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  1. For the most part I just want to see the remaining holes in the roster filled, but of the ones missing I'm hoping the most for Medeus, Duma, Dart, Isadora, and Helbindi. Thankfully it looks like they're going to try to get some of them filled with the remaining sets as those like Heath, Formortiis, and Kronya popped up in the stream, so hopefully that continues.
  2. Nifl and Muspel seem to be treated as different realms as they needed a portal to get to the former and the latter needed Loki to get Naglfar to allow their forces to get to Midgar.
  3. I mean, even Medeus appears from time to time, Veld hasn't been seen since that one old card from the early TCG. Honestly, at the rate things are going we may very well see Julia steals his tome for her next alt before we even get him. Then again, neither of them are getting in before the most beloved villain Brigand Boss.
  4. I'd honestly be surprised if IS even remembers Veld exists. They already treat Thracia like a red-headed stepchild, Veld is the third cousin that belongs to the aunt no one likes.
  5. Yay, Fallen Lyon! While I was hoping he'd be a Mythic as a stand-in for Formortiis, I've been waiting for that alt ever since they announced Fallen Heroes as a thing. He looks pretty fun too, so I'll definitely go for him. As for the others, Ike's great in that it shows that the 'What If" alts from Cipher are now on the table, M!Corrin I feel is only here to get alt parity back with F!Corrin (only took them over a year), and Julia is neat though I do agree it's funny how much IS loves giving her alts while Seliph and Sigurd are crying in the corner. I'm also glad to see Ashnard is finally getting into the game, it's strange how he's been ignored for so long.
  6. Heh, not caring about those spoilers anymore are you IS? Green looks really good this time around and I have none of the characters in it, so I'll definitely be pulling there in the hopes of getting at least one.
  7. Who gave Tiki a knife? Sharena looks Ok, I was hoping she'd be a buffer but from what I can see she'll still be fun to use. I'll give her a shot since she's a freebie and see if she can fit on my team. Peony is fine, it was always a coin flip between her and Eir so I expected one of the two, though I would've preferred Eir. Curious how she'll work as a buffer since we already have a Light Wand that does that, so it'll be interesting to see what they do to make her stand out. Chrom is interesting, he does make sense as he is popular and Awakening is a big game, but of the choices he did feel like he'd be lower priority to Ike, Lyn or Lucina. I will say though, I like how his artwork has Lissa and Frederick. Tiki is the highlight, as a manakete she's a natural fit to the game and the developers seem to know that as she appears to be unique, so she'll probably be a fun addition to the cast. My only issue is that as a Divine Dragon she should be Light, but I guess Mist Breath=Water. So priority is Tiki>Peony>Chrom. I'll try to get them all, but Tiki is the one I want the most.
  8. Sharena could still be good. She's based around buffing and debuffing in Heroes, and with Dragalia Lost those characters tend to be very popular in the meta, so if they build her similar to her Heroes self she could find a niche where she'll shine.
  9. Teacher: Medeus (did it out of habit, I probably would've voted Hanneman otherwise) Dancers: Claude and Byleth Villain: Lyon Detectives: Claude and Hilda Sibling: Ranulf
  10. Oliver: I used Pheonixmaster1's strategy as a base, but it ended up deviating a lot since the enemy AI reacted differently. I ended up using the right checkpoint and had Wrys block the red mage after the sword infantry went down while the other three cleaned up the rest of the enemies. Alm and Celica BHB: This one took quite a few tries, but after playing around with a few seals I got it. Lyon was my MVP here as he had Swordbreaker, so I put a QR seal on him and then had him take out both the Green mage and Alm, and later finish off Celica. Then I used the right chokepoint to take out most of the remaining units with Cormag, Lute, and Myrrh. Lyon: Took less tries to do then the other two. Naga's Dragonkiller skill buff was a boon since it allowed the others to take out the Manaketes, and L!Lucina and Cherche cleared most of the other units. Olivia served as dance utility and also helped in blocking the axe knight while the others did their work.
  11. For as much as the game tries to make Berkut's sacrifice of Rinea a tragic thing and Berkut a sympathetic villain for it, they did nothing to make the relationship feel believable. They only have one meaningful discussion with each other and outside of he's pretty dismissive of her at best, or outright yelling and being angry with her. It also doesn't help that Rinea herself doesn't have much to her outside of being his girlfriend, so it's hard to get attached to her character and what she means to him when the game barely cares enough to develop her otherwise. It's one of the reasons why I refused to vote for them being the cutest dance couple despite it being a popular option, even if their dance scene is iconic to Echoes there are characters with much better developed relationships then those two have.
  12. I went with Lyon, but I was really tempted to go with Dheginsea.
  13. I'm not surprised SS was the first route, but it doesn't change my opinion on it much. I feel there's a number of missed opportunities that just made it feel underwhelming when compared to the others, and looking at this interview makes it apparent that they had grander plans for it for it due to the relationship Byleth would've had with Edelgard. If anything it just makes me wish they fleshed it out more since it's a base that's not too interesting itself, and it could've used more time to make it more compelling by expanding on what was there and exploring the ideas they originally had for it. As for the other tidbits, Claude being a fake name does make sense. As a character he's always been portrayed as someone who likes keeping all the cards to himself and having his real name being one of those cards would fit his personality, I don't agree that they couldn't have fit it into the story somewhere though, I can think of a couple moments in VW where they could've had that in and it wouldn't have thrown off the plot. Edelgard being able to mess with Byleth's Divine Pulse would've been a great element to explore and gameplay-wise it could've made for some interesting strategy since you'd have to work around her countering you, it also would've gave more of a point to Edelgard also having the Crest of Flames since it's not fully explored.
  14. I'm probably just going to summon to rip that lance off of Narcian, no one else on the banner really grabs me otherwise.
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