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  1. I'm still struggling.

  2. To be honest, I'm hype that I can make my ocs with the character customization option. Like. YES??? LET ME MAKE ANIME ME???
  3. Well, of course two avatars are going to be me... For the female, it'll be Maggie, and for the male, Mikhal. On my third save file, I'm thinking Alia, but if anyone has any better ideas, tell me. :o
  4. I honestly don't know HOW I feel about this. On one hand, a legit plot reason for clone characters?? Good shit, op. That is what I'm talking about. And Shara seems at least a bit better than Tharja. On the other hand, I really wanted this to be a standalone game with no connection to Awakening. And seeing awakening leaning over? It's a kick in the teeth. Then again, I think IS's problem is that it's trying to draw in a larger demographic, and like it or not, they succeeded with Awakening. The cold truth is that they simply do not give a shit about old fans of the series, they want to draw in a larger demographic and get more money. I actually like the content, but the reasoning makes me feel conflicted.
  5. I don't know. It looks more like a staff to me than it does a lance, but it DOES have some lance characteristics??? It kinda reminds me of Awakening' s interpretation of Finn's lance, not gonna lie.
  6. To be completely honest, Vocaloid used to be my thing, but it lost it's charm after overexposure. I'd say I like Luka best these days- Deep female voices always get to me...
  7. Oh God, don't even get me started on crunch bars. I love when they put nuts in chocolate- Peanuts are my favorite, but I can't eat them often because my roommate's allergic. Almonds are a close second, though! I just like it when the bar crunches. That being said, all chocolate is good chocolate.
  8. this is a struggle.

    1. Trash Queen

      Trash Queen

      I'm still struggling.

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