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  1. Of course! We've just been delayed by school, work, and Fates. Also we don't check on Serenes much. But we're working through, slowly but steadily! Thanks for the concern! Also I'm posting this the day before April Fools so you know it's legit.
  2. Oh man Ghast, that's a lot. Thanks! Let me address a few (okay it turned into a lot) of your concerns, but rest assured that I and the team read all of them and are taking them under very careful consideration. Again, thanks for all this! It's really helpful to hear feedback, especially one so comprehensive. We'll work on improving everything that we can! Edit: Also, I hope my review of Bloodlines was equally helpful. I really liked all the talk events, so we're considering adding more here.
  3. Feel free to post it here if you want, though PM stuff you feel new players shouldn't know. Some things are so integral to the spirit of a project that they just can't be dropped, and James being FE8 colors while everyone else is colored FE6/FE7 style is one of them. Magic is certainly getting special attention in this hack and I hope our changes make it more interesting to use. Thank you for your kind words.
  4. No problem man, great to be here. And I'm glad you like the magic, Lis and I worked hard on that. Anyways, James does have to stay as he is and it's been my dream to have a boss that could double most of your party, so Travis will stay as he is though he gets a new weapon in the next patch. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "concise in some places"? Is the writing too long at certain points? Also some Bloodlines feedback might be coming your way soon. Sorry, I put you right in the credits when you made that fix for us but I just used the old readme because the hard mode patch isn't ready yet. Think of yourself as a hard mode bonus. Thanks! Serious? You named the horse buthole Thanks, we've put a lot of work into this hack. Always appreciate feedback, thanks. Some quick answers for you Again, thanks for the critique, it helps a lot.
  5. Download (Demo 1.00) This is a short, sweet six chapter demo for a hack some friends and I are working on. The demo tells the story of Prince Rokevin of Fheg and his good friend, Prince Augustus of Ascana, repelling a surprise attack from the neighboring kingdom of Nasith. The completed hack will tell of Rokevin's journey, with some brief interludes to Augustus', as they try to find the source of the war that swiftly covers the continent. [spoiler=Screenshots] [spoiler=Gameplay]We've taken opportunity to rebalance many things about traditional GBA FE gameplay. The project was originally inspired by the Tellius setting and we've taken several cues from it, like adding an anima magic triangle based of effective damage. Wind tomes do more damage against Thunder mages and sages, Thunder tomes do more damage against Fire mages and sages, etc. A lot of work has also been put into differentiating all types of magic. While Wind, Fire, and Thunder tomes have similar attributes to those in PoR/RD, Light and Dark magic have been given their own niches; all Light magic gives the user stat bonuses, while all Dark magic have special status effects, like poison and sleep. We've also made soldiers into a playable class (though there are no playable soldiers in the demo) that resemble high def myrmidons and promote into Halberdiers with the standard +15 crit bonus, along with Snipers. Speaking of Snipers, all bows now have improved range. Most bows are 2-3, but longbows are 2-5 and shortbows are 1-2 (We like to think this makes archers less useless, tell us what you think!). There are countless little changes as well: Most classes have had their bases buffed, Knights can now use axes, and Cavaliers have been split into Sword, Lance, Axe, and Bow Cavaliers that promote into Gold or Silver Paladins that use their RD weapons. [spoiler=Misc Stuff] Hard mode has been partially applied, hard mode bonuses have been adjusted for each chapter and Chapter 1 is slightly different, but it has not been fully worked out or tested. Supports have not been implemented, though there is a placeholder for them. Steph has some problems if you support her or rescue her. If you have any questions or criticisms, please feel free to post them, we'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the demo!
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