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  1. Ohai Elincia!!!! Not sure if you remember me (Proto). Are you still active?

  2. I'm interested in this I could get a new game and the bonus money to buy off the rest of the DLC in Awakening o3o. I've never played the SMT games so i'm worried if I don't like it :(.
  3. I need to restart this because I went to sleep for 1,001 years beating Tiki's record. I actually lost my log and I went on vacation.
  4. post logs of da haar loleasy draft 6_6

  5. The Towel must live. 9/10 She's a solid fighter and very adaptable.
  6. Lucina is gr9 I want her and Chrom in Smash Bros 4. Just take away Ike and give Chrom his moves and then add him and Lucina .
  7. I have to restart my draft because I was doing it on NM Q^Q. Also I have too many DBs that Megasaurus is being less useful .
  8. 9/10 for no malemuxchrom pairing option 10/10 because Grandmaster of disaster and can get into any class except lord.
  9. They should add every lord and include Anna, and Lincy and rename the game Fire Emblem Bros. o3O
  10. Does this mean Vika is available? I'll take Lethe ...no i'll take Lyre Lethe Lyre Lethe Lyre Lethe Lyre. Both Lethe Wait is it even my turn?
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