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  1. Oh gosh I'm so excited! I've played all 3 versions of the game in JP and can't wait to play it again in English! ^_^
  2. It uses the Battle for the Strongest Royal music. Map looks pretty cool actually! Edit: Anna's Gift is separate from the DLC pack and needs to be purchased, but it is free!
  3. Interesting how Anna is a paid DLC character, but still hyped!
  4. Hi everyone! Tumblr user amagicrobot released a whole guide on how to achieve the "best" Ophelia, including skills, parents, end class, and role in the team! It's extremely insightful, and a great guide if you want to have Ophelia in an online or StreetPass team. http://amagicrobot.tumblr.com/post/129161830448/building-the-best-ophelia
  5. English! I currently own the JP version so might as well listen to the new voices.
  6. Is it fine if these as well as the Strongest Royal DLC Music are uploaded on YouTube for accessibility? I'll credit you for retrieving the files!
  7. I think they appear in the DLC Map with the treasure. I'm not sure if you could capture DLC characters in the map though.
  8. Thanks for the reminder! Since they suicide into Kanna if you want to capture both you'll NEED Azura for this map to have Zero or Orochi capture them both. Or if you're in the IK path you just need to split them up accordingly.
  9. Just keep waiting, they'll show up eventually. They showed up pretty late ~turn 20 for me.
  10. Definitely will get them! I think another castle hacked as well to have a Garou Nishiki and Fox Flannel but I think they removed it.
  11. In the last map you had to abuse the freeze mechanic and pair up system in order to win. In this one, the map is full of weak enemies but you have to manage to not get "flooded" by them. Most of them have debuffing weapons, which make your units much weaker over time. In this map, you have to abuse "stalling" by using the given buffs to make your units stronger again to clear the map. There's eh amount of enemies, but that's a LOT considering you only have three units to work with. I suggest relying on Severa. She's a goddess on this map and can clear many enemies until she's debuffed (they got her down to 4 attack...). Both are hard, but I'd say this one took me less time as you just need to get used to having less units. The boss for the first map is .
  12. This DLC is like really hard lol. The debuffs hurt from the ninjas.
  13. Hinoka's Punch Red really suits him
  14. For Males: Hoshido: Married Second-Gen (Matoi) Nohr: Marrying Second-Gen (Velour) IK: Marrying Kamui-Sexual (In my fun copy I'll marry Crimson for funsies, and for my real IK run on the English version I'll marry Flora.)
  15. That's really interesting! Also, Tsukuyomi does have a unique outfit as a Sage/Exorcist. He wears his default outfit under the Exorcist robes. Animations: Charlotte's Victory Animation is her dropping her weapon and doing a pose. Benoit and Ignis share a Victory Animation of shaking their heads with grief.
  16. Upcoming Witch Class, possible Ninja + Elite Ninja, Female Fighter and Berserker, and I think Revenant Knight keeps Camilla's model?
  17. Their designs are so amazing! I really hope they're SpotPass characters! The only presumed SpotPass character is Anna. We really need more!
  18. Personally I made her a Great Lord. The fact that lances are useable for the class makes her fit more into it, plus she looks like Lucina. I never thought of making her a magic type unit though.
  19. I found teams with Archers to be the easiest! It allows Belka, Camilla, Tsubaki, and Hinoka to be taken down easily. I personally earned the rewards using Takumi and Leo. For Takumi, I would have Oboro engage usually, and have Hinata and Takumi clean up. When facing the royals with unique weapons, I would get as close up as I can while having a second Takumi activate the Freeze, and have Oboro tank the shots for clean up by Hinata and Takumi once again. For Leo, I would rely on Odin to deal damage using crits and having Zero sweep flying units, with Leo as a freezing activator and clean up.
  20. By picking a faction I meant picking a royal from the faction. It doesn't matter which version you play on! By siding with Ryouma, Hinoka, Takumi, or Sakura and win, you get the Dread Scroll. By siding with Marx, Camilla, Leo, or Elise and win, you get the Dark Flier Scroll.
  21. Siding with each faction gives a specific seal. Hoshido: Dread Scroll Nohr: Dark Flier Scroll Only the Royals and the subordinates are there, so nope.
  22. Battle of the Strongest Royal has been released! It plays similarly to the Tropical Island DLC, with you choosing a faction and the Royal you side with. Much like it, you also have their subordinates to fight with! The units are locked in stats and are NOT based with units you own. Finishing it for the first time rewards you with: Stat Boosting Items Meanwhile, also available unlimited amount of times, are these two class scrolls: Dreadfighter Dark Flier (Gale Force!) Reminder that these two classes are NOT gender-locked like in Awakening. Be sure to have updated to 1.1 for the game, and download the DLC if you had purchased the DLC Pack! It should be the Ryouma icon in the store.
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