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  1. I feel if we get anything on Angrboda, it'd be through the other two members of the Triad Cataclysm. Since they are also her children, they'd be the best chance to expand on her and their relationship since Hel doesn't really talk about her mother in dialogue. They also would make for good side villain(s) considering the Order of Heroes killed their sibling and may want revenge, and the Dragon of Life could serve as their counter similar to Nifl and Muspel.
  2. Huh, surprised Nifl wasn't a Mythic as it definitely seemed like they were setting up for her. I guess that means Muspel will be a similar situation when he drops with the next TT+. Anyway, glad to see Charlotte finally got added into the pool. I won't pull for her, but it was always surprising how long she was stuck with her alt despite being one of the more popular Fates units.
  3. Freyr looks great here, but I really hope this doesn't mean he'll get the Gustav treatment as I was looking forward to him as a Mythic. I may still try to get him as I still want him, but I'll wait until the Mythic banner drops before going for it.
  4. Funny enough, while F!Edelgard doesn't like L!Byleth the Legendary TH Lords also won't like facing him. The damage reduction nullify on his skill hits both L!Dimitri's Areadbhar and L!Claude's Fallen Star while (Drive) NFU messes with L!Edelgard. He basically doing a Silver Snow run as he's not siding with any of his students.
  5. There's probably a couple I'd move up, but yeah I realized I don't really care too much about the cast overall.
  6. I feel the reason this banner was a midpoint was due to IS' expectations for it being low. Valentia, like Awakening, is at a point where its remaining cast is on the lower end of popularity aside from a couple and they probably didn't trust Tatiana or Luthier enough to carry the banner by themselves, so they made it a Midpoint banner and threw in Nott as a means to help carry it. As for why they weren't the 5* despite that, alongside Nott being used as a carry they also probably wanted Palla to be on there to serve a similar role to Catria on the previous Valentia banner as she was likely used as a carry there and Palla is popular enough to serve the same role. As a result, she was given the 5* treatment herself and with both her and Nott taking two of the dedicated 5* focus slots that left one other 5* slot, the 4* focus, and the freebie. Since Zeke was likely planned to debut alongside Tatiana he took the last 5* slot due to him being Camus and left Luthier and Tatiana with the remaining roles. It is unfortunate it shook out that way since they probably could've been 5* if they played to their popularity, but it's not the first time IS has done this and it won't be the last.
  7. That animation is incredible, I honestly want her just for that.
  8. The ones that have gone without a banner the longest is now Fates, SoV, and TMS. Of those I feel it's going to be SoV as after last year I also think they're going to do a midpoint banner since there's very few carries left for the game and there is a curiously vacant second spot for Blue on the June Legendary banner that Nott could fill. In terms of who will be on it, Nott, Luthier, Tatiana, and Zeke for the banner, Mycen for the off banner unit, Jedah for the GHB.
  9. For the Mythic, since it's Dark Colorless I'm thinking Medeus, Anankos, or Dheginsea. Medeus is the most obvious due to being a Shadow Dragon, but Dheginsea has a Dark Affinity in RD and Anankos could fit into the element as well. Loptous and Athos are also options, but I feel the former's overlap with Medeus will push him down the list and with the latter I feel he would have a different color due to being most associated with Forblaze and to differentiate him from Bramimond.
  10. Risen King Chrom Hegemon Edelgard Berserk Ninian Arete Nergal Those would be my best guesses, but honestly outside of Chrom I'm not certain on any of these. I wouldn't mind seeing something like this. With villains like Nergal, we know they used to be good people that fell due to different reasons, so giving them an alt that shows them at their best would be a good way to expand on their backstories and characters. It'd especially be the case for earlier villains like Medeus or Julius since the storytelling in the past was more limited for them.
  11. *sees Sonia is the next GHB* Alright Nino, it's time... Probably skipping this banner, while Pent is very enticing, AHR drained me and I need to start saving again.
  12. Well, back to the AHR banner it is. I like Dagr as she's kind of enjoyable, but she's not a character I'm pining for and I really don't like that Freyr is still MIA while they're already dipping into Book 5 OCs.
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