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    The Machinimating Toa Lord of doom.
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    Fire Emblem, Serenes Forest, SSBB, Guitar Hero, Movies, Other Shit.
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  1. *considers stealing TLS's House sig* ._.


  2. Hilarious display name, bro!

    Happy Birthday, wherever you are!

  3. I have no idea who you are but I must Merry Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even though you're not here anymore...

  5. Dammit TLS!!!

    Maybe they'll let you back on one day. ;(

  6. I blame you for this ban, dammit! It may not be your fault, but if I keep blaming Britney Spears for things, she'll be dead!

  7. I shall get revenge for your banning in your honor.

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