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  1. Team Plasma is also my favorite because of N bias.
  2. Wouldn't necessarily want to replace Lucina but I did vote for Hector in the Smash Ballot.
  3. This was always a concern I had as I know I'll be studying abroad in Japan in a year. I always wondered how, in detail, it would he like to be an Asian foreigner in Japan because there are so many jvloggers on YT who talk about their experience but not very many are asian and they look clearly like foreigners. I understand full well that we won't get the gaijin card and get a free pass on easy things and eitquette.
  4. I can't remember but it was probably the first Pokemon movie. Before then, my parent were (still) weird and never liked letting me out so even though I can't remember, it is highly unlikely I was able to go a theater before then.
  5. I'd want to make it so there are only two routes and no golden route. They could make it so that if you meet certain requirements in a playthrough, you'd be able to continue on and solve the real problem but this would require rewriting elements of the 3rd route to be incorporated into the first two.
  6. I'v never talked much about my Kamui here mostly because I hadn't thought through it very much so I'll put what I can.
  7. I'm gonna say no. I'm lactose intolerant buuuut that doesn't always stop me. I like eating too much.
  8. How are you?

    1. Hatsuoki


      Hey I'm great! Especially now that finals are over and my grades were good. OTL It feels really weird to have a break! How are you doing?! ♪( ´▽`)

  9. Unless the drink comes as a certain size automatically, I've never ordered anything other than smalls.
  10. An ashy pink or purple color. Oh I could definitely do the oil color hair thing that was trending a while back since my hair is already black.
  11. Happy birthday!

    1. Hatsuoki


      ∑(゚Д゚) OMG Thank you!!

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