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  1. When we see the Set Goals Screen we have Linhardt who has both a riding and flying skill. Horsemanship is also talked about in the tutoring section As for Exams being related to character weapon level we see the Brigand test say under Exam Skills Axe C or higher
  2. Its not finished(there are obvious bugs in it such as not being able to save at points). But it was available for download using an exploit.
  3. Well thats not how you'd do the math(you just got a brave weapon has less chance of working then a regular weapon) Assuming great ninja class for 35 skill you get 35/4 +10+15= about 34%. This means 66% of not hitting. A brave weapon makes it 1-(.66)^2 or still 56% of lethality activating in one turn. Assuming white blood for 29 skill you get 29/4+10+15=32%. This means 68% of not working. A brave weapon makes it 1-(.68)^2 or about 54% of lethality activating. Even if you had 0 skill you'd have 25% chance of lethalty(or 75% not). 1-.75^2=.4375 or 43.75% of lethality activating in one turn.
  4. Every time you level up in a class you get a missed skill in that class(and the prepromoted class apparently)
  5. ... Its a placeholder until official releases. It just means its coming out 2016 and they don't have to worry about people being pissed if they guess wrong.
  6. Eternal seals can add levels(5 per use). If you missed skills in a class you get a missed skill every time you level up in that class(includes pre-promoted as well).
  7. Theoretically thats what eternal seals are for. They raise max level by 5, but are expensive. If I remember right from seeing them they cost 12000 G while regular seals only cost 2000. As far as I know there is no limit on using eternal seals.
  8. We know galeforce only works if you attack alone. You can't be using guard or attack stance. I don't think counter has been nerfed though, its the same.
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