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  1. The FMV's are the worst in the franchise and will hurt the game now, up to launch, and in general with big story moments revealed via that. The actually trailer of the game and how it was done was also poor. The game and content in the trailer? It looks pretty good actually.
  2. There are implied things in that game, i'm not saying SoV is dark, but with some of the implied dark stuff in the game are handled well. Awakening i already said how they went for a particular story, and its seemingly more on Nintendo, who's allowed there name to be deeply associated with games like DOOM and Bayonetta in the last 5 years. Hell, SMV is a exclusive on the switch a long with No More Heroes….No More Heroes 2 was about travis trying t fuck one girl. This translation group is not to blame, there previous work shows us that there really good. Fates was done by Treehouse and Nintendo Treehouse is kinda trash. To summarize Nyx suicide tendencies, her sexual frustration, and her very own depression and extreme isolation as "Just a old lady in a young persons body" is lets just say….. insensitive? Dark themes explored by someone like Mozu losing her whole family and told by Niles in a C support "Get over it scrub" is i guess really light hearted. To look at progress, clear progress is clear. Being hung up on games that didn't sell well after this recent surge fire emblem is just cherry picking. The GBA games did well in the west, Awakening, Fates, and SOV also were very successful in the west. Thats about 5/8 games, 1 of them being FE 11 that didn't even sell well in Japan either. and PoR was on the god damn gamecube. Yes its a old NES rpg that was broken as fuck, yet they kept everything they could. FE 4 isn't that different. your doing the core thing, the only differences is the maps just have multiple objectives in them as you unlock more of the map, and the goal posts change. I don't think anyone would be confused going from Awakening and fates to fe 4, great example, everyone in the west who have recently played FE 4, the most confusing thing in FE 4 for new players is the love system and blood, two of the worst explained mechanics in FE 4. And your right, there wasn't much to stay faithful too, you know what they could have done in a FE 2 remake? Pair up, kids, weapon triangle, normal tome's, unlimited supports ect. When you have less to stay loyal too, you can change a lot more, yet they only really just tried to balance the game out …I mean its nor that difficult, again, no ones asking for unlimited supports, if you played Echoes, they actually do the Tobin, Clair Grey love triangle pretty well. you could have said THE EXACT same thing you just said….but you know what? They did it really well. Although 4 conversations is kinda dumb, one convo after my guy stood close to him 1 too many turns is also dumb, at least in a conversation they can do stuff and go places. Tatiana and Zeke supports are great, you know whats the worst part everyone bitches about in FE 4 story, especially in gen 1. Diedre has no character. I wonder what could help that? I could get worse, but it also could get a lot fucking better. Also AGAIN. What is one key thing your forgetting here, no one outside of Japan should know what Sigurd is. They know what a ike, Soren and joshua are, but when the international market, the bigger market then Japan, doesn't know who they are, why would you put them in a game where character recognition is kinda important. The fact that there are more FE 4 characters is baffling. And you say 2 games, yet Thracia might be the least popular game in the fire emblem game, and Ike was in the CYL poll top 5 TWICE I mean its a start. You can't say progress isn't progress just because 5 years ago they were mean. I'm not saying everything will go fine, i'm just presenting you with things that have happened this year alone that can give you maybe a better outlook. I don't think IS or any translation company sleeps at night doing "MUHAHA THE WEST WILL GET A SHITTY VERSION OF OUR PRODUCT" Look, doing a FE 4 remake would be difficult, but i'm willing to take the chance. Because even if its a shitty fucking remake, we have the original games. If you don't want a remake because you think it'll be bad, thats fine. If the remake does come out and is bad, its a remake, we have the originals in that case and your status quo doesn't really change outside of conversations like this. If its good or on par with the original, then everyones happy. If it can be great or even better then the original, whelp, lets not take that chance now because my internet conversation will be slightly different. M would probably not happen, but its far FAR more likely then it was 5 years ago. Nintendo shift on who they market it too, Nintendo going to more dark games, and the FE becoming a big fucking deal and slowly pushing the boundaries of what they can do. Fucking Game of Throne introducing elements that are all throughout FE 4 but even MORE hardcore, yet GoT being the most popular show this fucking decade. I'd give a M rating like a….10%? 20% chance? if FE 4 ever gets remade, but by god, if its any fucking game, this is the one
