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  1. NOT A prank by someone at SF. SF was legitimately hacked. This is a thing that has affected a lot of other niche and blog sites. Google the hack name and lots of sites pop up. If you search the name MuhmadEmad in YouTube , it pulls up a list of instructional hacking videos published by the guy under his YouTube handle.
  2. For sale: B01-051SR B05-034SR B05-082SR B05-029SR P01-005PRr
  3. I have the folowing for trade: From series 4: SR Tsubasa (2) SR Robin SR+ Robin SR Toma SR Lucina- pending SR Nyna ST+ Tsubasa Looking for from Series 4: SR Marth SR Lon'qu SR Minerva SR Hardin- pending SR Itsuki
  4. Here is what I have for trade: Series 3: SR Kamui male B03-076SR SR Kaze B03-058SR SR Soren B03-010SR SR+ Aqua Nohr B03-078SR+ Series 2: SR Elise B02-062SR Felicia B02-030SR Leo B02-060SR Joker/Jacob B02-080SR Ryoma B02-006SR (2) Hinoka P02-011PR Series 1: Chrom B01-051SR Looking for: Any SR card SR Ike SR Black Knight SR Flora ( willing to trade multiple SR cards and PayPal) SR Aqua Nohr B03-078SR
  5. Here is what I have to sell or trade. I also have lots of N/NH cards. [spoiler=For trade/sell]Promo Ike Aqua R+ (Nohr)- SR Female Kamui x1 SR Felicia x2 SR Takumi x1 3 promo sleeve sets( 2 hoshido and 1 nohr) [spoiler=Wants (trade or cash)]any SR for an SR that is not Felicia or Female Kamui
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