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  1. Does it evolve? Do we know if it will? It'd be like... a Raichu, or something.
  2. I remember when this game was announced. Back then, it was just a teaser trailer (One that didn't represent what the game would become) and an idea to us. Jpop and "Persona-y" wasn't really what came to mind - so when the game changed to what it is now, a sort-of niche style and presentation, it certainly surprised a few people. I personally don't have anything against the game, but I can see why some would be disappointed by it.
  3. I always found it hard to play single player stuff (Fire Emblem, for example) with not much free time- I mostly kick it to weekends or something, if it all.
  4. On my Conquest: Hard run, using Odin, I got an Odin's Grimoire +2 Forge. Gave it to Odin for his personal skill to activate. Yeah, that was pretty fitting, actually.
  5. Bow Knight goes pretty well with the Spy's Yumi for huge range potential combined with the 8 base movement. Apart from that, the Illusory Yumi is pretty cool with the absurd RES buff.
  6. I think difficulty is pretty easy to figure out on the same route -Hard is harder than Normal, Lunatic's harder than Hard- but is Lunatic Birthright harder than Hard Conquest? Lunatic Revelation? After going through Conquest on Hard, Hard Birthright was a cakewalk, I found. Is stepping up to Lunatic for Birthright feasible during lategame? (Chapter 23)
  7. I think the Denmark/Sweden area would be pretty cool. Around Copenhagen and stuff? Here
  8. I find the "damage reduced" skills pretty useful in tight situations, so I'm gonna go with Elise and Sakura's proximity skills. Those have gotten me out of bad spots multiple times.
  9. If I remember right, Henry's personality was changed in the NoA release to be different from the original version. (Probably for the better) Are there any characters in the same situation in Fates?
  10. Dragon Quest was a great series, from what I played on it. I'm just curious what route they're gonna go down- Dragon Quest 8, 9, or 10?
  11. Soldiers Promote into Halberdiers, not Heroes I don't think we call someone a war hero just because they were captured in a war and tortured. I think a "war hero" is someone who actually made a notable impact on the war, so likely McCain doesn't fit that bill. Still, going through months of Viet Cong torture is something that merits a little respect.
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