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  1. Kinata

    I heard you said hi. So hi back! Is that a picture of Youmu?

    1. Kay


      Yup! How've you been?

    2. Kinata


      Fine. Playing a lot of tough video games!

  2. Hello how are you?

    1. Kriemhild



      I'm doing pretty good; in the middle of finals actually

      How are you doing?

    2. Kinata


      Great. School ended for me mid-May, haha.

  3. Shiki is in fact rigged first time, especially on Lunatic, where she is given the game's best AI that is designed to dodge everything. However, Aya's bullets really fuck with the way the AI is programmed, allowing her to defeat Shiki first time. If you want to try it, fight Shiki on Lunatic in match mode and see if you can win.

  4. Medicine has no trouble beating Yuuka in her first try though. Multiple layers of poison + super slow + Lunatic bullet density = death. In fact, Medicine actually finds the higher difficulty levels easier to deal with.

    On Normal, I did manage to beat Stages 6 and 8 on my first attempt, but on different runs. Shiki on first attempt seemed so impossible that I genuinely believed she was rigged

  5. Yeah Aya and Medicine are the best, though I find that Aya just takes the cake. Even with her though, beating any of the last four battles on Lunatic on your first try is very difficult and definitely requires a lot of practice. But I think anyone willing to put in the time can do it.

  6. Hmmm, I never really tried Aya seriously, but I guess she must be more broken than Medicine then. Still though, if you 1cc'd EoSD Hard, that already indicates that your skill level far exceeds mine, and for you to consider yourself to be "not as good" in EoSD than PoFV...

  7. Yes. Aya is broken enough to beat her first try Lunatic if you're lucky... Took me a lot of tries, of course. The only other Touhou game I've really played is EoSD, which I'm not as good at. I've 1CC'd Hard and got to Scarlet Meister on Lunatic without continues. I haven't played it much since then since I've been busy with IWBTG games.

  8. Ah, okay. I can't watch youtubes from here, but did you actually One-Life Clear PoFV? I thought Shiki was rigged to be undefeatable when you first face her...

  9. Aww. And there is a forum, but I spend most of my time on the Youtube community. Also, on the topic of 1CC's, PoFV Lunatic 1CC is indeed not much of a challenge, but what about a 1LC?

  10. Hmm, is there a forum on that in which you go to?

    And yes, please come back. I haven't had so much fun solving Math problems as I did when you were around

  11. Well I've been spending most of my time in the IWBTG community, and it's been great. I miss you guys though, and I will return. *eventually*

  12. In the distant future when I actually start making FE videos I will come back here and show off my other stuff and yada yada.

  13. Need to spam you more, also maybe drop your stuff here for views ;p

  14. That's exactly what I intended. So, how's it going?

  15. Hi! Thanks for remembering that I exist. Sort of. :D

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