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  1. I agree that this specifically is probably just a coincidence, but the loads of location names based on past characters beg to differ with your latter statement.
  2. HILDA, HILDA. Seriously, anybody who chants their own name as a victory quote is instantly a favorite for me. She’s just such an obnoxious and easygoing character that she really sticks out amidst all the doom and gloom in my Blue Lions party. Unsure if she’s as easy to appreciate in other groups. I really do like most of these characters, though.
  3. Fair warning, I think that the Edelgard C Support leak was called out for being fake as someone was just pretending to be the leaker, only to get called out by the real one.
  4. Likely just the same as teachers and students not in your house, meeting some requirement in stats and/or level and recruiting
  5. Lysithea looks like she could actually be a really solid Dancer with budding talent in swords and strength in authority, as well as dual magic strengths since dancers can use that this time around.
  6. Perhaps this is the beginning of compelling superhero backstory. What's your new name?
  7. I’ve really calmed down about it since hearing it all yesterday and am honestly not too bothered now, but this is a really solid take that dissects the situation without being dismissive of gay male’s opinions and frustrations in a really refreshing way. Most of my frustrations are towards the reporter who was just having a little too much fun making jokes about the “bisexual energy” of the game and ended up baiting a lot of people into believing something that simply wasn’t true. But truly, after looking at the big picture like this, I do believe IS is trying, and I look forward to seeing the supports in the game myself to form my own opinions on the matter.
  8. I think it’s gonna be hard to predict now, but I’m gonna go against the grain and say next is Rodrigue as opposed to Shamir.
  9. Manifesting Linhardt x Caspar right now
  10. If I were to go for any abbreviation of Lysithea I'd probably go for "Lizzie" or something like that.
  11. Oh hey is that blonde teacher the swordswoman (from 1st trailer)? EDIT: removing spoilers, oops!
  12. The relevancy of focusing in on weapon sets though seems that it works as a prerequisite to promoting in this game.
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