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  1. I prefer Janaff. When I use Janaff it feels like an accomplishment, when I use Tibarn. I feel cheap. Also, Tibarn's a Fayg
  2. [10:11] Eric: well [10:11] Eric: I can no longer deny it [10:11] Eric: Lolis [10:11] Eric: are fucking amazing Then later [10:11] Eric: Im a lolicon
  3. Fire Emblem has had more impact on my life then 10 Years of the US Public School system.
  4. Has a Hasha no Tsurugi Manga link in his sih.
  5. 1. Yes it was the Scrubs things. BTW, I meant touch your crotch in a sexual way 2. House is awesome you should watch it. 3. Don't kill yourself :(
  6. Toa Lord Sothe ~ I like Bionicle and Sothe is my favorite Part 1 character in FE10. Shade ~ I was really into Sonic Chronicles Mustard Fuck in a Duct ~ In Joke
  7. Wait...I thought Boo left XD Is into Myrh.
  8. At one point at the best background on youtube.
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