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  1. I heard the time of day you measured yourself actually has a small effect on your length. Could be getting it mixed up with weight though, I know timing matters with weight. See if you can measure yourself at different times during the day, or night, or maybe check for seasonal effects, sounds like that could be interesting.
  2. The old system felt special to me, all other games use systems similar to 3H as well. There might be a reason for that (like limiting overleveling for balance's sake), but it makes 3H a bit less special. I would like it better if they went back to the 100 exp bars, but wouldn't be too sour if they decide not to. That said they could even work with percentage bars. In the code it would still work with exp points like 3H, but for looks and feels it would show 0-100 for how far you are for the next level. Just popped into my head, could be interesting, no clue if it'd work.
  3. It's certainly a fun game and worth getting. But the DLC is too expensive to be worth it, after all these years I'm still hoping for a sale or something that discounts it. Doesn't sound worth the money. Amiibo don't really add much at all in this game. IMO, the story and maps are the worst parts of this game. But the characters and (certain parts of the) gameplay are great so it evens out. If you get this game purely as a strategy game you will be disappointed, if you get this game because you want characters you'll absolutely love then this is the game for you.
  4. In my Experience, Ingrid is a great dancer, but you'll really miss out in combat for her. I'd recommend Annette as a dancer, her magic is still strong enough to make her a great combat unit, and she actually enjoys the role storywise. She doesn't make the best dodge-tank, so the sword avoid would be wasted a bit, but you'll have an even better dodge-tank in Ingrid this way. On that note, you could also just give sword avoid to Felix or Ingrid and not class change them to dancer. Dancers are really strong, but so is an Assassin or Falcon Knight with sword avoid. (I have no experience with Ashe as a dancer, but that only seems worth it if he's your weakest unit and you only need someone for dancing, but then Flayn might be a better option.)
  5. Yes, this! Or actually, I'd probably prefer Byleth to start with E+ in Faith, keep E in Reason, but make E+ in reason give a spell, because only gaining Reason Proficiency on E+ is worthless. "Hey I got better with casting magic, Now if only I actually knew a spell" (I should start saying that irl, "Yeah I'm great at casting magic, I just don't know any spells")
  6. Her goal is very clear, it's mostly some of her early game decisions that could use some explaining (like why she tasked the bandits to attack her group before the prologue). And it's not really clear how much she knew at certain points. For the first few routes this was cool, because the missing pieces kept me motivated to play the other routes. It's just a bit sad that after playing all routes I'm still left guessing about certain points.
  7. We even get to see her talk with the bandit that attacked in the prologue, saying she sent him to do this. I don't think it was ever explained why, unless we're to asume she knew Byleth was in that village and wanted to recruit him? Doubt it was an assassination attempt on the other house leaders. Don't think there's any chapter before the timeskip Edelgard did not have at least a hand in. Oh except for the Remire Calamity, I believe her when she said she would have tried to stop them if she knew. To get back on topic, does explaining the plot a bit better at some point count as a minor change? Like have Edelgard explain everything she did like a classic villain or something?
  8. Doesn't this kind of go against certain things happening in the background? Could be some things that were only implied or maybe I'm reading to much into certain things, but...
  9. Different animations for each combat art, or at least for the special combat arts. ... Okay that's not really small I guess I'll go for a Quick menu for explore. When you'd choose Explore you can choose to have a menu instead of loading the entire monastery. From this menu you can select your activities rather than running around. (Obviously not everything is available here, like picking up lost items, but who even does the lost items stuff after the first playthrough.)
  10. I'm happily surprised I'm not the only one here that dislikes profanities. Many people I know have told me they're just normal now and I should get used to them, but I will actively avoid people who curse a lot. Other than that, not really. Some words make me uncomfortable, some I don't like being called, but no words besides curses I hate.
  11. Hmm, fair. a vanguard skill should incentivise the unit actually being a vanguard. Maybe something along the lines of "For each enemy within attacking range range, protection +2 and damage dealt -2", That way you incentivise the unit being thrown into the fight head first, but can't expect them to finish it by themselves.
  12. Yeah it was tough picking a name for this one, eventually went with the unit of the same name in Heroes of Might and Magic, which is basically a promoted priest with a hammer. Nope, I explained it after that. It's [minimum range/maximum range] which means for a spell with minimum range 1 and maximum range 1, range becomes 0-2. 0 Range in this case means it can target itself. I'd say make it like in FE8, the act of summoning grants XP. You pretty much made what I wanted to make, except I wouldn't take Ike's lord outfit, but actually take his Vanguard outfit as a main inspiration (even though I like his lord outfit the most). And I'm not too fond of his mastered ability, don't actually think it needs one as the combat art is strong enough. But if you want to give it one, maybe go for something promoting teamwork over a skill that promotes throwing the unit in alone, like maybe it makes linked attacks deal +2 damage or something. Maybe call it Radiant Leadership as a fun nod.
  13. Okay sure, I resisted posting here long enough. Inquisitor Protector of the weak, fighting on the frontlines Suggested Ranks: Faith S, Axes B+, Armor A (is armored) Bases: high HP, DEF and reasonable RES Class abilities: White Magic uses x2, Weight -5 , White Magic Range -1/+1 (Not just for attack magic, so yes, heal spell becomes range 0-2 meaning you can heal yourself too) Mastery Skill: Guard (You and adjacent allies receive 2 damage less from all sources) Whisper Like a whisper in the wind, you won't hear your death coming. Suggested Ranks: Sword S, Bow S, Flying C+ (is not actually flying) Bases: High SPD and DEX Class Abilities: Steal+ (includes locktouch), Pass, Stillness (so long as an enemy can attack another ally, they cannot attack this unit) Mastery Skill: Backstab (After combat, if your opponent survived, deal 5 irreducable damage) Summoner A powerfull magic wielder that can summon monsters. Suggested Ranks: Reason S+, Authority B+ (or be Hapi) Bases: High Magic Class abilities: Black&Dark Magic damage +5, Rescue (grants spell or uses x2), Summon (summons a demonic beast to the battlefield, it is not allied to any group, gives no experience or items) Mastery Skill: Control (Brings a demonic beast without shields to your side, story and boss monsters are obviously immune, only 1 at a time.)
  14. I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but I've been following this topic and the Bush vs Trump discussion is making me wonder. I've been following a bit of American politics since Obama, so don't really know a lot about Bush. Did Bush ever discredit certain news stations like trump did? Did Bush ever dismiss science as opinion like Trump did? Did Bush ever undermine democracy like Trump did? This is my opinion, I know, but if the answer to these questions is no, then I believe Trump to be far worse than Bush. There's no telling how Bush would have handled the pandemic, or how Trump would have handled the situation Bush was in. But what Trump did was actively poisoning the minds of his followers, both inside the USA and outside. I think that deserves to be mentioned.
  15. Trump wasn't the only bad thing in 2020. There was this other inconvenience called a pandemic. I dare even say, as a not-American, the pandemic had a bigger negative effect on the world than Trump did. But to keep the music going:
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