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    I am a gamer with a particular soft-spot for Pokémon. I main Robin and Roy in SSB4, and the former was part of the reason I decided to buy Awakening (although Lucina's inclusion kind of ruined the mystery surrounding "Marth"). The first Fire Emblem game I played was Sacred Stones.
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  1. Unit Name: Martin Recruited: Chapter 9: Emeryn Neutral Field Unit) Starting Class: Dark Flier (Only Male Dark Flier) Starting Level: 1 Starting Skills: Speed+2, Relief Starting Inventory: Elixir, Steel Lance, Arcfire Critical Quotes: "Whoops! Hit a soft spot!" "You ain't getting out of this one!" "Care to taste my wrath?" "Mmm! Deliciously tender!" Support Options: Sumia, Miriel, Lissa, Olivia, Nowi, Lucina, FeMU (up to S-Support) Tiki, Chrom, MaMU (up to A-Support) Confession Quote: "As much as I hate to admit it, I am attracted to you in a way that I never thought I'd be towards anyone. Let me spend the rest of my days with you." Reclass Options: Pegasus Knight, Priest, Sage, War Monk, Mage, Dark Knight, Knight, General, Great Knight Modifiers: +2 Str, +2 Mag, -1 Res, -1 Def, +3 Skill
  2. Eh. I didn't ever pair them, so I haven't seen the supports.
  3. Lon'qu was given to Ylisse by the Regna Ferox in order to help in the war versus Plegia. Frederick was Chrom and Lissa's bodyguard.
  4. RIP Iwata. This is so sad its heartbreaking D:
  5. I've just finished pairing M!MU x Lucina and Frederick x Lissa. IMO they are both cute couples due to the former being two of the main characters hitting it off (like F!MU x Chrom from my first playthrough) and the latter being similar to a butler x princess relationship, but with the butler being replaced by her personal bodyguard. IDK I just think its cute AF :)
  6. Sometimes, when I want to do a playthrough of a Fire Emblem game, I will play with a custom ruleset to keep it interesting. These can range from things as trivial as no grinding to fun challenges such as the use of second seals being prohibited to hard/limiting challenges such as MU-less/MU-only (plus Chrom for obvious reasons) playthroughs. I want to know what custom rules you all put in place when you play. The first time I played through Awakening, I prohibited the use of second seals because I'd heard how they broke the game. However, I did not think promotions through much and I did fun marriages because it was on normal difficulty and casual so that I could enjoy the story - making the game mostly easy anyway. I just ended up with a broken Morgan (Morgan's always broken...), FeMU and Chrom and the rest were either average or completely awful. I'm about to finish my current playthrough, and when I start my next I will play on hard and classic with the second seal rule in place. However, unlike on playthrough one, I will actually put thought into my pairings due to a: hard difficulty and b: deaths being active. The inability to re-class will make choosing which promotion route to take a big deciding factor in how I will have to complete the game. Another challenge I intend on trying at some point is no seals at all; this means that the only units which may be promoted classes are ones which are obtained as such. Infinite levelling is off the table due to a lack of second seal use - meaning that a unit is stuck with its stats once it reaches level 20 (or 30 for special units). This also means no access to Galeforce as well as a host of other skills - leading to what I feel will be a very challenging playthrough. So. Do you ever play through the game with custom rules? If yes, what challenges have you done in the past, and what challenges do you want to try in the future. I am interrested to see the kinds of responses I recieve
  7. I'm almost finished listening to "Destiny (Ablaze)" from FE: Awakening because its hype, and once it finishes I'm gonna listen to Motorhead's "Ace of Spades"
  8. What character is that?

    1. eclipse


      Tsubasa Oribe from the upcoming SMTxFE game.

  9. Lucina wants to prevent death. Does this count for threads to? WCWY expect to sit on a radiator all day?
  10. Their artwork has proper feet, but then their models effectively have hooves? What's up with that?
  11. The first time I played through Awakening, I didn't really strategically pair my units together. Hell - I'm partially doing it on my current (second) playthrough. Either I'd pair units that I thought would make a cute couple or I'd pair units who were complete opposites. And it made me think; if you are on a "fun" playthrough (i.e. not much strategy put into pairings etc.), which units do you get to marry each other? It is something of interest to me, and I think it'd be rather cool to see what other users think To get this thread going, here are my non-serious pairings from my first and second playthroughs: Playthrough 1: Chrom and MU - I just thought this'd be cool, and it resulted in Morgan being broken without me even trying. Lots of fun Nowi and Lon'qu - OK I know that this is a terrible pairing for Nah, but I often paired Manakete Nowi and Assassin Lon'qu up in battles. It was also a playthrough in which I would only use second seals to reset special classes to level 1 from level 30, which made the pairing even worse. Still, it was pretty funny because the two are complete opposites and it was funny to watch the support conversations between Lon'qu and Nowi due to the fact that Lon'qu isn't being fully serious for once ;P Gangrel and Emmeryn - This was just funny for the irony. That's literally the only reason I paired them XD Playthrough 2: Miriel and Vaike - Just for the brains and brawn thing. They are also complete opposites and work unexpectedly well when paired (although they both boost each other's useless offensive stats ;P) Chrom and Sumia - I know that this is generally considered to be one of the best pairings in the game (and it is part of the reason why I paired them). However, the biggest contributor to me pairing them was because of their pairing in the opening movie (with about a 70:30 ratio of movie to pairing quality when it came to this decision) Anyway, what are your pairings when you just do it to have fun and mess around? I'm interested to see :)
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