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  1. There won't be a direct this week. Just think about how many rumors and insiders were spilling the beans for the Jan. 11th mini Direct. We literally have nothing now, besides one or two mentions on twitter. Why would there be so many rumors and insider leaks for a mini direct full of ports and not for a major Nintendo Direct with the unveiling of brand new AAA games? I understand that perhaps because a fully fledged Nintendo Direct would contain primarily first party reveals and info, and I would imagine Nintendo has a tighter seal around their franchises and the development teams and business behind them, but still... it's not like even Nintendo first party info. hasn't been leaked in the past. If we were really gonna get the reveal of games like Fire Emblem, Metroid, and whatever else this week, it would be HUGE and we would have heard way more rumblings by now.
  2. To those who are thinking that Nintendo announcing a whole bunch of Switch related stuff is indicative of an upcoming direct, I present to you the contrary: Nintendo is announcing all of this stuff so that they don't have to air a direct. The Switch rewards program, the Splatoon 2 amiibo, the Bayo trailers... to me are more indicative of a direct not happening in the very near future. They are bits and pieces of information that they have to get out there, but are separate from each other and not huge enough to warrant a direct happening. Regardless, an announcement by upcoming Tuesday is the best chance we have for this month. If not, then March has to be it. If they don't air a direct in March, I lose all hope until E3.
  3. I'd say that early next week is the best chance we have for a direct announcement, just before the release of Bayonetta 1+2. I personally don't expect it to happen, since game press sites have already covered Bayo thoroughly, and the fact that Bayo is a port to begin with. Nintendo has infact already releases overview trailers for the game as well. I've always thought that early March is way more likely than February, for two primary reasons: Kirby Star Allies launches in Mid-March and is Nintendo's first major first party (and non-port) release of 2018 and more importantly, the anniversary of the Switch's launch.
  4. Some random twitter user said something random and claims it was randomly verified by two sources? ... we should just dismiss this as the Internet going crazy over anything Nintendo. And speaking of there being a direct before the release of Bayonetta 1+2, I doubt that Bayo even needs to be shown off in a direct at all at this point. Game Press sites have already uploaded a ton of gameplay footage, and there have been new trailers and such to cover amiibo functionality. Kirby Star Allies which launches in March is way more likely to be shown off again in a direct, especially since its a first party original game (not a port).
  5. As much as I hate to admit it, I think that an E3 reveal for FE Switch, along with other unannounced games, is a small, but distinct possibility, simply because of the fact that Nintendo has their release schedule laid out up until the end of May. The only thing going against this is that a lot of what they have planned doesn't interest specific groups of their audience, namely former Wii U owners, who don't want to pay 60 dollars again (heck Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze launched for 50 on the Wii U, is now 20, and will launch for 60 on the Switch). And for their other announcements, cardboard is for kids and third party games that we know will run worse on Switch than third party counterparts. I can't imagine that Nintendo wouldn't be naive enough to do this, but it is Nintendo after all. And to play Devil's Advocate, maybe we're the foolish ones here and they feel confident enough from a business stand point to stay on track to sell 20 mil Switches by the end of the year despite having a port heavy cardboard filled first half of the year. Most likely we will have a direct this month or the next (March is way more likely imo).
  6. I was expecting that there would be a direct before the release of Bayonetta 1+2, since it hasn't been shown off in a direct yet, but then I remembered that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was never shown off in a direct before its release. I think March is way more likely, especially since that is the month of the Switch's 1 year release.
  7. Fire Emblem Switch has been reaffirmed for a 2018 release in Nintendo's latest financial earnings report. On Page 7 of this official document: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2018/180131_3e.pdf
  8. Feh channel confirmed for FE Heroes anniversary? Yeah, that means there is no chance that a Fire Emblem focused direct will happen this month. Crossing my fingers for a general direct this month or the next.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes' 1 year anniversary is on the second of February... I'd say our chances for a Fire Emblem focused direct are higher this week than any other this month, where they could detail updates to FE Heroes, Shadow Dragon DLC for Warriors, and the FE Switch reveal, plust anything else they may have hidden. If it doesn't happen, then its safe to say that FE Switch will be revealed in a General Nintendo Direct instead.
  10. Fire Emblem could very well be one of Nintendo's big holiday titles.
  11. In regards to the Dems seemingly caving into the "evil" Republicans, I think that the Democrats need to put on the persona of being the good guys. I think that Democrats will win "bigly" in the 2018 midterms because of this, and then we will see actual Democratic and progressive agenda being pushed through, or have a stalemate situation where Dems will bind time and not work with the Repubs at all (just how the Repubs refuse to listen to Dems demands) until 2020.
  12. The more I think about it, the more I think that a Feb. direct is unlikely. The Mini direct this month unfortunately did fill out Nintendo's release schedule up until May, with overpriced ports and third party games that will more than likely run much worse than their Sony/Microsoft counterparts. From that point of view, it was the "least mini" of all the Mini Directs. Combine this with the following week where literal 80 dollar cardboard was confirmed for April, and yeah, I don't see Nintendo seeing the need to unleash their big guns, including Fire Emblem, anytime soon.
  13. An expanded My Castle would be awesome. Imagine having a mini Animal Crossing within Fire Emblem.
  14. Huh, I suppose you're right. That pattern and the blank space on the JP direct page does restore some of my hopes. thanks lol I've been a bit too negative with Nintendo right now with how much I feel like they are screwing Wii U owners over with their overpriced ports.Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze launched at 50 dollars for the Wii U, is currently 20 dollars as part of the Nintendo Selects line, and is now being charged for 60 dollars on Switch.
  15. Damn it... yeah, I ain't really expecting a direct in February no more. Oscar/theprinceofiris confidence has sharply declined, and I think that coupled with the fact that we already have the first half of 2018 filled out with overpriced anti consumer ports and freaking' cardboard, a direct anytime soon is unlikely. Why did I even bother to get a Switch so early on...
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