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  1. I've been looking for a way to make minor changes as well. I tried the Berwick editor, but I can't get it to work. I'm slowly learning to hex edit to try that.
  2. Well no you don't have to talk about who should get a pitchfork. i did not ask if its viable to make her a cleric, nor whether it was more viable than giving it to someone eles. i posted that i did make her a cleric, enjoyed using her as a cleric, and asked if anyone else had done so. i did open with "why doesn't anyone talk about it", but i was using that more as an opener, if you will
  3. i wasn't asking about other options for the fork. i was talking about Sonya's merits as a cleric vs as a mage. theres no "better" options for the fork, anyone who gets the fork will turn out amazing.
  4. why does noone talk about it? yeah she loses excalibur, but arguably seraphim is better on celicas route and with her growths the villager loop makes he broken as shit if you level her up to 10 at least. now i'll be the first to admit i love class changing, i like finding different classes that work with units that i like. its a feature i've loved since they put it in the game, so i may be a little biased. but anyway has anyone else tried sonya as a cleric? also side note, jank as it is cleric/priestess mathilde is HILARIOUS.
  5. Wow, thank you so much for answering, this is actually really helpful. im not sure if its what you meant but im kinda getting that Percival isnt worth taking either aegina or enid out of my roster.
  6. small nitpick. Bard was a unique wind mage, as Amid is a wind mage if you don't marry tailiu. i do agree that that doesn't really mean outside of seasonals he has a chance of being a refresher, but since his class is unique and shares the name of the refresher bard from later games i can see where people would get that. on a side note i think the substitute units have a decent chance of getting in, some are more popular than the units they replace... arguably. id honestly love linda and amid to be in the game.
  7. im currently using both, but i wanted to know other peoples opinion on who they thought was the better unit? on my next playthrough i want to use percival, so im going to cut one of them from my perma team.(i generally want to use units i didnt in my first playthrough, like Ouro, who i dumped for using faye/faramir) My thoughts so far Aegina you get her first near the beginning of the game immediately useful as your first magic damage dealer once her wind skill goes up enough her multi-hits are extremely useful has pretty good speed, so shes a decent dodger. but she is very frail, 2 hits will usually do her in she has accuracy issues at first with wind magic, so its sometimes better for her to use fire magic at first to secure kills Enid starts with the lady sword, making her pretty accurate and lands a lot of crits starts with elite, making leveling her up pretty easy actually has a defence stat and a (admittedly low) growth in said stat. making her the tankiest mage. when she does promote she will have 7 magic, this along with her slightly higher growth in magic than aegina will mean she will probably have more magic than her. specializes in fire and thunder magic, meaning she has more options for attacking at range 2, rather than at range 1 keeping her out of danger. fire magic and especially her personal tome, deals the most damage. being able to use swords as well as magic gives her versatility on the other hand she must promote to use magic joins right before the middle of the game, at a low level, making leveling her up a little difficult. does anyone eles have any opinions on these 2?
  8. so i really want to try these edit techniques. but im not really a modder, but i want to learn. my question is, what should i look up to learn before i try to attempt any of this? like just hex editing, or something else as well?
  9. Honestly I didn't expect to like it this much. I was a bit turned off by the bracket system, but stats aren't as important as they are in fire emblem. I'm just at chapter 6, and it may be my 3rd favorite game in the fire emblem family. At first all the things you have to manage seem a bit much, but a few maps in I got into the groove. Graphics are gorgeous, and I always liked having more unique classes like tear ring and the jugdral games. So I just wanted to Know everyone else's first impressions. I actually just love this game. Thank you so much for translating it, the story is quite good as well
  10. answered my own question, and im not sure how to delete posts...
  11. no rush, you were just he only one who said anything lol
  12. i still need to work out some balance issues but again this is a first draft. for instance i already had to fix this one lol Priestess.rtf
  13. here are all the classes i have so far, my friend is done with the melee classes as well and ill get them later tonight, but since i don't know how to change forum posts ill add those in when i make the new post in the creative works section, kinda just wanted to see what you thought of the witch and the priestess Priestess.rtf Witch.rtf
  14. I'm changing the light mage to have outsiders and aberations affected as well, and lowering the minus to saves to -3. Once I'm done typing up the other classes I wrote I'll add them, and then I'll add all the ones my friend made. He focused on the melee classes
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