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  1. My brother informed me that the exclusive weapons to amiibo characters are not named after the characters' actual weapons, but more along the lines of "Ike's Weapon Replica" instead of Ragnell, or "Lucina's Weapon Replica" instead of Parallel Falchion. Is there truth behind this? Because if so, that sucks. He said they use their actual weapons (abilities and all) during the battles AGAINST them, but once you recruit them they don't posses those weapons anymore, and they get very watered down versions of said weapons with ridiculous "replica" names.
  2. You just start back from Chapter 27? And you can't promote each unit because of a limited number of Master Seals? Definitely not as elaborate as Awakening. I suppose that's alright, though.
  3. I see. So there's no possibility of promoting every unit then because there's a finite number of Master Seals you can get? Rather disappointing.
  4. Is this "no-save" business for Nohr AND Hoshido, or just Nohr? It's gonna suck if there's no postgame for Hoshido.
  5. I have two questions. 1) Is it as elaborate and beneficial as it was in Awakening? Reeking Box type things? Opportunities for mass experience growth by fighting enemies at many different levels? 2) Is there any sort of Overworld Map like this in the 3rd route that allows for the same things?
  6. Regarding the 3rd route, is there an overworld map like Hoshido that allows for grinding and gold?
  7. So, completely off topic of the 3rd path story...but does this 3rd path offer an overworld map like the Hoshido path/Awakening that offers extra experience gain and gold?
  8. Ah, that's exactly what it was. Thanks.
  9. Why did Lucina and Marth have weird artwork on their portraits on that stream? Didn't they each recieve their own "standard" artwork for this game?
  10. So I'm aware that using the amiibo in-game summons any of the four Fire Emblem amiibo to the My Castle aspect of the game. I also know that you can battle that character and have them "join your team". I'm not sure why I'm having a hard time grasping this, but does that mean they become playable characters within chapters/paralogues/skirmishes and whatnot? They have their own growth rates and levels? If so, is their more benefit to summoning them in the Hoshido game since you cant continuously use them in the overworld map for battles like this? Thanks for any replies. The thought of using Ike and Lucina in this next game is so exciting.
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