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  1. Really hyped after the review, after I plough through this I expect FE Switch will have things like, base supports, monsters, dungeons, third tiered classes etc etc.
  2. Agreed I preferred when marriage was at the end of the game like in FE7, 8 etc. Hopefully the Switch game won't feature some dumb "mycastle", breaks the inmersion IMO Also, dungeons are a welcome addition.
  3. This game sounds like a blast and I missed monster units (still even if there are more here, the ones in fe8 were more varied IMO) Wonder how a part of the fanbase will react when they find out there's no waifuing/children.
  4. It this the name for the sequel? j/k I'm doing my best not to be spoiled, so it's the waiting game for me.
  5. That smug face on the pirate! He gets to use axes, a privilege YOU don't get to have.
  6. Small correction on the "Base stats" section: Entombed tend to have more HP that revenants, right?
  7. Thanks for the response and for compiling the important info, Vincent. This game is looking to be something really special.
  8. Would like to know about all the different monsters in this game. Sacred stones had some good variety between the ones that had normal weapons and the ones that had claws fangs etc.
  9. I missed this kind of art sooo much. Hopefully, monsters, dungeon crawling and great looking art carries over to the Switch FE too.
  10. Did you have problems with the sidequests? Imo some were annoying.
  11. I would definitely buy a sequel. Fingers crossed for that!
  12. The only offensive one AFAIK is the wedding dress.
  13. I heard Persona fans are enjoying this also rpg fans in general. I've played a bit and I'm loving it!
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