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  1. I've seen the Lodestar and Great Lord classes, but not the Witch one as of yet. Does anyone happen to have a picture of it? The class seems so intriguing with the Shadowgift Ability!
  2. Is the song different? Aqua's song seems more gypsy here, and in Hoshido it seemed more pure and Opera like.
  3. Nishiki is the cuter adult IMO, while Velour is the cuter child.
  4. I really wanted to pair my male MU with Felicia and still unlock everyone! Since my male MU in Awakening didn't get to marry Cordelia I might marry "her" instead.
  5. She did and the game is still going. Hrm... Anyways, Nishiki seems OP lol.
  6. Click his name for the profile, past broadcasts, click the latest one.
  7. Past broadcasts! You might have to wait the same way I waited for Hinata's hotspring scene. Took like thirty minutes or so, but it might be up.
  8. I guess, but I want to see him now. >.< Some of the stream is loaded up, but the part with Hinata isn't in yet. ;~;
  9. So uh... How do you rewind to shirtless Hinata?
  10. All of them were the winners of the popularity contest in Japan. Think of it as a prize to those who loved them there.
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