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  1. Everybody knows that Tyrfing can go toe-to-toe with the final boss, and that Naga can outright obliterate him, but are any other characters capable of reliably killing him? If so, what is the exhaustive list of characters who can achieve the requisite capabilities?
  2. Honestly, I gladly take a neutral-natured unit over an unfavorably-natured one. This game knew I needed Blues, and was cruel in giving me waves of 4-and-5* Blue units with Atk and Spd banes. And then just now I pulled a neutral-natured Celica. We take those.
  3. My Barracks are starting to get a bit on the full side (specifically, I am at 174/200 right now). What is the best way to go about cleaning it out?
  4. This is mental torture. I don't want to get Quickened Pulse on the Fates maps. I want to get it now . . .
  5. How the heck are you guys at tens of thousands of points after only a few days??? I've been going at this for a couple of days now and I've only just broken 1,500. ;Y; Yes, I am playing Lunatic. I usually get to around Map 4 before I run out of usable units.
  6. Literally any Laguz or Taguel. Apart from that, being Fire Emblem, it's best to build on what you have, and I'm not holding my breath and stifling my progress just for being furry trash. Heck, I probably wouldn't even spend my Orbs on any of their New Heroes banners, since New Heroes banners are utterly horrible to pull from. So I am waiting on Foci for characters I already have at 5*, as well as specific Blue units needed for my offense and defense teams (specifically Abel and Ninian, respectively; Peri would also work for my offense team, but only if she was +Atk, so her alone would not justify a Focus pull for me).
  7. So, people keep discussing Quickened Pulse-Moonbow-Brave combos (does it not stack with Killer weapons?), and like. Sure. But what about Quickened Pulse-Atk or Spd Balm-Physic?
  8. I almost leveled a Henry out of desperate need for a Takumi counter back in the previous Mage gauntlet. Ended up going Tharja round 1 because I already had her at least partially leveled, and settling on having Henry as a backup plan. Things clearly did not end up working out that way. Anyway, I ultimately decided on Cecilia instead, as all my 5* units at the time were already red anyway, and plus she has a horse which is apparently broken in this game or something (but being able to outrange Takumi was a definite plus). As fate would have it, immediately before I reach the magical 22,000 feathers I needed to fully promote my favored Cecilia, the Triangle Banner happened. My initial reaction was, "oh, cool, this will be my only chance for a while to get a 5* Cecilia to merge into the one I'm making," but I ended up pulling one with the exact perfect nature for what I wanted to use her for (+Atk/-Res), and from my first green, no less! So, in a sense, I ended up saving 22k feathers. I later ended up pulling Azura from the same banner and dumped my 20k feathers into a -HP/+Atk Virion for want of a 5* Colorless unit that I could complete those stupid freaking Deathless 5* 40 map with specific types of units quests with. Anyway, my Virion has 4 levels to go until 40 and there are only a few hours remaining for the Kozaki Yusuke quests, so, later. (This thread in a nutshell: being 5* really does make all the difference in this game, somewhat depressingly. In Virion, though, I got basically exactly what I expected: a strong ranged attacker. Also, is Henry seriously as bad as everybody's saying he is? Triangle Adept Raven Tome is still a strong combination, and one I'll be looking to give Cecilia as soon as I can pull a 4* Roy or something.)
  9. That disable-double-tap-to-wait update can't come fast enough.
  10. Does Wo Dao stack with Glimmer/Astra (and Noontime/Sol I guess)?
  11. So is it basically necessary to have a Peg Knight to bait the Troubadour on Lunatic?
  12. Whether I make Camus my next 5* hinges completely on whether his 5* 40 Atk is really not some more than 48.
  13. I'm conflicted. New/Limited Heroes Banners are literally the worst for F2P, but that Caeda looks so cool, Lyn has an excellent Staff package, and Wind Boost 3 seems interesting/powerful--basically a reverse Defiant Spd 3, almost. Should I blow my Orbs on this, or should I go after another 5* from the Triangle banner (preferably Cecilia, to merge into my Takumi-killer)?
  14. The OP is otherwise a pretty good resource, though. It got updated with the latest units and everything.
  15. Michalis is strangely completely absent from the OP, despite all his inheritable skills being available at 4*. This includes Blazing Thunder (the only 4* source of this skill), Iote's Shield (the only source of this skill period), and Threaten Def 3 (though he shares this with Peri, so you may want to inherit those other two skills on your Special-less Fliers).
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