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  1. Hey Guys, is anybody having trouble getting Bond units? I've gotten one, but no matter how many castles I visit, no more have spawned. Is anyone having this trouble? My castle address: 13808-31041-61758-68848
  2. Hi guys, as the title said, what secondary class should Kamui pick so it can benefit their spouse? As an example, Kinu, Leo/n or Takumi?
  3. Hi guys, I was curious as to what class skills are the best in Fates in people's opinion?
  4. Can I suggest a European release date? That what I want most :(
  5. Just a quick question for those who have used the Lv15 Dark Blood skill. If the avatar/child character who has this skill equipped is partnered with someone with an skill like Astra or Lethality, do they have a chance of triggering it or is it only non-combat skills?
  6. Do you guys have the direct link to this? I've been trying to find it
  7. Out of interest, have we got any support/skinship translations for Suzu/Kaze yet?
  8. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=54871&page=187#entry3839259 Thank you :D
  9. Hi guy, another lurker oozing from the woodwork :) Um, I hate to be a pain but: 1. What happened to Suzu/Kaze in the stream? Am avoiding story spoilers but something about him caught my notice ^^ 2. Any support stuff for him and Femui yet? Or even the child character? Thanks guys :D
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