  3. Okay, so i wrote a really long thing but it got erased, so let me give you a short form, Its gonna be a bit more blunt then i intend it to be, but i want to just see if i can change a bit how you think about this First, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FE 4 MANGA TRANSLATION YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST, DON'T WANNA SOUND LIKE A ASS, BUT PLZ MORE… if not just relase the raw scans You seem to be to hung up on Awakening, i trust the people that did awakening since, A, Echoes was done by them and it was really well, B they did Nier which are much darker then FE 4, so its not them i worry about, its nintendo Even then the tone of awakening is all over the place. I think they just went for a more light hearted story to aim to a younger audience, And they did a good job at doing that, now with a healthier series, they've been trying to go down darker places, such as with the Nohr Lolli in Fates, and even in Echoes IS cares a lot more about the west now, the investors meeting they highlighted how well Heroes was doing in the west, also notice how in seasonal units they choose characters that have been in japan and the west. CYL events in the past would have been a Japanese magazine popularity poll, now they look for international feed back IS stood very loyal to FE 2, because they cared about that game, if they put like 75% of the heart they had in Echoes like they could for a FE 4 remake, i think they'll be very loyal, and i think Nintend will allow this Media has shifted and nintendo as a company as shifted, although not perfect they still allow mention of bastards and people sleeping around in warriors, they also shift there target audience for the switch drastically if you see what there saying and how they advertise there products. There the number one concern, but with media like Game of Thrones being the most popular thing on American television, that can't hurt FE 4 chances of being loyal Supports don't Have to be worst case like how i think your thinking. I really do think FE 4 would do well with supports. Echoes did fine, as supports were more of a side thing. For a remake, wouldn't't a conversation or support for like Lachesis and Sigurd be so cool? If you recall in FE 11, there were no supports, so once you get to something like Michalis, it had been 13 chapter since his name was even spoken, plus its right after Camus. If there were Minerva supports like in 12 to flesh out the Macedon plot, i think it could really help Michalis impact when you see him be more then a "Oh yeah this guy" Same story for FE Also in remakes for FE 12 and Echoes supports are awesome and don't take away from the core story at all, The writings loyal and great in that game IS i think does care about FE 4, they gave FE 4 a lot of stuff in heroes. Sure they could have given it to us earlier, but then you run the risk of FE 4 being overshadowed by the well known character in Bikinis and bunny outfits overshadowing them. Instead they threw them in with the dancers, and even then FE 4 became a huuuugggeee deal to them Overall i think your too caught up on Awakening/Fates to see the recent improvements of the last even 6-12 months with the series. I want a "not pulling punches" type FE 4 remake, and you know what? i believe we'll get it. Nintendo slowly going to a more hardcore audience, FE 4 doesn't have Awakening tone issues so it'll have a consistent one, the series has evolved into a international brand, and IS does care about the west a lot more then i think you give them credit for (The Dorcas Memes got into heroes for Petes sake) and Echoes already experimenting with darker themes. Although Fates wasn't handled well, Leon and other things in that game were handled really fucking well by the fans. Hell in the heroes reddit they handle the Taltiu story extremely fucking well once they learned about it. Also your forgetting, there is such thing as a M rating, will we get it? I'd give it a low chance, but fuck, if IS is gonna do it with any game, its FE fucking 4. To the Bi Sexual thing, i'm fine with it being in the game, its just like, i won't pretend to know much about that stuff, i'm not creeped out by it, just don't really dabble in it much, NOW GET THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE ARE THE TRANSLATERS FOR THE MANGA AND TRANSLATE THE PLZ….or link me the raws, I NEED MORE
  4. Personally i'm not as hyped as i am for this one as i was for awakening and for Radiant Dawn, both turned out to be good but greats, so even when talking about spoilers i won't be super said if something is spoiled but we should still b eon the look out
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