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  1. Remember Timed Attack? Kinda like that, but instead the commanders are already on the map, and killing them causes enemies to spawn in. Also, escort troops will appear and try to despawn enemies but killing them fixes that. Like Timed Attack, you only got 7 minutes to get that S for time.
  2. Oh yeah, for the DLC costumes, the armor break model is also different. (Example, Takumi's Butler outfit.)
  3. Sakura and Anna have a unique pair up dialogue for their Pair Up Musou...can't remember what they say for both the normal and A rank version though. Also, you can generally tell when someone has a generic Pair Up Musou line by what they say. Example, Ryoma's line for non-A rank when supporting is "We'll show them our strength!" while Sakura's generic line when the Vanguard is "I'll do all I can!".
  4. So, I did the boss battle of the history map (The first Lv.80 stage in it) and I noticed something:
  5. I just noticed with Google translating the site and omg selling weapons in bulk yes thank you
  6. There are 7 characters who don't have unique weapons. Lissa, Cordelia, Frederick, Robin, Caeda, Tiki, and Anna. So they are just stuck with the A rank weapons that have to be farmed for the A rank 5* weapons (Excluding Swords, since all Sword users have a unique so far).
  7. Honestly, this kinda reminds of Samurai Warriors 2 with it's Xtreme Legends expansion. In the base game, two characters (Shibata Katsuie and Sasaki Kojiro) were NPC only with generic weapons and movesets but when the expansion came out, they were given a unique weapon and moveset each. (As well as adding 3 other playable characters and adding someone from SW1). Now, the big difference here in my eyes is that the SW2XL came with more then just battles and new characters. It contained a entire new mode as well...also, it costed full price rather then a fraction of a normal game.
  8. What do you guys think the "New" weapons will mean? They will likely be weapons with the True Power skill attached, but there are more weapons then DLC characters, so some of those are gonna go to the previous playable characters.
  9. Honestly, I think this website has more info on the game then the japanese version...although that might just be me.
  10. The Tiki and Chrom Amiibo gives a special weapon each with a special ability on it (Likely a KO ability). Tiki gives 全能力強化 which I think increases the power of all C# attacks, and Chrom's weapon has Hasty Attacks (I'm pretty sure 攻撃加速 is that). Anyone who played Hyrule Warriors know how helpful that ability is.
  11. I recently got a Switch, and I'm gonna get the english version, but I want to ask this to people who are already playing the JP version: Can you play 2P with just the two Joycons or do you need a Pro controller/two more Joycons?
  12. I remember seeing a stream and Chrom x Robin had a convo at A+.
  13. From looking at the JP wiki for this game, the player who is making it hasn't unlocked everyone yet, so I'm gonna assume they are unlocked either though History mode, or the Anna's Memories maps, if they work like in Hyrule Warriors.
  14. Ok, now that I have done some thinking (And looking on the JP wiki), you normally unlock a History mode map when you get all the characters who were in that game (From story mode I mean). You likely unlock Owain from doing the Awakening History mode map, and Oboro from the Fates History mode map.
  15. My biggest worry for this DLC is that they will have the characters show up in the story, but not be playable/NPCs until the DLC. They did this with the Samurai Warriors games from 2 onwards with it's Xtreme Legends expansions with the characters appearing, but only having a generic commander moveset until the expansion was released. I worry that they will do that with some of the characters here (Like Navarre. He appears in the story, thank you EU trailer, but he might not be playable until the DLC, since no trailer yet)...I hope I'm wrong though.
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