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  1. Shadow Dragon: Ogma/Catria Gaiden/SOV: Saber/Celica or Catria Blazing Sword: Raven/Rebecca Path of Radiance: Stefan/Jill or Lethe Radiant Dawn: Ike/Elincia Awakening Gen 1: Vaike/Cordelia Awakening Gen 2: Owain/Cynthia Fates Gen 1: Azama or Arthur/Setsuna or Charlotte Fates Gen 2: Nobody/Mitama Three Houses: Linhardt or Felix/ To hard to choose (Annette, Edelgard, Bernie, Dorothea, Shamir)
  2. Nothing yet that relates to what happens after the timeskip storywise (and nothing pre-skip that we haven't gotten from trailers and famitsu). Did spoil myself on what the Black Eagles look like after the timeskip, though, and looked at a couple of the S-Support pictures (also glanced at growths for characters and classes, but I doubt I'll be utilizing that info for quite a while). I've also listened to the full version of The Edge of Dawn about a bazillion times at this point. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for having resisted diving into the spoilers! Although I'm still terribly conflicted on the order I want to play the different houses
  3. This...actually makes a ton of sense. No idea why this sort of possibility never crossed my mind. Thanks for sharing this information!
  4. I mean....I guess I understand where people are coming from when they express disappointment at Edelgard potentially having two endings, while the other routes only have one? Particularly if you have a strong attachment to the other houses/characters, or you somehow feel offended that Edelgard got more promotion than the other two lords (which is something I also don't really understand, but that feels like a different topic entirely). But maybe we should all wait to play the game before deciding whether or not this fourth route was justified, and see if it really takes anything away from the Golden Deer and Blue Lions paths...
  5. Now that we know for sure that we can S-support people outside of the students, order of priority goes: 1) Rhea 2) Shamir 3) Catherine 4) Manuela 5) Edelgard 6) Bernadetta/Ingrid/Hilda Obviously all this is subject to change based on whether I like the support conversations leading up to S rank, but this is the general order I've come up with
  6. Just to add onto/clarify this, it's mentioned that this was specifically done in order to have access to the paralogue, implying that if he did not have Sylvain (guest) recruited, then he would not have been able to do this mission Bleh, went back and double-checked the video to make sure, looks like he brought Sylvain along just for the extra-story beats, not that it opened up a specific paralogue. My bad
  7. I think it's a bit premature to say one way or the other right now. I'd like to see how all three routes play out first before saying whether I want a fourth 'true path' or not. As is, we have no idea what causes the split/conflict between everyone to begin with, and therefore have no idea if there is any conceivable way to reconcile everyone's grievances with each other. If there is a good explanation/reason for why they could all make nice with each other, then sure, go for it. Give us a fourth route. But until I have played through the game, I can't say whether I would prefer it or not. Because maybe the story simply works better if we don't ever get the reconciliation between the three houses. Nobody knows at this point. Although, if the game is really successful and the fans love it, it might behoove IS to make a fourth path so that they can make a direct sequel to this game (at least from a business perspective)...
  8. BE: Edelgard or Bernadetta BL: Annette or Ingrid GD: Hilda or Leonie But preferably I'm going after Rhea, Catherine, or Manuela
  9. Voted, but I would be interested to see the results of a second poll compared to this one after the game has been out for a few months
  10. I'm personally betting that we'll get a special battalion based on each character that has special perks (e.g. Ike Amiibo will get you 'Greil Mercenaries', Alm will give 'Valentian Dread Fighters', etc.). Additionally, maybe they could serve as special instructors? They could give out higher experience towards whatever weapons/professor levels they specialize in (but, as a caveat, they're only available to use once per day irl). Of course, I'd be perfectly happy if they just went the Fates route and gave us the characters to use in combat.
  11. At the beginning, I had zero idea who I was going to pick. All of the houses seemed to have interesting characters, and while the design of the Golden Deer students didn't exactly jump out at me, I was intrigued by the political situation in the Alliance. As the profiles came out, however, it became clear that the Golden Deer were not going to be my first choice. They were just so....underwhelming. And none of the profiles have jumped out at me like the students from the Black Eagles and the Blue Lions have, with Leonie being the one exception. So, like vanguard said earlier, it isn't so much that a single character has turned me off from the Golden Deer class, so much as it is that they collectively do not interest me at this time.
  12. Eh, the only reason I would really want it is for the music, and for the 'steel' case (because it would look nice on the shelf). Not enough reason for me to splurge on it, though, so I'm just going to get it through the eshop
  13. That's, uh.......kind of the point. If you could do absolutely everything that's available to you, then it would trivialize the entire game, and make everything easy. The way it's set up now, you have to carefully prioritize what is most important to you in your playthrough.
  14. This seems fun! It'll be interesting to see how this compares to my opinion on the characters after playing through the game a few times. Edelgard: Love her design, and I'm intrigued by how she could be the cold and calculating type of character Bernadetta: She just looks like a nice girl Ingrid: Wanted to avoid putting on anyone we haven't received a profile for yet, but the little information we have about her, and the image of her on a pegasus, has me sold Annette: Comic-relief, and her design is well done. Hubert: Every army needs its own strategist Felix: Cool design, lone-wolf types always draw me in Ashe: He just looks like a nice guy, but I'm also interested to learn more about what his life was like before he was adopted (and how that even came to be) Caspar: Unfortunate hair aside, I'm hoping he might provide the comic-relief for the Black Eagles (and I loved Arthur from Fates, so maybe he'll share some of his quirks as well) So 4 from the Black Eagles and 4 from the Blue Lions. Yikes, going to be tough to decide which one to play through first between those two houses. Only one that I considered putting on here from the Golden Deer was Hilda (although I am still looking forward to learning more about Leonie and Marianne). Of all the houses, though, the Golden Deer is definitely the least appealing to me right now.
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