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  1. that's true. Sorry, I can't work on this Project anymore because yea.. can't talk about that. Sorry guys.
  2. Sometimes the CIA-Patcher is a bit buggy. You need at least more than 2GB RAM to build a CIA and your Computer could lagg for some time while CIA-generation.
  3. only one or two more Days until the first Chapter Release! Hooray! :)
  4. We're working on the Chapters right now. After we finished the next two chapters (Nohr and Hoshido CHapter 12), we'll release our first Chapter Patch (includes Menu Translation Patch + all fixes)
  5. Would be possible but we've no tools to translate this game yet. But for now... BACK TO TOPIC!
  6. uhmmm,... i don't think that I want to work on this Project :P There's already a Team working on it (and yea, I'm not really a fan of this game ;) ) I've some other Games already which could need a Fan Translation^^
  7. We don't have a name yet and I've no idea if we want to remain as a group (i hope so). For me, I know that I'll work on some other 3DS-Translations after FE:if :)
  8. You need at least more than 2GB RAM to create a Cia with the patcher. I have 4GB RAM installed to my PC and my PC keeps freezing, too. Just wait a few minutes while the Patcher is creating the cia.
  9. You can buy a o3DS in any store without having to worry. They'll be on Firmware 9.2 or lower. If you want to buy a N3DS, you should check this page
  10. You still doesn't need a Gateway as long as you're on Firmware 9.2 or lower. If you're using a N3DS, you just need Cubic Ninja and NINJHAX 1.1b! If you're usinf a O3DS, you can run rxtools or some other CFWs through the Browser or the MSET-Exploit to run our Patch. Just build a CIA and install it with FBI, BigRedMenu or something else. NINJHAX 2.0 DOES NOT SUPPORT LayeredFS/modified roms or cias AT THE MOMENT! NINJHAX 2.0 IS STILL IN BETA! IT CAN'T BOOT ANY CFW! If you're on Firmware 9.3 or higher, you've to wait some more.
  11. It's not official that we can use our patch with Ninjhax 2.0. Smea hasn't released it yet and we don't know what Ninjhax 2.0 is capable of. Sure, you can play Fire Emblem If with PastaCFW and NTR_CFW. It has problems with unmodified versions of Pasta/NTR and the retail cartridge so we prefer to use the eShop-Version of the Game. You can still dump your retail cartridge and create a CIA out of it (use our patcher or create a unmodified CIA and use NTR).
  12. Hey, I'm still not sure why it happens for you. The best way for you is to dump your retail Game and use our Patcher to create a CIA-Version of FE:if. Try to test it this way. If this is not working, too, you've another problem which I cannot handle :/
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