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  1. TBH I was kind of hoping Celica would be our first colourless mage. Like, introduce something to shake the game up a BIT.
  2. Red: Ehhhhhhh. I have all those legendary heroes, so no need there. Blue: Only need Dimitri, gotta pass. Green: FREAKING STACKED. And I need them all. Pulling here for sure. Celica's B skill is just.... broken af. Colourless: Kind of Meh. Don't need another Eir and Claude/Robin aren't that enticing.
  3. That sounds pretty cool. Now if only Nintendo would release the Radiant games on the Switch, I could try them for myself!!
  4. I haven't played Radiant Dawn, so I have no idea who she is, but she looks hella cool! Helps that I don't have Sothis and I have a bad IV Marth, haha.
  5. They took some liberties with the translation here. Not how I would have phrased it. Linkmstr and I talked, and we will continue our translations as well, just to get a different side of things. Ours will be posted... eventually haha. Tomorrow?
  6. Oooh yeah! Legendary Micaiah would really be the only choice eh? Id pull for her 🙂
  7. Ch. 100!! Thank you everybody for still reading these for 100 pages! They are still so fun to translate ^.^
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