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    Just a normal guy from Sweden. On my spare time I like to watch anime, play games, listen to music and browse the internet.

    My tumblr: http://azurearrow.tumblr.com/
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  1. Thank you very much for Lifetaker : ]
  2. Great What's your My Castle address?
  3. Does anyone have Astra and/or Renewal/Lifetaker on Laslow? Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking for Astra on Laslow and Peri . Edit: Nevermind, I found Astra for Peri, still looking for Astra on Laslow though.
  5. Thank you very much, just picked up Luna for Setsuna ^^ Do you mind keeping Kagero and Setsuna on so I can pick up Renewal/Lifetaker tomorrow?
  6. Does anybody have Setsuna with either Luna/Renewal/Lifetaker, Kagero with Renewal/Lifetaker or Oboro with Lifetaker/Renewal? Thanks in advance Here is what I have to offer My Castle Address - 04307-59453-50342-60355 Set up units Hinoka: Rend Heaven/Renewal/Astra/Luna/Hoshidan Unity (Replicate/Bowbreaker) Hana: Lethality/Luna/Lifetaker Setsuna: Rend Heaven/Poison Strike/Lethality/Hoshidan Unity/Astra (Counter/Quitoxic) Kagero: Luna/Hoshidan Unity/Rend Heaven/Astra Caeldori: Luna/Hoshidan Unity/Astra/Lifetaker/Dragon Fang Ryoma: Hoshidan Unity/Lethality/Luna (Replicate/Rend Heaven) Shigure: Luna/Rend Heaven/Astra/Renewal/Hoshidan Unity (Lifetaker) Orochi: Lifetaker/Vengeance/Astra/Rend Heaven Oboro: Rend Heaven/Luna/Hoshidan Unity/Astra Midori: Astra/Rend Heaven/Hoshidan Unity/ Salvage Blow Edit: Some units were not updated, it should be fixed now, units should also now be on Hold and not Attack
  7. Looking for Setsuna with Luna I would appreciate the help ^^ Thanks in advance
  8. I'm looking for skills mostly for Setsuna, Kagero and Hana And I might as well share My Castle Adress:04307-59453-50342-60355 Name: Some Skills ^^ Path is Birthright Avatar: Rend Heaven/ Sol/ Luna/ Astra Azura: Luna/ Astra/ Profiteer/ Replicate Sakura: Rend Heaven/ Luna/ Replicate Oboro: Astra/ Rend Heaven Takumi: Astra/ Rend Heaven/ Luna Ryoma: Luna/ Rend Heaven Kaze: Rend Heaven Hinoka: Astra/ Rend Heaven/ Luna Subaki: Luna/ Rend Heaven Orochi: Rend Heaven
  9. Aqua/Shigure From Shigure's bio: He has a calm personality. Though calm, collected, kind, and gentle, he can be moody and loves doing things at his own pace. Or maybe Hisame.
  10. These are the characters that I don't really like. The Nohrian siblings, Asama, Arthur, Charlotte, Benoit, Flannel, Gunther, Siegbert, Foleo, Ignis, Lutz, Eponine, Deere, Fuuga, Hehe, I'm really Hoshido biased.
  11. Is there any info about a release date and/or special edition in Europe?
  12. My favorites are: Female: 1. Setsuna 2. Hinoka 3. Kagerou 4. Pieri 5. Kazahana 6. Soleil 7. Matoi Male: 1. Ryouma 2. Lazward 3. Shigure
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