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  1. I'm on Aether because my friends from Vegas are on Adamantoise. I have an alt on Crystal. Frick making another alt on Primal. I'm just gonna wait until 6.X lets you play cross data center so I can have my shiny Ultima Weapon Ultimate weapon everywhere.
  2. I see this place is still a zombie
  3. 1. I still kind of want to. But time lol. Thank you! 6. Yep. But I still need to finish my queue of games. 7. Aya Shameimaru 8. I love the art style. 9. I want Sigrun but no orbs. 10. Unfortunately there aren't enough video clips to do so as much as I want to.
  4. 1. Not particularly. The "officialness" of the titles we have after 5 long years of dating feels nice though. 2. I would have still been the little shit I was before I met her. Maybe a little better. 3. At least it's not like Charles Pitman. Who literally copied Glen Lerner from Vegas (where I was) with the whole "in a wreck need a check" thing. 1. Not particularly. We just stuck with traditional wedding music, but with that "Ah this will take some getting used to" on the walk down the aisle after the fact. 2. FF14 gridania music during the reception. 3. ALL OF IT. We have a bunch of pictures. 4. I'm not really into Marvel. So I wouldn't know. 5. I've never played the bullet hell. ---Correction I've played it ONCE. And it's pretty fun. I just was never that into it. I kind of want to after seeing the Dragalia Lost april fools mode. I still love the HELL out of the fighting games I played though. And the music. I can't really recommend any of the bullet hell games out of lack of experience though. Sorry.
  5. Oh gosh I haven't been here in forever. 1. I'm going off memory last time I was here. Very chill. Very cool. Kind of person that I'd be around if I want a nice, relaxing, conflict-free time here. 2. Be a good husband and be debt free in general after all these recent costs 3. They're cute. But as of recent personal reasons and self discovery... If we do have kids... It's not anytime soon. 4. I.. Actually don't have anything that comes to mind immediately. 5. I actually don't hate this game... I hate the fanbase policing how they want people to experience it: Xenoblade Chronicles. I seem to get flak for liking the Japanese voice track better than the English one. Edit: I'm on mobile and can't quote on an edit post. Will respond to Fre later when I get home. 1. BEEN GREAT. AFTER ALL THE WEDDING PREP STRESS. 2. It's... weird. Being your textbook closet "I never thought I'd be good enough to be in a relationship" guy. But now... married. 3. Calm, relaxing... Final Fantasy XIV music. Like piano and crap where I can imagine really sappy scenarios with Belinda's character and mine. 4. I'd rather not, Fre. 5. Not really. I mean... the memories of them are still kind of a mental scar. But other than that not really.
  6. I mean I know I've been edgy, but not enough to get the "Prince of Darkness" title. Unfortunately, this isn't our FF14 wedding
  7. Can you imagine the reaction from the normies? Also I never really expected serious answers. This is just me being emotional and remembering that SF also had a big impact on why I'm getting married.
  8. Belinda and I are going through music since our wedding is in 9 days. We know one of the songs will be this: We're still picking out stuff... but the one above won't alienate the "normal" family too much. Kinda want some FE stuff, but not too... nerdy. I figured, what the hey... maybe SF will think of something from the HUMONGOUS VOLUME of FE music tracks... as it's just so huge. What would you guys suggest to play at a wedding that isn't too nerdy, but happened because the bride and groom met because of Fire Emblem? Keep note that both of us got into FE around the GBA era. So while I've played the older games... I don't think anything too classic will resonate with her.
  9. I guess you really are a maso if insulting yourself resonates with you.
  10. Why would you say "You're level is too low! Will you stay? Or will you run away? Choose or die, shota." when you're the shota.
  11. If that was my recording holy crap that doesn't sound like me anymore. Wow.
  12. While it might seem like low hanging fruit for you... If you observe each of the specific bosses like Marx... Each has a bunch of attacks akin to many of the other bosses: They have multiple attacks and AI specific and tailor made. Hearing Sakurai talk... Not through a translator... Gives about an air of not cutting corners regarding his work. He takes nearly anything that could be misconstrued as lazy and cutting corners very carefully... Especially with the stigma for years with clones. It's simply not that simple. And expecting Ike to have special treatment seems a bit reaching. Yeah I know right I would argue that that was a moment of self hype that people did similarly with Robin's Final Smash being expected to change to Grima or change in general when Chrom got announced... even though it's a game that has 8 copies of any character beating up themselves.
  13. Belinda's was Salamance. I just found it pretty funny our switches knew.
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