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  1. Lysithea is the exception here. On Crimson Flower she is with you from the getgo if you recruited her pre-timeskip.
  2. We're in the age of digital and those 800k downloads are pretty impressive for an FE game. Not surprised that they far outclass the physical sales, especially with Nintendo smartly reducing their physical stock and promoting the eshop whenever possible.
  3. I see zero reason for any of these characters to be playable. Just because they exist in the game data doesn't mean they were ever intended to be used that way.
  4. look i know the game gives you options, but practically every character has an ideal class path (in petra's case, it's falcon/wyvern knight) and i guess you... thought you'd try something unique? lol
  5. damn i had no idea they dropped rusted relics. guess i have to do them now. in NG+ atm.
  6. Side stories would only be fun if its paralogues that you can play with your existing team. I don't want any prequel bullshit. the Sothis / Nemesis battle sounds awful to be honest. Honestly the biggest thing the game is missing is a postgame. I get that they didn't have one because they have 4 routes that they want players to experience, but postgame would have given this game some real longevity.
  7. ends justify the means. why is Walter White (of Breaking Bad) such a popular character? Edelgard is a villain we all love to root for if you side with her.
  8. she's my favorite character and i'm glad my Byleth got with her.
  9. first i've heard of it. was this uncovered from datamining the game or something?
  10. I want an expanded Black Eagles path. It's bullshit that its 6 chapters shorter than the rest.
  11. It will never end. History will show that the only complaints will have come from nitpickers.
  12. do you not talk to every character during exploration? you had one chance to recruit Alois, i think it was in chapter 10 or 11.
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