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  1. Sorry I havent made any pages recently. When I made the black cards I didnt have as much College Work as I do now.
  2. Ohhh my goodness. ITS JUST SO CUTE!!!!! :) I cannot wait to see their abilities in battle, and I hope to see them in decks!
  3. Ohhhh wow! Swarm and Destruction Control. I cannot wait to see how they do!
  4. I`ll start making the promo list on the wiki. If you need to know what I`m gonna base the look of the page on, its gonna look like the one here http://buddyfight.wikia.com/wiki/Promo_Cards
  5. Do we have Promo Cards 012 and 014? I`m compiling a list of Promo cards to go up on the wiki, and the only cards I could not find were 012 and 014. If someone can tell me their titles and if they are an alternate art or not for the list, that would be great.
  6. Can the template being updated for use with Support skills? Like either a support tab or the ability to change ability 3 or 4 to support by typing in |supportskill =
  7. Just wanting to help thats all, But I do need to say that the catagories are missing from the recent ones you made. There not automatic like on BF Wikia so thats understandable. What should we do regarding the catagories?
  8. I`m liking how their handling just 1 page for all with the name. Due to the name clause system in the game.
  9. Thats amazing news!!! I grew up in Florida, where all the bad people got away free. So to see a ruling of tolerence and love is amazing! Love conquers all!!
  10. Ive been typing them by hand.... So Please don`t do the Cordelia one. I already finished Her. And I have messaged Vincent. I am just waiting for a reply.
  11. Cait Sith is a Rare!!!! YOU`RE WELCOME!!!

  12. It would be nice with a template. I could make more cards if I didnt need to have to copy the icons like α from your Cardfight Vanguard Profile Future. So if there could be a button to automatically add those icons in. That would be nice. Also I have both the Normal Cordelia and Promoted Cordelia in OLD Format ready if you want them. I just dont have a wiki account since Im not sure if my account here works over there.
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