Blue: Only need Dimitri, gotta pass. Green: FREAKING STACKED. And I need them all. Pulling here for sure. Celica's B skill is just.... broken af. Colourless: Kind of Meh. Don't need another Eir and Claude/Robin aren't that enticing.
  5. That sounds pretty cool. Now if only Nintendo would release the Radiant games on the Switch, I could try them for myself!!
  6. I haven't played Radiant Dawn, so I have no idea who she is, but she looks hella cool! Helps that I don't have Sothis and I have a bad IV Marth, haha.
  7. They took some liberties with the translation here. Not how I would have phrased it. Linkmstr and I talked, and we will continue our translations as well, just to get a different side of things. Ours will be posted... eventually haha. Tomorrow?
  8. Oooh yeah! Legendary Micaiah would really be the only choice eh? Id pull for her 🙂
  9. Ch. 100!! Thank you everybody for still reading these for 100 pages! They are still so fun to translate ^.^
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