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  1. I can only agree with Conquest gameplay and maybe prettier graphics, because 3H is kinda shallow in that department. Other than that, I find 3H superior in every way for reasons other people already explained better than I could. I'm noticing we're entering a phase in which it's cool to criticize 3H, and that's okay if you didn't like it, but baity titles like this... I don't know. Fates was criticized by everyone as soon as launch because its flaws were evident, this didn't happen with 3H because while it has its flaws too they're not as messy as Fates's. To suddenly say "Fates was actually good" after years of criticism looks like a mixture of based nostalgia for the 3DS era and claiming something controversial just for the sake of it. Just my opinion, of course.
  2. Everything seems to be very plausible at least. Time will tell.
  3. I agree that the game has its flaws, but this thread is basically "let's dislike it at any cost, I want to dislike it, you should dislike it too". There are flaws, sure, but saying the story is worse than Fates is... Well.
  4. Black Eagles, I chose F!Byleth just to marry Caspar.
  5. Even in that case you're not safe. Back then, I pre-ordered Fates Limited Edition at the store. They only got 1 copy in day 1 and I was lucky because I was the very first to pre-order. Everyone else was screwed. So yeah, I wouldn't trust Gamestop at all in general. Never got a single game from them ever again.
  6. I planned to do Black Eagles first, but I think I'll end up doing a Golden Deer playthrough first.
  7. Thank you, guys. It does seem really promising so far, my hype just went way up. I also like the fact that
  8. How is the overall reception of the story for those who read the leaks? Especially on the four endings.
  9. I don't know guys, I spoiled myself with all the cutscenes and
  10. I think we'll know when it leaks. It's plausible though, Echoes leaked 4-3 weeks earlier than release date.
  11. Not to a big extent, sure, but I recall Path of Radiance did something. I'm not asking for something extreme, just some little quotes would be fine.
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