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  1. Hello everyone, Some weeks ago i watched this video: It is about Rom editing the game, and since i have an inported version of Fates i am quite interested. Does some here know how to do this, or a guide on how to do this. (I know the site GBAtemp, or something like that, but have never visited it) I dont know if this is the right place to ask this, but since it is about Fates i though i could post this here. Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language. Have a nice day.
  2. Im realy looking forward to this! you are doing a great job with this project and i realy want to play Dawn again with this patch. Just make sure that in Part-4 and Endgame that the enemies are (a tad or a LOT) more powerfull than your own units, so there is a real challenge in gameplay than before. My own thoughts about adding something is more room for skills (with the normal caps of 15,30,etc) because i always liked toying around with those to see what is the best wombo-combo to slay enemies. (You can do the same with enemies that they have more skills 2.
  3. Can some explain to me what the invinsible history DLC items do that you get after completing the chapters?
  4. Hi there. Does somebody know if nintendo gift cards are region locked? I imported my 3ds and Fates from japan and realy want that sweet DLC, but i only have 1 EU card here. If it is region locked, how can obtain a japanese GC?
  5. I own the game and have played all 3 campaigns and i can say that (including takumi an ryoma) saizou nishiki and setsuna become monsters when you put some levels in them in hoshido. For nohr camilla elise (who is a class canon tho) zero and Flora where extremely strong strong in my playtrough. If someone is going to create a tierlist than i think that you shoud exclude the children since there growth rate are kinda BS + mozume giving +10% to one child is even more OP.
  6. So i found someone who had robin and lucina on his team, beat him, but i coundt recruit both of the amibo characters. Is there a way (beside's getting the amibo "-.-) on getting these unit? Also, i have seen some character specific weapons like aqua's lance, but have no idea how to obtain it. can someone explain this to me? (Sorry for my grammer, english is not my first langauce)
  7. Ugh, i have start all over again? Bummer (can you tell me where i clicked it? because i have no clue how to lower your dif ingame) ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
  8. I have another questian: I was playing on my lunatic file, and after i completed chapter 13, my game went from lunatic to normal mode :| How can i change it back ? (if possible)
  9. Can someone explain how to forge items in IF? i can only forge it once to +1 but how to i go any higher than that?
  10. I am currently doing a lunatic invinsible run, and just died of a 2% crit idm :\ I find it a little bit harder than lunatic nohr (i am doing no grind btw) since you have only 4~ units in the early chapters. But its not to bad.. I just want to know if there is a lunatic+ in fates as well.
  11. How are they explained in the story? In awakening there was time travel, but in fates is what? Thx~
  12. Alright, hello everyone. I am AJJ, i have been playing FE for i think 4~5 years now. but only recently found this forum. FE game's i have played and finished: Fire emblem Binding blade Fire emblem Rekka No Ken Fire emblem Sacred Stones Fire emblem Path of Radians Fire emblem Radiant Dawn Fire emblem Awakening (And soon, cuz im awaiting my inport) Fire emblem IF (Forgot Genealogy OT Holy War =.=) So i have quiet a lot under my belt :3 I think thats it? maybe not, idk. Nice to meet you all AJJ
  13. Nothing realy, just kinda doing nothing...

  14. What is wonder is that the amibo's Marth, Lucina, ike and Robin are recruitable thro the My Castle battle. Like you fight someone who has marth on his team, if you win, could you recruit him that way? (Also, Hi everyone im new :D)
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