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  1. Selling my binder collection consisting of one of every card from S1-S6 omitting SR+s and certain rares unless otherwise stated. SR+s included: B01-051 SR+ Lucina, B02-062SR+ Elise, B02-51SR+ Corrin (f), B03-078SR+ Azura, B03-085SR+ Flora, B04-063SR+ Lucina, B05-086SR+ Sanaki, B06-001SR+ Sigurd. Notable PRs: Both swimsuit jail sisters (Elise and Sakura), Naughty Christmas Camilla, and other miscellaneous magazine and tournament promos. Missing: B01-078R Nowi, B03-051SR Corrin (f), B04-018SR Marth, B06-004SR Deirdre. Asking price for all of it is $450. The album link can be found here. Also selling quite a number of Cipher marker cards.
  2. Quitting cipher due to lack of interest, selling a lot of deck staples, shipping from the United States. Buyer is responsible for paypal fees if sending through goods and services. 4X B01-078R Nowi $17.00 each 4X B03-051SR Corrin $31.50 each 2X B06-004SR Deirdre $45.00 each Reserved 2X B06-004SR Deirdre $54.00 each Reserved 4X B07-039SR Nino $46.50 each SOLD 4X B04-018SR Marth $22.50 Reserved 4X B02-058SR Camilla $22.50 each 3X B01-004SR Shiida $18.00 each 1 Reserved 1X B01-004SR+ Shiida $22.50 SOLD 1X P05-009PR Corrin $54.00 4X B07-066SR Oboro $10.00 each 2X P01-015PR Robin $14.00 each Reserved?
  3. Most traders go off of bigweb and amenitydream to price their cards. Not sure if I can link external sites so I'll just PM you them. I usually go with the lower price of the two to be fair or an average of the two. Edit: Kirie said it was fine so http://www.amenitydream.com/page/46 and http://www.bigweb.co.jp/ver2/fe_fecipher_index.php?search=yes&type_id=163&action=search&shape=1&seriesselect=4764&tyselect=&colourselect=&langselect=&condiselect=&selecttext=&search1=+%E3%82%B7+%E3%83%B3+%E3%82%B0+%E3%83%AB+%E6%A4%9C+%E7%B4%A2+
  4. I did not know you felt so strongly about this. I only had the intention of giving you information so that you could be aware of the card's value. It's far too often that I see people get preyed on and get shafted in a trade, and that personally is offputting for someone who believes in fairness. In the future, I just won't speak up and I apologize if my comment irritated you.
  5. SR+ Elise goes around 4000 yen and SR+ Leo goes for roughly 3000, make sure you get an equal value trade.
  6. +2 PrinceofIris +2 totalfan888 +1 Judorunner +1 AstraLunaSol +1 ineednoname +2 Ayvuir
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